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Franklin Town Board of Aldermen

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Macon County School Board

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Laura Bush Visits WNC

I stopped off at the Haywood County Public Library to put up a couple of quick pix, and will continue on to work. Around 5pm, I'll stop off at WCUs library and add more...maybe video if I can do it without the included software for the camera.

The First Lady Stumps For Congressman Taylor

Check back for more pictures and videos tonight and tomorrow!

Okay, I'm having problems with the videos, so click here to see most of the unblurred ones...I've had to get rid of more than 50% due to my unfamiliarity with the HP Photosmart Camera. Apparently, it is more sensitive to slight motion when the picture is taken. I never had that problem with my Kodak, may it rest in pieces.

Click here to see the Yahoo! Album. Feel free to copy the photos, or order prints, my only request is to bloggers or people who plan to use them on their web page, please provide a link to this post. Thank You.


New Discussion Group in Asheville

Asheville Latté Republicans
The Asheville Latté Republicans Club is a brand new conservative coffee club / discussion group in Asheville, North Carolina. It is a relaxed and inclusive club for those wanting to talk about current events and politics over your caffeinated drink of choice.

The first meeting will be November 9th. Check out the website, and help this group get started.

This is only the beginning, as I expect more groups of this nature to become the norm for thinking conservatives. If the GOP is a Big Tent party, we will welcome this addition to our symphony of freedom.

Pakistanis Blow up Madrassa

This story at The Gates of Vienna reminds me that during World War Two, the first thing to be taken out by the Allies was the church tower, which was often used by German snipers.

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Blog of War

Want better coverage of the Afghanistan and Iraqi Theaters in World War IV?

Buy this book, "The Blog of War" which includes front line dispatches by our soldiers serving over there, and provides a window into the MilBlog Community.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Adama Maneuver

This scene took place in Episode 3.03 "Exodus, Part 2", not the 4th episode as indicated in the clip description.

I couldn't get it to imbed, so click here.

DOD Counters MSM Lies For The Record

The Department of Defense has finally wised up, and joined the Internet Media.
Why? Because of hostile coverage by the Main Stream Legacy Media.

Here is Friday's offering:

Rumsfeld Comments Mischaracterized

Oct. 27, 2006 — Several news outlets, including the AP and Washington Post, reported or headlined incorrectly that Secretary Rumsfeld told “critics” to “back off” during yesterday’s press briefing. In fact, the Secretary was referring specifically to journalists who were seeking to create a perception of major divisions between the positions of the U.S. and Iraqi governments. He was not referring to critics of the administration’s Iraq policy.

Read the DOD letter to the Washington Post.

Read the transcript of Secretary Rumsfeld’s press conference.

Hat Tip The Belmont Club

The more I read, the more I become convinced that The Main Stream Legacy Media is not on our side in this, or any other, fight.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lynne Cheney Smacks Down Wolf Blitzer

Okay, I've had a hard time getting the imbed to work, and do not know if I am the problem (Likely), or the problem lies with Blogger (probable), or from an overloaded You Tube (possible).
So, if there are multiple posting of the imbed, irnore it, since i can't see them.

Click here to see the video.

Perhaps I should upgrade to IE 7 or Okaymake the jump to Fire Fox.


Listen to Wolf try to spin!


Text Only Test Post.
Having Problems Posting.

In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens in NC

In-State Tuition for illegal aliens issue Revisited in NC!

The Raleigh based national organization, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, is launching an effort to warn NC citizens that Democrat leaders have recently announced their intention to attempt legislation again in 2007 that would grant in-state tuition to illegal aliens.

"North Carolinians need to know where their candidates stand on this issue," says William Gheen of ALIPAC. "Three term Governor Jim Hunt has recently announced a new push for this measure. We know that in-state tuition is opposed by over 80% of North Carolinians and will be taking immediate action to warn the public."

ALIPAC is launching a statewide campaign to remind the public which lawmakers supported HB 1183 in 2005. The attempted passage and subsequent defeat of this bill was one of the biggest news stories in NC in 2005. Many candidates are running on the issue in today's elections.


SPONSORS OF HB 1183 "NC In-state tuition for illegal aliens"

Rick Glazier (D-Cumberland),
Paul Luebke (D-Durham),
Doug Vinson (R-Mecklenburg),
Linda Coleman (D-Wake),
Marian McLawhorn (D-Pitt),
Garland Pierce (D-Wagram),
Bob England (D-Ellenboro),
Ray Rapp (D-Mars Hill),
Douglas Yongue (D-Laurinburg),
Karen Ray (R-Iredell),
Joe Tolson (D-Pinetops),
Louis Pate (R-Wayne),
Eugene Wilson (R-Boone),
Martha Alexander (D-Mecklenburg),
Becky Carney (D-Mecklenburg),
Bill Faison (D-Durham),
Susan Fisher (D-Buncombe),
Joe Hackney (D-Chapel Hill),
Mary Pricey Harrison (D-Guilford),
Verla Insko (D-Orange),
Maggie Jeffus (D-Guilford),
Marvin Lucas (D-Cumberland),
Henry Michaux (D-Durham),
Bill Owens (D-Elizabeth City),
Earline Parmon (D-Forsyth),
Deborah Ross (D-Wake),
Russell Tucker (D-Pink Hill),
William Wainwright (D-Havelock),
Jennifer Weiss (D-Wake),
Winkie Wilkins (D-Roxboro),
Larry Womble (D-Forsyth),
Thomas Wright (D-Wilmington)

Contact info for these lawmakers.

