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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Know Your Place in the Universe

Saturday, February 27, 2010

How Conservatives Can Use Obama's Astroturf Campaign Against Talk Radio Against Itself

Yet another Obama Plan for Astroturfing is underway, this time it involves taking the seminar caller effort to another level...complete with public website and talking points to help the "fake listeners" find a conservative radio show and provide them with talking points aimed at disrupting talk radio and get a Socialist Health Care Plan passed. Read more about it at News Busters. Also, read more about it at Tech President, a lefty site that describes the program, called Groundswell, thusly:
"So OFA built a program, called Groundswell, that slices up certain organizational tasks into discrete bits that can be accomplished by individuals but add up to a substantial effort, a la the crowdsourcing efforts of Pro Publica's distributed Reporting Network.

The benefit for volunteers is that it gives them achievable, tangible tasks to do that fit into the nooks and crannies of their day to day lives. The benefit for OFA is that they get buy in to the organization's missing that also has the effect of multiplying the organizing efforts that those on the Democratic National Committee's payroll might hope to achieve.

Organizing for America's new media director Natalie Foster says that both On the Air and Groundswell are part of a drive within Organizing for America to encourage experimentation and creativity amongst staff, particularly those staff with the programming chops to pull something like this off.

The projects, says Foster, "demonstrate what’s great about the 'labs' concept, and having software engineers embedded with our New Media team. Building out the DNC/OFA Innovation Labs was an early decision last year, and Nathan Woodhull does a great job leading that team.""
I have an idea, why don't conservatives use the website to get our message out as well? What you do is call in to the radio show currently being targeted by progressives, and tell the call screener that you are calling the show via a link from Obama's Organizing for America, and that you are a conservative wishing to expose the astroturf effort. Give out the URL of the website ( and read a little from it for the call screener or host. Tell them that they have been targeted by Barack Obama's campaign arm in an effort to interfere with the show and that you're not happy about it. Perhaps you should suggest that the listeners of the show call the White House Switchboard and complain about these tactics. Be nice to the operators when you call. (202-456-1414)

Lefties (Progressives, Socialists and Communists) have always made it their bailiwick to interfere with or deny Free Speech. I think it is time we gave them a taste of their own medicine.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Senator John McCain Versus the Arizona GOP

Senator John McCain is at it again, taking steps to kill the conservative movement. This time by making an attempt to take over the Arizona GOP.

Hat Tip to Matt K Lewis for the heads up on this story.

The story of his despicable actions are below:

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has lost the endorsement of a key leader of his own party, and a behind-the-scenes feud is emerging that could put McCain at odds with GOP activists in his home state.
McCain and the AZ House delegation have agreed to divert money for the party's get-out-the-vote efforts away from the AZ GOP, sources tell Hotline OnCall. The decision comes after a contentious meeting between the McCain camp and top state party officials, according to sources on both sides of the debate.
The decision highlights a contentious relationship between the state's DC delegation and local party leaders back home, a relationship that often works at cross purposes. For years, those close to McCain have sought to oust party chair Randy Pullen, who has a following among the conservative grassroots.
The latest controversy, which has been quietly simmering for months, comes as party leaders prepare for the Nov. midterms. In AZ, the stakes are particularly high; Gov. Jan Brewer (R) faces re-election and a competitive primary, and the GOP hopes to contest 3 Dem-held House seats.
But with so much money expected to flow through AZ, McCain's team, led by deputy managerMike Hellon, himself a former AZ GOP chair, has lost confidence in party leadership, and they don't trust Pullen to spend party funds wisely. Those who oppose Pullen accuse him of misspending state party money.
Pullen, on the other hand, believed Hellon and the McCain team wanted too much power and were trying to take control away from the elected party leadership, and that McCain's advisors were continuing a long-running effort to try and force him from office.
After months of preparations, McCain's campaign sat down with Pullen and other top party leaders in AZ for a final session to go over budget plans. McCain's camp wanted total control, according to those who side with Pullen, going so far as to ask for the state party's federal tax ID number in order to gain access to its bank account. Hellon told Pullen he could hand over control or "leave," according to a source in the room.
"It wasn't a request, it was a demand," said Rob Haney, chair of the Maricopa Co. GOP and a Pullen backer who was briefed on the meeting. "They've been trying to get Randy Paullen out of office ever since he was elected."
Pullen refused Hellon's demand and said he wanted control over some staffing and consultant decisions. When McCain's team told him he could not have such control, Pullen, AZ GOP executive director Brett Mecum and RNC member Bruce Ash walked out.

