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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

On Blog Talk Radio for Jan 6th

The links will take you to the show page, where you can listen and join the chat room for each show.

All times Eastern.

Humberto Fontova talks about the Cuban Communist revolution: 15 Minutes on Latin America
Description: Humberto Fontova talks about the 50th anniversary of the Cuban revolution

JPA Live Radio
Description: Anything On My Mind That You Might Find Entertaining

American Truth Warriors

Description: The official Blog Talk Radio show brought to you by A Newt One ( Christian and Conservative politics with insight and humor.

"The shape of things to come"

Description: Join Wyatt and Matt as we discuss the future for the RNC and which candidates for Chairman won over conservatives, as well as Bill Richardson's withdrawal from consideration for Commerce Secretary. The quote "The shape of things to come" in reference to Bill Richardson was taken from a post by conservative Richard Viguerie.

Fighting The New Political Correctness
Description: Will Obama supporters impose a new speech code January 20th?