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Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 14 of Operation Cast Lead
Friday, January 9, 2009

Here is latest blogburst on Operation Cast Lead, and I will lead this one off with a video explaining what Hamas is, and what Hamas their "fellow palestinians":

Remember this video when you see (or are one) lefties and idiot Ron paul supporters protesting and rioting because of the Israeli decision to finally defend herself against murderous terrorists.

A video report from Al Jazeera on the United Nations vote on a ceasefire:

Here are two israeli bloggers who have been live-blogging the war since it began:

The Muqata, with today's coverage: Day 14 of the War, Friday, January 9, 2009

Israelly Cool, with today's coverage: Operation Cast Lead Fri Jan 9th, 2009

Collections of news...
Peace Like River has an excellent world news roundup.

War in Gaza Update #13

And other online resources:

Mere Rhetoric (a new discovery!)
Israel Matzav
Elder of Ziyon

And here are some more traditional news outlets:

Al Jazeera
Arutz Sheva
BBC Middle East
IDF Spokesperson
Internet Haganah
One Jerusalem
Israel Politik
Jerusalem Post
UK Telegraph Israel
Yahoo! News: Middle East Conflict

On hatred of Jews...

My fear is that the rage we see in the protesters marching in the streets is far more profound and dangerous than we would like to believe. There are a great many people in the world who, even after Auschwitz, just can't bear the Jewish state having the same rights they so readily grant to other nations. These voices insist Israel must take risks they would never dare ask of any other nation-state - risks that threaten its very survival - because they don't believe Israel should exist in the first place.

Source: |American Power|, in
Jews Face World Double-Standard

Rallies Supporting Israel...

The speakers at the event included Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder State Representative Maria Chappelle-Nadal. The rally was organized by the Jewish Federation of St. Louis and coordinated by the Jewish Community Relations Council.
The event was a great success.

The gymnasium was packed with supporters who listened to personal stories, prayed and collected donations to send to those who are suffering in southern Israel.

Source: |Gateway Pundit|, in
1,000 St. Louisans Pack the JCC to Show Support For Israel

And now, the news...

( IAF planes struck more than 50 targets overnight as Operation Cast Lead continued. Mixed forces including tank units and the engineering corps continued ground operations.

Among the IAF targets hit were: a Hamas naval base, an office used by Islamic Jihad, five rocket launching sites, more than 15 weapons caches, five weapons factories and more than five groups of armed Hamas terrorists.

One of the rocket launching sites was located right next to a mosque, and some of the weapons caches were located in the private homes of Hamas operatives.

IDF warships continued striking terrorists as well, and destroyed rocket launchers in the village of Dir el-Balah.

According to an intermediate report compiled by the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), the IDF has attacked more than 950 terrorist targets in Gaza during the Cast Lead operation. Approximately 770 Gaza residents have been killed, most of them terrorist members of Hamas.

Source: |Arutz Sheva|, in
IAF Strikes 50 Terror Targets

In the last half hour four Grad rockets hit the Beer Sheva region.

IDF Infantry Corps, Armored Corps, Engineering Corps, Artillery Corps and Intelligence Corps forces continued to operate against Hamas terrorist infrastructure throughout the Gaza Strip during the night.

Humanitarian aid is expected to be transferred into Gaza via Kerem Shalom Crossing today. Yesterday Israel transferred 89 humanitarian aid trucks to Gaza via Kerem Shalom Crossing. 315,000 liters of fuel and 143 tons of natural gas were transferred through Nahal Oz Terminal, and 223 Gazan foreign nationals were permitted entry to Israel following requests from their respective governments.

The IAF attacked more than 50 terrorist infrastructure sites throughout the night, including the following:

Five rocket launching sites, one of which next to a mosque
A weapons storage facility
A vehicle garage and an office, both used for terrorist operations
Five weapon manufacturing sites
Groups of armed gunmen
Hamas operational centers and outposts
The Israel Navy operated in the area of Deir El Balah in the central Gaza Strip, targeting Hamas rocket launching sites in order to thwart attempts to fire rockets at Israeli communities.