Source: Read more of this story by Reid Wilson at Hotline OnCall


It is time for Senator John McCain to be put to pasture. I suggest that you check out JD Hayworth's website if you are willing to contribute to McCain's retirement fund.

Dozing Squirrel

My little buddy dozing this morning...

2010 Election Update:
Buncombe County Candidates

Here is a list of candidates who have filed for various state and federal offices in Buncombe County...

Democrat Axia Wilson of Asheville has filed to oppose Congressman Heath Shuler in the primary for the 11th Congressional District.

NC Senate 48

Democrat Chris Dixon of Arden Date Filed 02/08/2010

Republican Tom Apodaca of Hendersonville Date Filed 02/08/2010 (Incumbent)

NC Senate 49

Democrat Martin Nesbitt of Asheville Date Filed 02/15/2010 (Incumbent)

Republican RL Clark of Asheville Date Filed 02/25/2010

Republican Don Yelton of Weaverville Date Filed 02/25/2010

NC House 114

Democrat Susan Fisher of Asheville Date Filed 02/08/2010 (Incumbent)

John Carroll of Asheville Date Filed 02/09/2010

NC House 115

Democrat Bruce Goforth of Asheville Date Filed 02/08/2010 (Incumbent)

Democrat Patsy Keever of Asheville Date Filed 02/08/2010

Republican Mark Crawford of Montreat Date Filed 02/17/2010

NC House 116

Democrat Jane Whilden of Asheville Date Filed 02/08/2010 (Incumbent)

Republican Tim Moffitt of Asheville Date Filed 02/16/2010


This should be an interesting election cycle in Buncombe County. It is my hope that my fellow Republicans will perform better than they have in the past, and it is my fond hope that some of them will form a serious campaign effort complete with staff and a strategic plan that shows some sense. Time will tell. 

I wonder about the listing of RL Clark and Don Yelton facing off against each other in the Republican primary. My first thought was that it was a mistake...but one never knows.

Macon County Candidate Filings Update
(New Candidates File)

The deadline for candidate filing is at noon today...

The newest additions to the list from my previous update are in red:

State Level Races 

NC Senate District 50 (Rep)

Jimmy Goodman of Franklin, NC Date Filed (02/25/2010)

County Commissioner Races

District 1 (Dem) 

Michael David Rogers of Highlands, NC  Date Filed (02/23/2010)

Allan (Ricky) Bryson of Highlands, NC  Date Filed (02/16/2010)

District 1 (Rep)

Brian McClellan (Incumbent) of Highlands, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

District 2 (Dem) [2 Commissioners represent this district]

Bob Simpson (Incumbent) of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Carroll Poindexter of Franklin NC  Date Filed (02/15/2010)

Ronnie Beale (Incumbent) of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

District 2 (Rep)

Ron Haven of Franklin, NC Date Filed (02/25/2010)

Charlie Leatherman of Franklin, NC Date Filed (02/25/2010)

Sheriff (Dem)

George Lynch of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Richard Davis of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Sheriff (Rep)

Robert L. (Robby) Holland (Incumbent) of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Clerk of Superior Court (Dem)

Vic Perry (Incumbent) of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Register of Deeds (Dem)

Todd Raby (Incumbent) of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Important Information Regarding the 2010 US Census

Thanks to a friend on one of my mailing lists for sending this video to me!

