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Friday, January 2, 2009

Protecting Israeli Civilians From Hamas Terrorists

Here are a couple of recent videos I found on Live Leak regarding the current conflict:

IDF Spotters Battalion in Gaza

Remote-Controlled Machine Guns

It’s not about the land. It’s about the Jews. Former Prime Minister (and current Defense Minister) Ehud Barak, in 2000, offered the “moderate” Yasser Arafat (a man who was so “moderate” that he invoked the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah when discussing the Oslo Accords) the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, a divided capital in Jerusalem, and billions of dollars to assist with the Palestinian refugees. Arafat just needed to declare once and for all that the conflict was over. What did Arafat do? Trash the negotiations, walk away without offering an alternative, and start up a new round of suicide bombings against innocent Israelis. President Bill Clinton, who had moderated the peace brokerage, was told by Arafat later that he was a great man. “The hell I am,” said Clinton, “I’m a failure, and you made me one.” Clinton had it coming for ever trusting Arafat. And anyone who thinks that Hamas can be negotiated with rather than crushed into the ground is even more naive. Because it’s not about the land. It’s about the Jews. It’s about Islam. It’s about jihad.

Fact: The defense agents of Hamas, the elected party of the Palestinian territories, were firing weapons into Israel from the Gaza Strip, culminating in the death of a civilian.

Fact: The agents of Hamas were targeting civilians.

Fact: Israel sent warnings beforehand to the civilians in the areas that they’d be targeting to get out if the areas they were in had any connections to terrorism.

Fact: Israel specifically targeted Hamas agents, and the majority of those killed by Israel have indeed been Hamas agents.

Fact: Israel is offering treatment of Palestinian civilians injured by the attacks in their own hospitals. Hamas would never do this, because the goal was to kill as many Israelis as possible.

Fact: Hamas will never recognize Israel’s right to exist, as stated in the group’s own charter.

Fact: Hamas cannot be negotiated with, because the Qur’an cannot be abrogated.

Israel is not responsible for the current-day plight of Palestine. The ruling class in Palestine, the one that restricts freedom of information, blocks liberalization, infects schoolbooks with anti-Semitic hatred, endorses the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and endorses intentional civilian-killing, is.

Source: Race 4 2012


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