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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Anarchists, Lefties, Flower Children and Terrorists Oppose Operation Cast Lead

I have found so much material on the Internet regarding this conflict that I have decided it would be best to break it up into two posts, one of the pro-terrorist websites, and the other on the conduct of the war.

First up is the opposition:

It is hard to believe that we share the same planet with these people...

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then video is worth much more. Here is a video of lefty anarchists. This was a demonstration in Tel-Aviv, Israel near the Sdeh Dov airport:

My favorite part is when these knuckleheads get arrested.

To give you an idea of how some of these people process information, here is an 'analysis' of the situation I found in the anarcho-communist website, Infoshop News. I am preserving the "analysis" in full because I get a kick when someone calls himself a communist and an anarchist who is for libertarian values in the same article:

Welcome to Infoshop News
Sunday, January 04 2009 @ 04:55 AM CST

On the Israeli war in Gaza

Thursday, January 01 2009 @ 01:38 PM CST
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The number of Palestinian casualities is so high compared to previous Israeli attacks - 385 killed and more than 1,750 injured (these figures are valid as of 31 December). The majority of the Arab masses can just observe what is going on, filled with outrage and anger. This is due mainly to the general atmosphere of fear and their marginalization, strongly maintained by the ruling elites. Only a small minority of politically active individuals are participating in protests on the streets. They are mainly Islamic activists.

On the Israeli war in Gaza

by Mazen Kamalmazauthor
email: mazen2190 at gmail dot com

Anarchist communist analysis from Syria

The majority of the Arab masses can just observe what is going on, filled with outrage and anger. This is due mainly to the general atmosphere of fear and their marginalization, strongly maintained by the ruling elites. Only a small minority of politically active individuals are participating in protests on the streets.

The number of Palestinian casualities is so high compared to previous Israeli attacks - 385 killed and more than 1,750 injured (these figures are valid as of 31 December). The majority of the Arab masses can just observe what is going on, filled with outrage and anger. This is due mainly to the general atmosphere of fear and their marginalization, strongly maintained by the ruling elites. Only a small minority of politically active individuals are participating in protests on the streets. They are mainly Islamic activists.

This can be understood in two ways: Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, the biggest Islamic organization that enjoys an influential presence in the largest Islamic countries, usually in an illegal way. On the other hand, the left in Arab and Islamic countries has changed profoundly since the fall of the Soviet Union: a large part of it shifted from the traditional reformist policies of Stalinist parties to embrace the neo-liberal policies of the mainstream tendency of globalization, but have kept the same old tactics: looking for compromises with ruling elites, or promoting "democratic" change based primarily on neo-liberal policies and accepting American, or in general Western, intervention as the main way of imposing such "change".

To be fair, there is a tendency to create some influence by Trotskyism and, to a lesser extent, Anarchism; but these new tendencies are still very weak and elitist and lack any important presence or influence on the grassroots movements of the masses. In fact, the Arab masses are left to the propaganda of the Islamists. Liberal and the majority of former leftist intellectuals have opted to support the policies of pro-American "moderate" governments; while those leftists who consider themselves anti-imperialist have acted as mere supporters of Hamas and Hezbollah; they have failed to distinguish themselves from these Islamists, or even worse, failed to promote a real democratic and progressive approach and understanding of the ongoing fight.

It is clear that despite the promises of Hamas that are attributed to their Islamic religious teachings not to the facts on ground, Israel enjoys the upper hand and its forces, with their determination to inflict as many casualities and as much damage as they can on the one and half million poor residents of Gaza, can defeat the resistance in Gaza.

Pro-American regimes, like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, are doing everything they can to make the mission of Israeli forces as easy as possible; for example, the Egyptian regime is keeping the crossing points of Egypt's border with the Gaza Strip closed to humanitarian aid, in order to keep the people of Gaza facing hunger, darkness and cold, which can weaken their resistance and create resentment against the Hamas leadership. These corrupt dictatorships have today become the symbols of "modernity" with neo-liberals as their masters - the Bush administration and its first ally in the region, Israel, the butchers of Gaza; this proved to be the best propaganda that the Islamists have received in these days.