Did you know the only information you are required by the US Constitution to give the US Census Bureau is your name and the number of occupants in your household? That is the only information I have given in 1990 and 2000, and is all I intend to give in 2010. 

There are some who will quote 13 USC 141 as the authority to ask more questions than is listed in the US Constitution, there are fines for non-response and for false response as well, though the amount has risen from the 1790's $20. Today failure to respond can result in a $100 fine; providing false answers is a more severe offense, and carries a $500 fine. Punishment for failure to respond is not usually enforced. The controlling section of the Code is 13 USC 221.

When the US Census shows up at your house, ask them some of the questions below, and if the US Census has a vehicle touring in your area, please consider taking a video camera along and ask some of these questions and see what happens. 

The following is courtesy Jerry Day Productions: (the maker of the above video and was included with the video)

This is an expose' of the Census Bureau. This video itemizes the fundamental legal questions that the Census Bureau refuses or fails to answer about its collection and use of personal information from every American (see questions below). This program aired on Matrix News Network (syndicated national television) in January of 2010.

Without any apparent authority the Census Bureau has expanded it's information gathering activities. In addition to the once-in-10-years Census authorized by the Constitution, the Census Bureau conducts more in-depth "Surveys" of 250,000 Americans every month of every year. It has no Constitutional authority for that, in fact the Bureau is violating the 4th Amendment to the Bill of Rights by suggesting that Americans are "obligated" to provide any personal information whatsoever to government.

The Constitution allows the government to count people once every ten years, but does not require any American to BE COUNTED, OR TO PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION AT ALL, much less to provide personal information to the temporary worker and stranger who comes to your door with a Census Bureau badge.

Americans have been given very false impressions and presumptions of the authority of government to invade their lives. Even the Census takers themselves are sometimes misinformed of the limits of government.

Once your information is out there, it is out there for good. There is no such thing as a "secure database" in government. Government data is bought, lost, stolen and viewed every day by everyone from law enforcement to criminals at all levels of society. Spill your life to strangers at your front door or on the "questionnaire" at your own risk. Beyond that is the question, if we agree to pass over our private information to bureaucrats, is there any limit to what they will ask for next?

My reason for producing this video and for posting it on YouTube is that I see so many people everywhere who don't seem to understand that the USA has become something very different than the country of our origin, and we have ALREADY lost many of the rights and freedoms that were given to us by nature (God?) and were protected for us again in our Constitution. Our Constitutional framers never imagined the spending, waste, taxation intrusion and aggression that our government now commits without restraint.

How did that happen? When our government pushes us we fail to push back so, after many decades of that, government simply sees no boundaries at all on its own presumed force and authority.

It is our government. It is our servant. Government can have no authority but that which it derives from us. But government employees, officials and representatives do need to be reminded of that on a regular basis.

There is a pdf file of the Census Bureau's AMERICAN COMMUNITY SURVEY Questionnaire at:
If you are not disturbed by the questions they will ask you then you are not reading it carefully.

QUESTIONS THAT THE CENSUS BUREAU REFUSED OR FAILED TO ANSWER (from Jerry Day's Matrix News Network segment: "The Census Is Getting Personal") I strongly suggest asking these questions of your Census Taker, especially if they show up with an "American Community Survey" form:

1) The Constitution authorizes government to count people but it does not authorize the taking of private information or even the names of individuals. From where does the Census Bureau derive authority to demand our private information?

2) Is there any limit to the amount and type of private information that the Census bureau may demand and collect?

3) Under what Constitutional authority does the Census Bureau collect information now from 250,000 people per month of every year?

4) The 4th Amendment to the Constitution prohibits government search and seizure of private information without a court warrant based on probable cause. Current Census policies violate that Amendment do they not?

5) By what Constitutional authority does the Census Bureau threaten penalties for failure to provide personal information?

6) The Census Bureau claims it maintains privacy of personal information. Are there any circumstances under which law enforcement or spy agencies can access Census information?