Read more.
Hat Tip RL Clark

The Nigerian Space Program

Ever since mas walked on the moon around 1970, people have been asking the question, "Why spend all of this money on space when there are too many problems to solve here at home and too many poor people in this nation?" Even though the money NASA spends is less than 1% of the national budget, this is still far too large for many people.

But try telling that to Nigerians. Nigeria is one of the poorest in the world, with a per capita income of only $1400/year. To many people, the thought of Nigeria building a space program was madness. They simply can't afford it, most people believed. Or, says others, the leaders merely wanted to use nationalism to become reelected.

In 2003, Nigeria launched a satellite into orbit to monitor agriculture and potential mining places, and it is planning more satellites. Nigeria wants to fly a man into space by 2025. While the launch in 2003 was a source of national pride, many were critical of the launch for the reasons mentioned above. So are Nigerians making a bad move?


This is one blog posting I will refer people to when they complain about the space program, although I don't like NASA's Bureaucratic nonsense.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Stop Shuler: The Story So Far...

The Washington Redskins fans who have arguably become more famous than any pro or con Heath Shuler website, have recapped the 2006 Election Season.

Go check it out, and support these guys by buying getting some swag...

2006 Elections Update II

Here are some of the important races for the midterms, with links to helpful information:

Senate Connecticut: Ned Lamont
Maryland: Ben Cardin
Michigan: Debbie Stanbenow
Missouri: Claire McCaskill
Montana: Jon Tester
New Jersey: Bob Menendez
Tennessee: Harold Ford
Virginia: James Webb

Democrat Held Seats

(CO-03): John Salazar
(GA-03): Jim Marshall
(GA-12): John Barrow
(IA-03): Leonard Boswell
(IL-08): Melissa Bean
(IL-17): Phil Hare
(IN-07): Julia Carson
(NC-13): Brad Miller
(PA-12): John Murtha
(WV-01): Alan Mollohan

Republican Held Seats

(AZ-08): Gabrielle Giffords
(CT-04): Diane Farrell
(CT-05): Chris Murphy
(CO-07): Ed Perlmutter
(IA-01): Bruce Braley
(IL-06): Tammy Duckworth
(IN-02): Joe Donnelly
(IN-08): Brad Ellsworth
(IN-09): Baron Hill
(FL-13): Christine Jennings
(FL-16): Tim Mahoney
(FL-22): Ron Klein
(KY-03): John Yarmuth
(NC-11): Heath Shuler
(MN-06): Patty Wetterling
(NM-01): Patricia Madrid
(NY-20): Kirsten Gillibrand
(NY-24): Michael Arcuri
(NY-26): Jack Davis
(OH-15): Mary Jo Kilroy
(OH-18): Zack Space
(PA-06): Lois Murphy
(PA-08): Patrick Murphy
(PA-07): Joe Sestak
(PA-10): Chris Carney
(VA-02): Phil Kellam
(WI-08): Steve Kagen

Children of Hurin

In a world rights deal, the Tolkien Estate has signed with HarperCollins to publish the first complete book by J.R.R. Tolkien since the posthumous Silmarillion in 1977.
Presented for the first time as a fully continuous and standalone story, the epic tale of The Children of Húrin will reunite fans of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings with Elves and Men, dragons and Dwarves, and the rich landscape and characters unique to Tolkien.
The Children of Húrin, begun in 1918, was one of three ‘Great Tales’ J.R.R. Tolkien
worked on throughout his life, though he never realised his ambition to see it published. Though familiar to many fans from extracts and references within other Tolkien books, it has long been assumed that the story would forever remain an ‘unfinished tale’. Now reconstructed by Christopher Tolkien, painstakingly editing together the complete work from his father’s many drafts, this book is the culmination of a tireless thirty-year endeavour by him to bring J.R.R. Tolkien’s vast body of unpublished work to a wide audience.
Christopher Tolkien said: “It has seemed to me for a long time that there was a good case for presenting my father’s long version of the legend of the Children of Húrin as an independent work, between its own covers, with a minimum of editorial presence, and above all in continuous narrative without gaps or interruptions, if this could be done without distortion or invention, despite the unfinished state in which he left some parts of it.”
Having drawn the distinctive maps for the original...

Read more

I had heard of a new release of a Tolkien work, but had seen no link until I accidently stumbled across it today. I look forward to reading it.

A commenter says you can pre-order the book on Amazon, at £80!

Robust Get Home Kit

Here are my thoughts on getting home from work after a major disaster:

Get Home Kit (Robust Version)

My Situation

I work just over thirty road miles, and three mountain ranges, from my home. Given optimal conditions, that means a two day hike, and I always add 50% for a conservative estimate.
My pack has more food than I would normally consume during that time period, and the only weakness I see is the lack of water. I can easily double that amount because I always carry a full case of water in the bed of my truck at all times. So, I can make that judgment call later.

