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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 15 of Operation Cast Lead,
Saturday Jan 10, 2009

Here is a brief update to operation Cast Lead, now in it's 15th Day:

Here is good news,
US consigns 3,000 tonnes of "ammunition" to Israel, according to DEBKAfile!!! And, the current offensive may be achieving some deterrent value as Iran is backing away from it's plan to send 70,000 suicide bombers to Israel. The Elder of Ziyon also comments on the advantages of being seen by your opponents as crazy.

And, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed a resolution supporting Israel in it's fight with the Terrorist Group Hamas, here is a video of some members of Congress expressing their support for Israel:

posted the text of the U.S. Senate resolution yesterday, and have also posted the text of the House resolution. The Vote Tally was 390 For, 5 Against, 22 Voted Present, and 16 were not present.

Those who voted against Israel were: Democrat Dennis Kucinich (OH-10); Democrat Gwen Moore (WI-04); Republican Ron Paul (TX-14); Democrat Nick Rahall (WV-03); and Democrat Maxine Waters (CA-35). May God forget these 5 people ever lived.

Here are the two bloggers covering the war:

The Muqata, who should be coming off Sabbath soon.


Israelly Cool, who has an LA blogger and an Aussie to keep his coverage completely kosher!

And other online resources:

Mere Rhetoric (a new discovery!)
Israel Matzav
Elder of Ziyon

And here are some more traditional news outlets:

Al Jazeera
Arutz Sheva
BBC Middle East
IDF Spokesperson
Internet Haganah
One Jerusalem
Israel Politik
Jerusalem Post
UK Telegraph Israel
Yahoo! News: Middle East Conflict

Witness the perfidy of Hamas, who 5 US Representatives gave moral aid and comfort with their vote on House Resolution 34:

Hamas launches rockets from civilian areas and rocket fire during the humanitarian cease-fire on 8 Jan. 2008. At time track 1:09 we see Hamas militants launching rockets during the humanitarian cease-fire in the afternoon. In both cases, the Israel Air Force destroyed the terrorist positions in precision strikes.

Source: |IDF Spokesperson|, in
Hamas Rockets During Cease-Fire and From Schoolyard 8 Jan. 09, 23:26 IST

In contrast with the conduct of the Islamic terrorists of Hamas, Christian author  Joel C. Rosenburg arrived in Israel to help aid those in Sderot:

(Sderot, Israel) — Israeli warplanes continued to pound Hamas targets in Gaza today as Hamas fired 30 rockets at Israel. Three of those rockets hit the town of Sderot just before I arrived to participate in a relief project that The Joshua Fund helped finance. By the grace of God, no Israelis were killed as a result of any of the rocket attacks, though several were wounded. Separately, three Israeli soldiers died during fighting deep inside Gaza today.

It was an incredible honor to work with several dozen Jews and evangelical Christians to bless the poor and needy and victims of war and terror just a kilometer or two from the Gaza border at any given moment. Together, we met at about 10:30am and assembled bags of hot meals (chicken, rice, and steamed vegetables, along with several loaves of bread); bags of dry food goods (such as milk, cooking oil, noodles, tunafish, and chocolate wafer cookies); and bags of toiletries (such hand soap, shampoo, body wash, toothbrushes, cleaning wipes, and facial tissues) for needy Israeli families, mostly elderly folks. We also assembled bags of toys, games, coloring books and trading cards for the children who remain in Sderot because their families don’t have enough money to evacuate them.

Source: |Israel and the Middle East|, in

Here is a CBS video report on the conflict:

More on the Hamas war crime strategy they call the "CNN Strategy". I
posted about on this strategy yesterday.
Here is a new article on the strategy of Hamas to utilize "useful idiots" in the media to fight their war for them:

As Israel persists in its military efforts--by ground, air and sea--to protect its citizens from deadly Hamas rockets, and as protests against Israel increase around the world, the success of the abominable Hamas double war crime strategy becomes evident. The strategy is as simple as it is cynical: provoke Israel by playing Russian roulette with its children, firing rockets at kindergartens, playgrounds and hospitals; hide behind its own civilians when firing at Israeli civilians; refuse to build bunkers for its own civilians; have the TV cameras ready to transmit every image of dead Palestinians, especially children; exaggerate the number of civilians killed by including as "children" Hamas fighters who are 16 or 17 years old and as "women," female terrorists.