7) Since presumably Census data may be subpoenaed by law enforcement, may individuals refuse to answer questions according to the fifth Amendment?

8) Why has the Census Bureau decided to collect GPS coordinates for every home?

9) Virtually every government database has been either lost, hacked or compromised. Would the Census Bureau's claim of data security not be an outright lie or at best highly improbable?

10) How would the Census Bureau locate, protect and compensate those individuals whose data becomes compromised?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Walking in Gijón

Macon County Tax Office and Richard Lightner
Wins Joseph E. Hunt Award

The Macon County Tax Office and Richard Lightner, Tax Administrator, have won their third state level award in the last four years (they have also won awards in 2006 & 2007). I was at the meeting and captured the above video of the award presentation.

From the Press Release:

On November 19, 2009, while attending the North Carolina Association of Tax Assessors meeting in Greensboro, Richard Lightner picked up the Joseph E. Hunt Distinguished Jurisdiction award for small counties. The award is given annually to counties and tax officials for achievement in areas of property tax assessment and/or collection, the implementation of a project or endeavors to enhance the overall effectiveness of a county tax department. 

Macon County became the first county in the country to implement a third party software program (Yotta) in conjunction with it's CAMA System (Computerized Assisted Mass Appraisal) to be able to access and update all property records in the field. Other independent software did not exchange data back and forth with the county's older pick data based files. The cost of developing new software or buying existing software to replace the county's system would have been between $500,000 and $1,000,000. Macon County was able to accomplish the needed results for less than $25,000. 

County Appraisers are now able to access all property cards, GIS maps, aerial maps, GPS location, property improvement pictures, sales data, zoning, flood maps, and other vital information. The records can then be updated with a series of menu driven screens and stored until it is uploaded in the county's main computer system. this system gives all appraisers the information they need at the property site they are reviewing.

These improvements continue the modernization of Macon County's records and service to the general public. Over the years, the Macon County Tax Office has been a leader in the state with technology development and implementation; property digital pictures being available on the web and in the field, electronic property maps and cards in the field, searchable database on the web, and now automation of data entry in the field.

Macon County Candidate Filings Update

Here is a list of candidates that have filed for election as of yesterday afternoon...

County Commissioner Races

District 1 (Dem) 

Michael David Rogers of Highlands, NC  Date Filed (02/23/2010)

Allan (Ricky) Bryson of Highlands, NC  Date Filed (02/16/2010)

District 1 (Rep)

Brian McClellan (Incumbent) of Highlands, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

District 2 (Dem) [2 Commissioners represent this district]

Bob Simpson (Incumbent) of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Carroll Poindexter of Franklin NC  Date Filed (02/15/2010)

Ronnie Beale (Incumbent) of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Sheriff (Dem)

George Lynch of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Richard Davis of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Sheriff (Rep)

Robert L. (Robby) Holland (Incumbent) of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Clerk of Superior Court (Dem)

Vic Perry (Incumbent) of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Register of Deeds (Dem)

Todd Raby (Incumbent) of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Candidates have until noon on February 26th, 2010 to file for office.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Stop Motion Truck Rally

Australian artist Keith Loutit is famous for his stop motion photographic scenes, and you can check out more of them at his Vimeo channel, and take a look at his other work on his webpage.


Macon GOP Lincoln Luncheon Highlights

Chet Damron as Abraham Lincoln, Photo Credit: Bobby Coggins

Here is a short video with a few highlights from the Macon County Republican Party's Lincoln Luncheon that was held on Saturday at Cody's Restaurant in Franklin, NC. About 160 Maconians gathered to hear Chet Damron speak about the life of the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, to fellowship, and to meet the various candidates running for local and federal office.

I'll have a couple or so videos of Greg Boyer, Dan Eichenbaum and Ed Krause either today or tomorrow. I'll be covering the Macon County Commissioners meeting at 2pm today, so I won't be able to focus on editing those videos until after I do that.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Watch the STS-130 Endeavour Landing Live

The USS Endeavour has nearly completed a successful two week mission to the International Space Station and is about to land in Florida...

