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Friday, September 30, 2005

Grundig S350 Purchase

Yesterday at work, we were drizzled upon off and on for roughly 2 hours before we were released. Gilberto and Lucino were gone and out of sight before I could get to my truck!

My first destination was Radio Shack, (Yeah, I know) where I bought a Grundig S350 portable AM/FM/SW band radio. I plan on getting back into listening to shortwave, and using it at work to listen when I'm working in one spot and don't want to mess with my Walkman. At work, I listen primarily to talk radio all day. Check out the WZNN link on the sidebar.


Good News From Afghanistan

They kill Christians, Don't they?

No more new SciFi Fridays until January. Waaaaaaaaaa!!!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Traking Sites

I know this is late in the game, but here are some of my goto sites for tracking hurricane activity.

My current Favorite:

The Golden Triangle Page (2nd because I'm on dial-up)

Hurricane Alley

Hurricane City

Weather Underground Tropical Page

Atlantic Tropical Weather Center

Notes on the above pages====> Follow the links within these pages for a wealth of information that will reveal the simplicity of The Weather Channel when they could be so much better, instaed of resorting to tabloid-like storm coverage.

Posting has been slow due to the heavy work schedule I've been under. Putting in French Drains mostly by hand really takes it out of a fella.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Heads Up America now 3 to 6 Drive Time Show

One of my favorite radio Shows on my favorite radio station is now on from 3pm to 6pm Eastern Time. My only complaint is since I live out of radio range, and work in radio range, on Fridays, instead of leaving when The History Guy goes off, I must needs stay until Ken goes off. My boss, however, loves it.

The web streaming link is at

and the show website is at

I am at a public terminal right now, and their web service is acting funny. (Well, it IS a public library, after all) So I better scoot before it does more strange things.

Update: I fixed the links so that they will now work. I am at home on a now working system... The Library System is working although it won't let me access any right-wing sites more than once a session. I smell a conspiracy...