Hamas itself has a name for this. They call it "the CNN strategy" (this is not to criticize CNN or any other objective news source for doing its job; it is to criticize Hamas for exploiting the freedom of press which it forbids in Gaza). The CNN strategy is working because decent people all over the world are naturally sickened by images of dead and injured children. When they see such images repeatedly flashed across TV screens, they tend to react emotionally. Rather than asking why these children are dying and who is to blame for putting them in harms way, the average viewer, regardless of their political or ideological perspective, wants to see the killing stopped. They blame those whose weapons directly caused the deaths, rather than those who provoked the violence by deliberately targeting civilians. They forget the usual rules of morality and law. For example, when a murderer takes a hostage and fires from behind his human shield, and a policeman, in an effort to stop the shooting accidentally kills the hostage, the law of every country holds the hostage taker guilty of murder even though the policeman fired the fatal shot. The same is true of the law of war. The use of human shields, in the way Hamas uses the civilian population of Gaza, is a war crime--as is its firing of rockets at Israeli civilians. Every human shield that is killed by Israeli self defense measures is the responsibility of Hamas, but you wouldn't know that from watching the media coverage.

Source: |One Jerusalem|, in
Harvard Law Professor Condemns Hamas War Crimes Against Arabs

Here is a video of dueling rallies in Los Angeles from January 6th:

Please note the pro-Palestinian protestors chanting "Long Live Hitler", "Jews in Ovens and "Jews are Fossil Fuel".
Nice allies the progressives have these days.

Another friend of the progressives...

Since all Israeli children can grow up to be soldiers, it is OK to kill them, even if you don't believe in killing civilians. That is the teaching provided by Dr. Kamal El-Helbawy on the BBC-owned Arabic TV Channel. El-Helbaway is a former spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood in England, so his statement wasn't exactly unexpected, but Jewish groups in the country wonder why a publicly-owned TV Company was allowing "outrageous" radical Islamic views to be aired on its Arabic television channel...

Source: |YID with LID|, in
BBC-Owned Station Justifies Killing of Israeli Children

The leader of an al Qaeda-linked group in Iraq, in an Internet message, called on Palestinians to launch global attacks on Jewish and US Targets to avenge Israel's offensive in Gaza.

"Palestinians around the world ... Should support (Gaza) using the military proficiency they are known for, and target Jewish and American interests everywhere," Said Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, head of the self-styled Islamic State in Iraq, in an audio recording posted on Islamist websites on Saturday.

"We in Iraq shall not abandon our (Arab) people in Gaza ... And we shall step up our operations against the American occupiers," He said.

Baghdadi was echoing a call by al Qaeda's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahri, who called on Muslims on Tuesday to strike Western and Israeli targets around the world.

Source: |YNET NEWS|, in
Iraq Qaeda group urges anti-Jewish, US Attacks

And I will leave you with this warning from the Imperialist aims of Islam:

Al-Jazeera TV, December 20, 2008:

Reporter: "In March 2008, the Shabab Al-Mujahideen group appeared in Somalia. Its members have managed to take the dynamics of war to a new level. This extremely secret group has been placed by the U.S. on its list of so-called terrorist groups. Members of this movement conceal their identity."

Abu Mansour: "We are fighting to remove oppression and colonialism from our country. We are defending ourselves against those who attacked us. Once we succeed, we will fight to end oppression in other places in the world."

Reporter: "This is the city of Marka, which is located 90 km from Mogadishu. This is one of the few places controlled by the Shabab Al-Mujahideen, who filled a political vacuum, while they continue to fight in Mogadishu. Shabab Al-Mujahideen controls large parts of the center of Somalia, and they are growing stronger day by day."

Ibrahim Al-Maqdasi: "We want to inform Bush and our rivals about our real intentions. We will establish Islamic rule from Alaska and Chile to South Africa, and from Japan to Russia. Beware, we are coming."

Source: |Jihad Watch|, in
"We Will Establish Islamic Rule From Alaska & Chile to South Africa, & From Japan to Russia – Beware, We Are Coming"

How can people be so blind to this clear and present danger?!?


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