The IDF will continue its operations against all terrorists and those who support them.

Source: |IDF Spokesperson|, in
Summary of Overnight Operations, 9 Jan 2009, 07:54 IST

A one-million-dollar reward for the assassination of Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s President, has been set up, an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) front organization has announced. Sadegh Shahbazi, secretary of the so-called “Student Justice-seeking movement,” announced the reward.
Shahbazi, the IRGC front organization’s secretary, announced the news of a million dollar prize for assassinating the Egyptian President at the sit-in in Mehrabad airport. He added: Just as we have a bounty for the assassinations of the Zionist army commander, head of Mossad, and War Minister, we also have a reward for the assassination of Hosni Mubarak.

Shariatmadari, Khamenei’s representative in Kayhan daily, in a January 5, 2009 editorial, entitled “Mourning Sacred Ghassem,” issued a command to start carrying out assassinations in various countries.

Source: |Elder of Ziyon|, in
Iran urges assassinations worldwide

The UN Security Council called for an "immediate" and "durable" cease-fire in Gaza, but an intense IAF bombardment and a barrage of Hamas rockets early Friday indicated there would be no rapid end to the fighting.

Palestinians reported intense Gaza battles between IDF soldiers and Hamas gunmen Friday morning, after the IAF had hit some 50 targets in the Strip in overnight strikes.

Assad el Jamala, a senior Hamas operative, was killed by IDF tank fire in the Zeitoun neighborhood, the IDF said Friday. El Jamala was involved in firing rockets, planting bombs and other terror activities, the army said.

In addition, one IAF air strike killed two Hamas terror operatives and another unidentified man, while another flattened a five-story building in northern Gaza, killing at least seven people, including an infant, Hamas security officials said.

Source: |Jerusalem Post|, in
Heavy Gaza clashes, IAF strikes follow UNSC call for truce

Shin Bet security service releases interim conclusion of Operation Cast Lead, 13 days after military campaign was launched: 13 Israelis killed, 900 targets attacked in Gaza, Hamas was surprised, Palestinian public feels abandoned by Hamas...

Source: |YNET NEWS|, in
Some 450 rockets fired during Gaza op

Pro-Hamas Rallies and Riots

Norway — Hamas’ only active supporter in the West — reaps its bitter fruit. A pro-Palestinian demonstration in Oslo tonight ended up in a massive riot. One policeman was badly injured, twenty arrests, tear gas, pepper spray, firebombs, looting, broken windowpanes etc. Mostly “cultural enrichers” but a few “Antifas” as well.

Source: |Gates of vienna|, in
Pro-Palestinian Riots in Oslo

Rally and Counter Rally...

Israel Supporters vanquished Hamas protesters at UC Irvine. The Anteaters with their signs and red balloons signifying the thousands of rockets fired on hapless innocent Israelis scored, graphically. My Jewish activist friend, Allyson Rowen Taylor was there sitting in front with her poster of pride about her IDF soldier son, Zachary that we have written about. For once the Muslim Student Union was devastated. Good thing that. Kol Hakavod to StandWith Us, the UCI GOP Club and the Anteaters. Read this report, watch the videos and view the pictures,

Source: |IsraPundit|, in
Pro-Hamas Rally In Irvine Draws Many Israel Supporters

...just attended a pro-Israel rally in downtown Oslo (the capital of Norway). The terrorists and radical socialists were surrounding the fenced-in area where the peaceful assembly took place, chanting their vicious slogans and throwing eggs. The situation escalated as they began throwing bottles and rocks, then ultimately firebombs, injuring numerous senior citizens. They're still creating havoc in downtown Oslo, which is practically blanketed in teargas. They're all marching on the Israeli embassy now. You can watch some of it unfold here:

Source: |Atlas Shrugs|, in

So, there you have today's update. The irrational hatred of Israel is breath-taking, and I am sure if Adolf Hitler were alive, he would be very happy to see it.


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