Of course, Islamic fundamentalists do not have real solutions, nor a democratic one, to the crisis, or even to the issues of fighting poverty or social injustice; but due to the weakness of the left here and its vague understanding, and of their proposed alternative for these issues due to the strong influence of Stalinism and reformism, these Islamists are now in the front line of the demonstrations against the American-backed Israeli aggression. This only reaffirms the importance of organizing anarchist propaganda and activities that can, by word and deed, demonstrate a new, libertarian alternative to both neo-liberalism and fundamentalism.

Source: |Infoshop News|, in
On the Israeli war in Gaza

And then there is the lefty organization IndyMedia, which is Independent in word only. I call it LeftyMedia, the website where opinions to the left of the already leftist media get aired. Check out the
Israeli version, and you'll see what I mean. And if is not enough, here is the world version.

Here is an article from the current front page of the lefty organization:

The Palestinian Resistance has issued calls to the peoples' militia to continue firing rockets against the invader. Preparations have been made for an urban guerilla war to defend neighborhoods of Gaza in case of a ground invasion.
Israeli and global Corporate media sources are "hinting" that a ground war will begin tonight, in a few hours.
Around 440 people have been killed in Gaza so far this week and almost 2,300 injured; the majority of them are civilians, children, non-combatants, and civilian Police.
Four people in Israel died from random Palestinian home-made rocket attacks; two of them are Palestinian Israelis.

Major demonstrations are taking place all over the world this weekend against the massacre and in support of the Palestinian people. Istanbul in Turkey, London, New York, Indonesia, Teheran, Cairo, Amman, Damascus and even tiny Cyprus plus cities within Israel itself are the scenes of multi-ethnic multi-national mobilizations of people against the US-armed Zionist war in Gaza.

An article in the JERUSALEM POST describes IndyMedia's coverage of the war as "unprofessional" and paints a picture of IndyMedia as being "in coalition" with "the large Arab networks". Which in the Western media is code language for saying "a mouthpiece of Arab terror":

The Israeli military is bombing Gaza with new technologies and tactics.

Sound bombs (giant versions of shock-grenades) are being used in some cases, supposedly to "warn away civilians" from homes that are being targeted and then the "real" bombs are dropped either from the air or fired by naval or ground artillery. Or delivered by missile. Also, neighbours of targeted homes in Gaza are receiving phone calls from the Israeli occupation forces urging them to run outside because their neighbourhood will be bombed in a few seconds.

Source: |Independent Media Center|, in
Palestine War Enters Science-Fiction Realms

I will take issue with the proven lie that Hamas is using "home-made" rockets. The
Grad-type rockets are made in China, and the Fajr-3 that Hamas has acquired from Iran are most definitely not homemade.

Here are the specifications of the Fajr-3:

Caliber: 240 mm
Length of rocket: 5,200 mm
Max. range: 43,000 m
Max. height: 17,000 m (at max. range)
Weight of rocket: 407 kg
Weight of warhead: 90 kg
Weight of HE content: 45 kg
Weight of system: 15,000 kg
Length travelling: 10.45 m
Width traveling: 2.54 m

And a more general spec list (converted to English units of measurement) for some of the other rockets used by Hamas:

Qassam 1: 1 lb and up to 3 miles
Qassam 2: 10 to 20 lbs and up to 6 miles
Qassam 3: 20 to 40 lbs and up to 7.5 miles
Grad: 40 lbs and up to 12.5 miles (Iranian, Syrian and North Korean-made)
Oghab: 154 lbs and up to 28 miles (Iranian, Syrian and North Korean-made)
Fajr-3/Ra'ad: 100 lbs up to 28 miles (Iranian, Syrian and North Korean-made)

So, remember that the people on the left are prone to spout propaganda without really checking their facts. I like to fact check everyone, most especially lefties since they can be proven wrong on their "facts" more often than others.

Here is a report from a pro-Palestinian website:

GAZA, (PIC)-- The IOF troops have committed Saturday fresh massacre against Palestinian worshipers in Gaza as Israeli warplanes bombed a local mosque in the northern Gaza Strip and demolished it over heads of tens of Palestinian worshippers inside, local eyewitnesses confirmed.

Medical sources in Gaza confirmed to the PIC that the air strike on the mosque killed 16 Palestinian citizens, many were children, and wounded 60 others, many in serious condition.

The raid on the mosque wasn’t isolated as the Israeli warplanes bombed and flattened around 11 mosques in Gaza without paying attention to the sanctity of those places.

