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Friday, January 9, 2009

NC Legislative Calender 01-09-2009

Here is what is on tap in the North Carolina General Assembly for today:

10:00 AM in 421 LOB

Partition Sales Study Committee

House Appt: A Bryant (Cochair), H Michaux, Jr., L Allen, P Stam, T Spear;
Senate Appt: C Albertson, D Weinstein, E Jones, P Berger, R Atwater (Cochair);

The meeting appears to be taking place in a room that is not webcasting audio, so if you have a report on the meeting, please feel free to link to it in the comments, and I will add the link to this post. If you have a report, and don't have a website of your own; I will help you get one, show you how to put the report online, or post it myself...either here and/or the NCGA Project website.

here is a member list from 2007, I'm not sure if the list reflects current membership beyond what is listed above:

  • Sen. Robert C. Atwater (Co-Chair)
  • Sen. Charles Woodrow Albertson
  • Sen. Philip Edward Berger
  • Sen. Edward Walter Jones
  • Sen. David F. Weinstein
  • Mr. David H. Harris, Jr. (Public Member)
  • Hon. Richard E. Hunter, Jr. (Public Member)
  • Mr. Gregory C. Malhoit (Public Member)
  • Ms. Pamela Thombs (Public Member)
  • Rep. Angela R. Bryant (Co-Chair)
  • Rep. Lucy T. Allen
  • Rep. Henry M. Michaux, Jr.
  • Rep. Timothy Lee Spear
  • Rep. Paul B. Stam
  • Hon. F. Gordon Battle (Public Member)
  • Ms. Phyliss Craig-Taylor (Public Member)
  • Hon. James C. Stanford (Public Member)
  • Mr. Steve Woodson (Public Member)