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Friday, January 9, 2009

CNN-Hamas Propaganda Video

Most of us realize that we cannot trust CNN when it comes to accurate reporting, especially when it comes to politically charged news.

CNN has been caught in another scandal, reporting Hamas Propaganda videos as truth. Maybe they should add another channel like CNN-International, except call this one CNN-Hamas.

From Confederate Yankee:

The video purports to show a truly horrific series of events. A boy and his friend are said to be struck down are struck down while they play, deliberately targeted by an Israeli drone aircraft armed with missiles. As doctors frantically perform CPR, the child apparently dies in front of his horrified brother, who continues filming. The boy is taken home, where he is cradled in the arms of a grieving family member. The video then cuts to the roof of the family home, where a family member shows where he claims the Israeli missile strike took the life of the two boys. The video then shows the family taking the boy to a local cemetery in a shroud, where he is to be laid to rest.

It is a truly horrible story, and one no doubt played out by heart-broken families on both sides of this conflict far too many times.

The only significant difference in this story, however, it that it is an obvious fake, featuring a series of images that any credible news editor should have quickly recognized.

But what marks this story as a hoax, and what elements point to media collusion in promoting this video as propaganda? Please watch the video above again, and we'll go through those elements step-by-step.

They are:

  • basic medical procedures are poorly faked
  • known propaganda actors are used in this film
  • the site of the attack is poorly-constructed and inconsistent with a military attack.
  • the body doesn't act like a body

First, let's return to the hospital, and take a look at our medical doctors and the life-saving procedures they are performing.

Narrated by Michael Holmes, the video opens with a Palestinian and European doctor hovering over what the narrator claims is a "victim of the violence."

The Palestinian doctor, on the right side of the camera frame, is shown to be mimicking a series of fast and shallow chest compressions as the doctor on the left examines a monitor.

Source: Confederate Yankee (read the whole post for the complete take-down)
Hat Tip: This Ain't Hell, (But You Can See If From Here)