According to eyewitnesses in Beit Lahia city where the massacre took place, tens of Palestinian worshippers were performing their Maghreb (sunset) prayer when an Israeli F-16 war jet dropped tons of bombs on the mosque.

Close to 500 Palestinian citizens were killed and nearly 2500 were wounded in the continued Israeli carnage in the Gaza Strip that entered its eighth day amidst unexplainable silence from the international community.

Source: |The Palestinian Information Center|, in Israeli war planes bomb mosque in Gaza during prayers

According to the story...the Israeli F-16 dropped "tons of bombs on the mosque". I can debunk that without breaking a sweat. Israel is hitting these targets with typically one guided munition. If the report is accurate, and there was a large explosion, it was likely from the weapons and rockets being stored in the mosque, like in this video.

Here is a report on a rally in Charlotte by a local lefty, dancewater:

My first rally of the year - a rally for peace in Gaza. This rally was in Charlotte, NC. I first heard about it on New Year's Day, and emailed some friends to see if they wanted to go - one friend did, so we left for Charlotte about 9:30 this morning. We were expecting a rally that lasted an hour, and thought it would start at noon. It did not start until 1 PM, and it included a march and a second rally. We left to go home at 2:30.

Source: |dancewater|, in
Charlotte Rally 01-03-09
I love the Nation of Islam guys that dancewater is hanging out with. Way to go girl. You sure do know how to pick 'em, don't you?

Here is a flower child moment I found in the HuffPo:

Today is a day to cry for Israel. Today is a day to cry for the Palestinians. Today is a day to cry for all of us.

Today is a day of war.

War anywhere, at this point in our history, is an action that threatens peace everywhere. Particularly when it comes to the Middle East. From its spiritual significance to its political significance, it is humanity's hot spot. It always has been and probably always will be. It's where all the rivers of human perspective meet, to become either a cauldron of hatred or an ocean of love.

While it might be tempting to "take sides" between Israel and the Palestinians, spiritually there are no sides to be taken. God does not give us victory in battle but rather lifts us above the battlefield. As a generation, our moral imperative is to end war period, to somehow move beyond the idea that war is an acceptable means of solving problems. Anything less then that makes us attitudinal conspirators with a line of probability leading to nuclear catastrophe.

Source: |Marianne Williamson|, in
Towards a Miracle in the Middle East
I can hear this nut singing "Give peace A Chance" as Sharia Law forces her to wear a burqa in public one day.

And another lefty, Errington Thompson has this to say:

It appears to me that Israel is trying to get a few last minute licks in on Hamas before Obama gets into office. I don’t think that Obama will give Israel the free reign that the Bush administration has given Israel. Obama and the United States will always be a close friend of Israel but that doesn’t mean that we have to support everything that Israel does.

Source: |Where is the Outrage?|, in
Israel invades
A huge part of Errington Thompson's problem is that he suffers from the disease of assuming everyone has moral equivalence...and whatever comes from a Judeo-Christian viewppint is immediately suspect. This man, a surgeon mind you, does not become outraged over the firing of rockets by Hamas into civilian areas on purpose. Would he, I wonder, feel any differently if he were a surgeon in Sderot? In a recent post he wrote "
They are wildly firing rockets and really hitting no one." Really? I wonder if he would mind if I shot at his home from a distance, and on rarely hit his home, and maybe injured him or the other occupants of his home randomly...would he have the same attitude? I think not. His hypocrisy stinks to high heaven, and like any good lefty...he has rationalized the world to match his worldview. I wonder if he would toss aside the ramifications of a rocket with a 90 kg warhead hitting near people...if he would shrug off the shrapnel wounds if someone near and dear to him were hit...instead of it being just a Jew who was hit?

It is these insane positions of the left that lead me to believe that they are a greater danger to our Republic than the Islamofascists, the Russians, and the Chinese. They are the people marching in
Gramsci's War on the West with their Cultural Marxism.

The next two years will be crucial for conservative Republicans. We must marshal our forces, and be prepared to begin our own "march through the institutions". The sad thing is, I see nothing in my colleagues that suggest more than a remnant are willing to undertake such an endeavour. So be it, fortune favors the bold, and we must be bold indeed.

This is all of the nonsense from the left I can stand to report on for now. Next up...the news of the ground offensive...