Live TV : Ustream

The feed is provided courtesy of SpaceVidCast.

Macon County Board of Commissioners
02/22/2010 Meeting Agenda

I'll be at the meeting of the Macon County Commissioners at 2pm today, and hope to see some of the local readers there. I will be testing a live feed, and if things look okay, I'll put up a blog post for it. The agenda for the meeting is below the video promo...

FEBRUARY 22, 2010 - 2 P.M.

1.  Call to order and welcome by Chairman Beale

2.  Announcements

3.  Invocation 

4.  Pledge of Allegiance

5.  Public Hearing - None

6.  Public Comment Period

7.  Adjustments to and approval of the agenda

8.  Reports/Presentations:
    A. Presentation of Joseph E. Hunt Distinguished Jurisdiction Award for 2009 to the Tax Department
    B. Honor Air update - Gary Dills
    C.Update by Smoky Mountain Center/LME

9.  Old Business:
    A. Special information meeting on USDA Rural Development loan for North Macon Elementary School

10. New Business: 
    A.Technology Bid Award
    B.Schools architectural contracts

11. Consent Agenda 
All items below are considered routine and will be enacted by one motion. No separate discussion will be held except on request of a member of the Board of Commissioners. 
    A. Minutes
    B.Budget Revisions
    C.Tax Department 
      (1) Releases 
      (2) Unpaid tax report for 2009 
      (3) Refund 
      (4) Corrected resolution for reappraisal cycle
    D.Mutual Assistance – Law Enforcement resolution

12. Appointments 

13. Closed session 

14. Adjournment/Recess 

March of the Contrails

Atmospheric conditions were perfect this morning for a spectacular display of contrails created by the exhaust plumes by passenger jets flying over western North Carolina this morning and I was lucky enough to capture it on video...

Eichenbaum Wins Another Straw Poll

Dan Eichenbaum Photo Credit: Bobby Coggins

I just got this news release from the Eichenbaum Campaign announcing that they've won another straw poll. This one was held in Transyvania County at the Brevard Middle School.

This is the first straw poll held with all the major candidates in attendance, so it may be the first glimmerings of indication that Eichenbaum has district-wide appeal.

The news release...


February 20, 2010


Transylvania County Republicans overwhelmingly professed support for congressional candidate Dr. Dan Eichenbaum following a candidate forum hosted by the Transylvania County Republican Party Saturday night.

BREVARD, NC - Dr. Dan Eichenbaum, a practicing ophthalmologist and congressional candidate from Murphy, NC, scored another landslide victory in a straw poll conducted immediately following a candidate forum Saturday night in Transylvania County.  The candidate forum and straw poll were hosted by the Transylvania County Republican Party and were held in conjunction with the Transylvania County GOP’s annual “Lincoln Day Dinner” at Brevard Middle School.

Other forum participants included candidates Jeff Miller and Greg Newman of Hendersonville, Kenny West of Hayesville, and Ed Krause of Marion.  Candidates Jake Howard of Macon County and Dan Ostergaard of Asheville were in abstention.  

Although the audience was comprised of voters from throughout the 11th District, voting in the straw poll was limited to registered voters of Transylvania County.

Straw poll results:
Dr. Dan Eichenbaum - 36
Kenny West – 7
Greg Newman – 6
Jeff Miller – 4
Ed Krause – 1

These results make Dr. Dan Eichenbaum the winner of every post-debate straw poll conducted thus far. Dr Dan’s previous straw poll victories were in forums hosted by the Buncombe County GOP on December 7th and another hosted by the Cherokee County 9/12 Project on January 9th.

The next scheduled congressional candidate forum will be at AB Tech Community College  on March 5th at 6:30 pm and is hosted by the Asheville TEA Party. A straw poll of audience members will be conducted immediately following.

