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Friday, January 2, 2009

Video From Pro-Terrorist Rally in Ft Lauderdale and Chilling Look at the Future of America

I predict that people like these will be a major thorn in America's side in the years to come, some perhaps becoming mertyrs for their hateful cause:

Memorable lines from the video:

"Nuke Israel"

"Go to Hell" (chant directed at pro-Israel demonstrators across the street)

"Go back to the ovens" 

and a call to prayer was issued during which the participants in the prayer chanted "Allahu Ackbar". (after 4m 30s)

and my personal favorite by the imman (prayer leader): "...once people appreciate the beauty of Islam, they will no choice but to accept it."

After the prayer was over, the Muslims attempted to break the police lines to get at the pro-Israel demonstrators.