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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 13 of Operation Cast Lead

These things are getting longer, and are requiring more time to put together...

First, a reminder from
Old Glory Radio about the Hamas children's show called "The Gifted" that depicts children training to kill Israelis:

And here is this video from
Palestinian Media Watch:

Here are the Israeli Bloggers who I think deserve an award for marathon blogging. These guys have been live-blogging Operation Cast Lead from the beginning, and have only taken the Sabbath off:

Israelly Cool, with today's Operation Cast Lead Thurs Jan 8th, 2009

The Muqata, with today's Day 13 of the War, Thursday, January 8, 2009


Random Thoughts A very good Israel roundup

Peace Like A River A comprehensive world new roundup

And other online resources:

Mere Rhetoric (a new discovery!)
Israel Matzav
Elder of Ziyon

And here are some more traditional news outlets:

Al Jazeera
Arutz Sheva
BBC Middle East
IDF Spokesperson
Internet Haganah
One Jerusalem
Israel Politik
Jerusalem Post
UK Telegraph Israel
Yahoo! News: Middle East Conflict

One Jerusalem--General Effie Eitam, a senior member of the Knesset's Security and Foreign Affairs Committee, provides a wide-ranging briefing for journalists, hosted by One Jerusalem. You can hear a recording of General Eitam here.

During his discussion, General Eitam described the military situation on the ground in Gaza and the diplomatic efforts that are on the way.

General Eitam reported that after 12 days of fighting a poll tonight in Israel showed that 80% of Israelis continue to support the War Against Hamas.

General Eitam said that reports that Israel has agreed to a cease fire are false and that the Security Cabinet had given Israel's Defense Forces the command to continue military operations.

YNET NEWS--At least two Katyusha rockets fired from southern Lebanon land in Western Galilee region Thursday morning, in and around town of Nahariya; two people lightly wounded in attack; school day cancelled in town. IDF shells rocket launching sites in southern Lebanon in response.

Israel Matzav--A 'Palestinian' terrorist was shot in the last three quarters of an hour after attempting to set a gas station on fire.

The gas station is in Mishor Adumim, east of Maaleh Adumim, which is about 10 minutes east of Jerusalem heading towards the Dead Sea.

The terrorist was killed. One person was wounded.

Gates of Vienna--The war in Gaza continues to be used as a pretext for violence (or attempted violence) against Jews in Europe. Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated a series of articles from various Dutch-language news sources in Belgium and the Netherlands.

IsraPundit--Ted Belman has an excellent historical overview on the follies that lead Israel to this point.

Israel Matzav--Israel Radio reports that a rocket shot from southern Lebanon hit Shlomi, a town on the border in the last few minutes and that warning sirens have gone off in Nahariya where a rocket hit this morning.

Shlomoi is just east of Nahariya. The rockets are being shot from near Bint Jbeil - the site of a major battle in the summer of 2006.

Helicopters over Jerusalem again.

More to follow.

YNET NEWS--11 rockets fired at south since midnight
Western Negev under fire most of the night, as Grad, Qassam rockets fire hits area incessantly.


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