Dr. Dan Eichenbaum, a Ophthalmologist residing in Murphy, is a Constitutional Republican who is standing for election to congress in North Carolina’s 11th district.  As a founding member of the Cherokee County 9-12 Project and Tea Party participant, Dr. Dan is the true grassroots candidate in the 11th district. 


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Alexander Haig 1924-2010

Alexander Haig December 2, 1924-February 20, 2010

Alexander Meigs Haig, Jr. was a decorated war hero, military commander, four-star General, statesman, a valiant supporter of Israel. He was the unsuccessful conservative alternative to George H. W. Bush in the Republican primary in 1988. His civilian life included being one of the founding board members of America Online and involvement in business education seminars and being the host of World Business Review.

His memoirs are published in "Inner Circles: How America Changed the World".

He graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 1947 and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Army, serving in Japan with the 1st Cavalry Division and on the staff of General Douglas MacArthur, in the Korean War with the X Corps and as aide to Lieutenant General Edward M. (Ned) Almond, and in Europe. He served in the Pentagon from 1962-1965 and in Vietnam in 1966-1967 as battalion and brigade commander, receiving the Distinguished Service Cross for heroism.

Among his many other military decorations are the Defense Distinguished Service Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Silver Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Distinguished Flying Cross with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Purple heart, and decorations from Belgium, the Federal Republic of Germany, Morocco, France, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Portugal. 

His was a life well-lived and we are poorer without him in it.

May he Rest in Peace.

The Dillsboro Dam is Gone

I visited the site of the former Dillsboro Dam yesterday and took photos and video. There was a constantly changing crowd of onlookers filtering in and out as people observed in silence the change to the river and the construction debris scattered for hundreds of feet in the river and along it's banks.

I've got a busy couple of days ahead, and will be posting more video/photos on Monday or Tuesday when I can find the time.

Chris Simcox Drops Out of US Senate Race;
Endorses J.D. Hayworth's Run Against John McCain

I was saddened to hear a few days ago that Chris Simcox had dropped out the Republican primary in the Arizona US Senate race against Senator John McCain. I understand his reasons for doing so. There was no way he could compete against media darling JD Hayworth.

While I understand that JD Hayworth isn't as conservative as Chris Simcox, he is more conservative than Senator McCain. The goal is to replace John McCain with someone more conservative. JD Hayworth has far more media recognition and the ability to raise more money than Chris Simcox.

I was a supporter of Chris Simcox, but now, like Chris, will be throwing my support behind JD Hayworth. The goal is to replace Senator John McCain. In furtherance of that goal, please visit and contribute to the campaign of JD Hayworth.

Here is the letter that Chris Simcox sent out to his supporters:

