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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 8 of Operation Cast Lead

Today's update on Operation Cast Lead will be a little short. The observant live-bloggers will crank up their coverage again once the Jewish Sabbath has passed, and I believe that translates to around 8 or 9am Eastern Time. They are:

Israelly Cool
The Muqata

It is my hope that Israel begins ground operations soon, and I will try to keep an ear close to the Intertubes, and will bring news of it as soon as I am aware...and if my Verizon DSL is working at the time.

Here are some sources for you to bookmark that are among my favorites:

Jerusalm Post (English, National)
Arutz Sheva (English, National)
Ha'aretz (English, National)
Akhbar-Al-Naqab (Arabic, in Rahat)
The Courier (National, in Russian)
Kol Israel (Regional, Links Source)
Ynet News (English, National)

So, on to the news of the day, first, A Summary of Overnight Events:

During the night, the IAF attacked a vehicle in which Mamduq Jammal was driving. Jammal is a Hamas battalion commander who is also involved in rocket launching and is in charge of the rocket launching squads in the Gaza City area.

Other Hamas terrorist targets attacked by IAF aircraft during the night:

· A college building in El-Atatra used by Hamas for terrorist purposes. The college was a base for firing rockets at Israeli communities and was also used as a place of hiding and rocket assembly by Hamas operatives.

· The house of Hamas terror operative Ismail Renam in Bet-Lehiya, northern Gaza Strip, which functioned as a weaponry storage, specifically for rocket launching equipment. Renam has a central role in the launching of Grad type rockets against Israel.

· The house of Azadin Hadad, a Hamas terror operative in Gaza City, that was used to orchestrate terror activity and as a meeting place for terror operatives. Hadad is the head of the Hamas military group in Eastern Gaza city.

· A vehicle from which a Hamas operative loaded weapons into a storage place in Nuseirat.

The Israeli Navy also took part in the attacks, targeting a number of Hamas outposts, training camps and rocket launching sites.

Overall, more than 25 Hamas and other terrorist sites were attacked since yesterday evening. The forces reported accurate hits. All of the Israeli forces returned to their bases safely.

The IDF will continue to persistently strike any site used in Hamas’ terrorist effort and will not cease acting against all terror organizations and those who actively support them.

Source: |IDF Spokesperson|
Overnight Summary

I can't help but notice all the hue and cry accusing Israel of "genocide" or of "war crimes". This is complete and total nonsense and reveals the one who holds that opinion a fool, and a useful idiot who serves as an enabler of jihad. As my fellow blogger,
Carl in Jerusalem, says...Let's go to the video tape:

This is the gun camera footage from the recent hit on a mosque that was being used to store weapons. Note the large secondary explosion. To my knowledge, Korans don't blow up like that. Sure, the people who read it often blow themselves up...but that is another story.

and here is another, even more spectacular case of secondary explosions...

This was a place where rockets were being stored underground.

Source for videos (and inspiration for this dissertation) was the
Elder of Ziyon.

As I have noted before, it is against the Geneva Conventions for military forces to position assets in civilian areas...and forbidden to place them in hospitals, schools, religious establishments and near homes. Once they do that, then the civilian establishment loses its protection under the Geneva Conventions. Still, Israel does what it can to minimize civilian casualties and achieve the objective against military targets.

By the size of these secondary explosions, you can see that they are killing far more people that are nearby than the original strike. If the Hamas Terrorists weren't cowards seeking to hide under the skirts of their women, or behind the cribs of their children...then those people would not be dying in this conflict.

I also note that the Hamas rockets are primarily (exclusively?) targeting civilian populations. That in itself is a War Crime, and one that the criminal organization known as the United Nations will do nothing about because it is run by criminals.

Here is a direct quote from one of the leaders of Hamas recently killed by Israel where he is discussing the military doctrine of Hamas...

...our doctrine is to target the enemies army, security services, and support apparatus.
But it is known that Zionist society is a militarized society. Service in the army is mandatory; and reserve duty continues past the age of 40. ...we will not accept giving the enemy a free hand against our civilians.

He says that Israel is a "militarized society" with a draft and a long tail of reserve duty. So, in his twisted logic, that means
there are no civilians in Israel. Then, he says that civilians in Gaza are off limits to attack...while positioning his forces, commend posts and weapons storage sites in mosques, schools, homes and under them in tunnels.

The sooner the majority of people in western Civilization realize that the single, solitary purpose of these people is to eventually establish Islam (to the demise of others) as the dominant religion on this planet...the better prepared we will be for what follows from that.

If you think that none of this concerns us...that it "over there" thousands of miles from us, consider this...

I got there just in time to see a cop pinning the guy in the white shirt to the pavement.
So this guy and I are the only two who volunteered to be witnesses for him; So I scurried back down...I got there just in time to see a cop pinning the guy in the white shirt to the pavement.

Source: |This Ain't Hell|
Muslim attacks Jewish counter protester in DC (UPDATED) [Jonn]

And another blogger witnessed the attack, and his account can be found on
Race 4 2012.

And, to refresh your memory, I
blogged about a chilling protest in Ft Lauderdale yesterday...and you can see foreshadowings of things to come in America if we do not stop it now.