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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sderot, An Israeli Town Under Attack

This is what the IDF is in Gaza trying to stop.

This is what the anti-war protestors encourage Hamas to do to innocent civilians.

This is what moral equivalence leads to.

This video was released on Christmas Eve of 2007.

Where were the lefties protesting the murder and terrorization of the civilians in Sderot?

If they really cared about what they call "human rights", they would be in the streets just the same for the actions of Hamas when they terrorize and murder civilians instead of giving aid and comfort to terrorists, as can be seen in this article from the Palestinian Al Manar website:

Israeli massacres in Gaza for the ninth consecutive day drove millions across the globe to protest against oppression, criminality and bloodshed. 
World capitals witnessed massive rallies in solidarity with the Palestinians suffering in Gaza Strip. Demonstrations have been held since the beginning of the Israeli massacre that has claimed the lives of more than 485 Palestinians and injured 2,500, calling upon the international community to act responsibly.
The UNSC failed for the third time to issue a statement calling for a stop of the Israeli war. 
Hundreds of thousands of Turks demonstrated outside Israeli and United Nations missions in Istanbul and Ankara Sunday, protesting Israel's ground offensive in Gaza, CNN Turk news channel reported. 
Waving Palestinian flags, “stop the war placards” and chanting anti-US and anti-Israel slogans, the masses defied a very cold and snowy weather to express support to Gaza and to denounce the Israeli invasion of the densely populated region. Turkish party leaders and representatives condemned in their speeches the international and official Arab silence as to the genocidal war in Gaza.