Hello Friends, Volunteers and Supporters,

I suspect that my sudden announcement to drop out of the Arizona U.S. Senate race caught many of you off guard. Speaking for my wife and family, it was something we knew we had to do. This race had quickly become bigger than what our family could manage; when JD Hayworth entered the race we were financially unable to continue. My campaign message, however popular and appealing, it seems, was way too ahead of its time - you liked it, but folks obviously did not feel comfortable funding it. As I heard over and over, "how can you compete against 5 million dollars?". I still ask, "So how much are you getting for your vote?
I sincerely thank my wife and family, Eric, Bob, Barbara, Linda, Jason, Mark, Lee and the many volunteers and supporters of this your campaign. My thanks is direct and sincere; I will take the rest of this lengthy note to explain how I see the value of our campaign, the value of supporting JD Hayworth and why the Tea Party activist movement is the important component as we lead a much needed repair and correction that must take place at all levels of government.
My decision to end our campaign was an eleventh hour decision, one that was really not difficult because I remain a rational and practical man who continues to see a picture much bigger than our campaign for the U.S. Senate. Last April we were the first to stand up and challenge the establishment, something I am proud to have done. I knew the electorate was growing restless yet had a common goal, to restore Constitutional government. After all, that is why our borders and illegal immigration are so important. It is the primary duty of the government to provide for the common welfare by securing our borders and "managing" the flood of humanity that desires to enter our shores for whatever reason. I have been an activist for 8 years and I realize change only occurs when you figure out how to compel people to become not just vocal and active, but to do research, learn where reliable accurate info can be found, how to analyze it and apply our efforts in rational, proactive and educationally meaningful endeavors.
Our activism is easy to promote; borders, security, law and order, and Constitutional conservative leadership. We walk the walk and do the most to preserve individual liberties by doing the most to identify and repeal ways in which government oppresses our freedoms. Nine months ago our campaign challenged the status quo right between the eyes and I have carried the message to the Republican establishment all across Arizona.
Our campaign represents just the first shot fired around the nation - we took on the most sinister element, a progressive, socialist masquerading as the leader and conscience of the Reagan Republican party. Our campaign helped educate thousands and bring hundreds of Republicans (and independents back to the party) as brand new first time precinct committeemen.
Thousands of people heard me speak of the importance of independence from the party and the healing we can bring to the party by reminding them that the Constitution comes first, not party loyalty.
Thousands of people heard me promote learning by reading the 5000 Year Leap by Skousen, along with studies in economic principles by Hayek and Ludwig Von Mises to name just a few. Thousands of minds, perceptions and biases were challenged; thousands of people were offered a new approach to public service, a new ideal that begins with the basic fundamentals. To me that is a complete success and I will aggressively continue my educational endeavors
As of today I have received tremendous support for my decision to support JD Hayworth as "our" best shot to accomplish 3 things:
1. Give this seat back to the people of Arizona.
2. Move our state party back to individual liberty, the restoration of constitutional limits on government and the judiciary, and the promotion of free enterprise, national defense and traditional American values in the post McCain era.
3. Continue my efforts to see our borders secured and our education system free of progressive programs and government/union control.
Why do I support JD Hayworth?
Lots of reasons.
When I look at JD's support team, his endorsements, his ability to fundraise, well, like I said, I'm a reasonable and practical man. The reality is that I look over at JD's team and I see all the people I have worked with at the GRASSROOTS level in the state for the past 8 years. We have all been working on the same team for a long, long time. We have endured the most hateful attacks and in turn have exposed one of the most divisive and deadly issues facing our nation. We are in the greatest sense a unique band of determined brother and sister citizens.
I made a pledge that I would not engage in dirty politics and will never do so - but folks need to consider this about Jim Deakin - where has he been for the past 8 years? That's not dirty, that's reality, and not meant to demean Mr. Deakin's life efforts in any way.
I say this only to illustrate why I support Hayworth. This is my first time running for office, but it is not my first year in politics; I look around at the people supporting Hayworth - and see those of us who are survivors on a battlefield strewn with casualties and failed attempts to correct the wrongs.
When I look around at those I stand shoulder to shoulder with today as we continue to lead this reform, I see my friends and colleagues; true warriors, tested, trusted and imbued with the wisdom and true grit necessary to survive. So as a collective group of worker bees, we see the best shot at correcting the system is to attack from all sides, and with all hands on deck.
When I look around at my colleagues on the front lines, we all look at each other with a knowing realization that we are all now poised to lead, while others have failed or given up. Be careful what you ask for - we must be mindful never to make the same mistakes as our predecessors. We do have an advantage though, for most of us are blue collar, working class, but intelligent people and we have been on the front lines for many years. We are the grassroots; we are the independent Tea Party citizens who are fed up with the elite telling us they are best suited for this complicated and sophisticated job of governing.
I support JD Hayworth because when I look around at our team I see so many people who have worked hard to retire McCain's moderate, progressive base, by purging RINOS both in office and at the party level in our great state of Arizona.
I support JD Hayworth because together we have stood toe- to- toe, face-to-face with McCain for many long years. We have worked side by side. JD stood with me in Washington D.C. and along with dozens of other elected Congressmen supported my efforts to bring attention to border security.
I support JD Hayworth because we both have directly testified before congress and challenged the status quo. I support JD Hayworth because we both directly challenged the President of the United States and told him he was wrong.
Jim Deakin, welcome to the team, you have much to offer, but you are a brand new player in the true grassroots, independent movement in this state. I will say the same about many whom now consider themselves part of the Tea Party movement. I welcome folks new to the movement that started in 2001. I look forward to sharing what I have learned and encouraging and mentoring others who now understand that more effort than complaining and yelling will be required to get us back to basics.
We, the supporters of JD Hayworth are comprised of great patriots who were the first voices, post 9/11, to attack the corruption of the two-party political class system in Arizona and we are proud of it. But I knew attacking this from within the party was the only way to repair systemic damage where the party of my choice is controlled by a few.
Jim Deakin and Chris Simcox are now just two of over a thousand new precinct committeemen in Maricopa County alone! We have work to do to continue as leaders and we can do that by supporting our best chance to work as a team to accomplish our immediate and long range goals - individual liberty, the restoration of constitutional limits on government and the judiciary, and the promotion of free enterprise, national defense and traditional American values.
JD has been with us. When I say "us", I refer to the brash, firebrands within our state Republican party who have worked to bring us to this day - we are on the cusp of retiring, gracefully and with respect, the McCain Republican party establishment in our state.
When I sat down to vet JD it was not hard to see his commitment as an ally who is not afraid of the controversial issues and I know he does not back down. When I looked over at JD's team I see all the people I have been working with for many years. It was like they were standing there, one eyebrow cocked, arms crossed, foot tapping, impatiently waiting for me to come aboard what is definitely our best chance to move our conservative Constitutional agenda forward.
Some of the reactions to my decision that were posted on blogs and my Facebook page where JD is accused to be the same as McCain may in context of the past be accurate in a narrow scope of focus. Some just want to throw the baby out with the bathwater and want all "new" people - be careful because that is not always the correct choice. In the big picture I feel JD has a unique quality that motivates me to support him - his ability to bring experience and the humility to take responsibility for mistakes, to learn from those mistakes, try new approaches and respond to the will of the people.
JD has the support of the people, and I will lend him mine, for I still desire to serve in any capacity to advance liberty as I continue to work with the wisdom and respect of my trusted colleagues in mind. And when the "labelist", those who buy into the media/internet driven labels like neo-con, big spender, etc. want to criticize my decision, well, for me, a guy who takes no endorsements and eschews categories and labels - it is a no-brainer folks. My message will remain intact and I will share it with JD in order to bring your voice, my supporters, to JD's campaign for Arizona. He is already appreciative of and responsive to your suggestions and ideas that have been expressed on behalf of our campaign.
Finally, when I look around at the people supporting JD is see all those who deserve credit for helping JD take the border security/illegal immigration issue seriously. JD has illustrated many times that he has the capacity to respond to his constituents and take on tough issues that were not politically advantageous. Previous to my stance on the border and our push for Proposition 200 here in Arizona, JD was soft on the issue; he is now a champion for border security and a responsible immigration system.
For those of you who may not have worked in Washington D.C. or around any level of government for the past 8 years I can verify that you as constituents are going to lead the trends that will more often than not dictate how your representative acts and votes. In response to JD having brought home the pork in the past, well, when you receive so much support from your supporters to do so - well, what is a representative supposed to do? It might have been the thing to do at the time, but you and I know, we the people have altered that practice, hopefully forever. We say no and JD will say no.
I am confident in JD and encourage you to challenge him more on the future needs for our country, rather than judge him on nothing more than party promoted greed in the past. JD works with the grassroots conservatives and this year's election of JD Hayworth represents a strong expression of liberty by the will of the people of Arizona.
I have many opportunities and many people have asked me to look at another office at the state level. As a family, we are looking at our options to serve. I still have some outstanding bills to pay to settle my accounts and I appreciate your continued support in helping us retire our debt.

For Liberty,
Chris Simcox
Candidate for U.S. Senate Arizona
Media contact 480-652-1638