I have divided my pack into modules:

Now I will inventory each module, and discuss my philosophy behind each element, your philosophy may be different, so you can tailor your Get Home Kit according to your taste and expected environment.

Main Module

1.One Backpack
Pay $30 or more for this piece of equipment, and make sure it is sturdy, for it will hold the tools of your survival.
2.One Pair Hiking Boots, broken in and an extra pair of lacing string. Waterproofed preferred.
This should be a pair you wear on a regular basis, worn in, and easy for you to walk in all day.
3.Three Pair of Socks.
Stored inside hiking boots until kit is activated, then transferred to the inside of the pack.

4.One, or Two Pair of Trousers.
Can be either BDUs or Blue Jeans, or both should you wish to start out with the Blue Jeans.

5.One Sweat Shirt, with two extra shirts rolled up inside.
One never knows when it will get cold, or suddenly rain upon one's parade.
6.One sturdy Poncho, or several disposable ponchos.
See comment above.
7.Twelve Power Bars in a sealed ziploc bag.
Don't eat them as comfort food when you start out, eat one every few hours.
8.Twelve pull-top cans of food (snack-size) and a small pack of plastic spoons.
You can eat these while taking a brief break, never more than one in a sitting.
9.Six half-liter bottles of water. (Upgrade to Twelve if one overnight is expected).
Drink one bottle before you start out, while you think about your route of travel, re-checking your supplies. You should be in a calm frame of mind, knowing that you have prepared for this situation, and be a positive influence upon all you encounter and will adjust according to the situation at hand. And when you are through with your water, you will put the cap back on and return it to the pack in case you run across a water source.
10.Water purification tablets.
You WILL use these to purify ALL water you add to your supply.
11.Several bandanas.
Use for sweatbands, bandages, whatever you can think of at the time.
12.One Multi-Tool, with belt-sheath.
This should be a good one, not a cheap knockoff model that WILL fail when you need it most.
13.Fifty foot of 4 mm Perlon cord.
This is a very important part of your kit that can be used for rescue (yourself, or others), scaling obstacles, pulling debris off people, etc. YYou may use this rope to suspend your food high off the ground if you are worried about critters getting your food while you sleep.
14.One Pair of gloves.
For use with the rope, rescue work, or moving debris, etc.
15.One locking carabiner.
For use with the rope.
16.Several Heavy Black Trash bags.
You can put stuff in these. (You never know).

17.One box small white trash bags.
These are your solid waste disposal program. 'nuff said.
18.Very Important Papers, TP, or Toilet Paper.
With the cardboard cores removed to save space. Sealed inside ziploc bags to preserve their usefulness.
19.Several zip ties.
You never know.
20.One self-powered flashlight.
This is one flashlight you will use.
21.One container of anti-bacterial wipes.
Wipe your hands after EVERY call of nature, and handling of questionable objects. Conditions will be very unsanitary, and diseases of the bowels kill more people on earth than anything else known to man.
22.A small pair of binoculars.
Sometimes, it is wise to scope out the ground you are about to cross. I keep these beside me in my seat, and will be packing them while I drink that first bottle of water.

Medical Module

1.Basic First Aid Kit
Should be designed to handle small emergencies.
2.Two Battle Dressings
If it's serious enough for you to walk home, somebody could get hurt.
3.Two 4 x 4 Gauze Pads
See the above comment.
4.CPR Shield
You do know CPR, don't you?
5.Several Pairs of Nitrile Gloves
Wear them when rendering assistance for your own safety.
6.Vial of Core Prescriptions
This should be carried on your person at all times, just an extra couple of days worth.
7.Bottle of Aspirin or your favorite Analgesic.
If you're lucky, all you'll have is a headache, and you'll probably be sore from all that walking, or you may have a minor wound or two that will demand your attention.
8.Bottle of Anti-Diarrheal Medication. (Immodium, Pepto, etc.)
You'll be stressed beyond your ability to cope, and your bowels will loosen a bit. This is to firm them up a bit, so you can preserve your strength for walking.
9.Spare Prescription Eyeglasses.
Ever see that episode of The Twilight Zone where the bookworm's glasses got broke? Don't let that be you. An older pair will do, and if you can afford an extra pair when you buy eyeglasses, put them here.

Self Protection

1..45 Caliber Sidearm, with several spare, and loaded, magazines.
You will hear and read of various types of knives, sticks, sprays, and other such gadgets. Reality is that nothing will end an argument quicker or more efficiently than a sidearm, the bigger the better. Use whatever you are comfortable with, and have practiced using and have been trained to use by a professional. Know the laws of the area where you reside, and where you travel, and obey them where possible. I am one who believes no law of man super-cedes the God-given right of self defense.

1.Cell Phone.
Have an extra battery for your cell phone, or a disposable cell phone. This is in case the cell towers are still operational. If the situation is bad enough for you to be hoofing it home, don't expect them to be.
2.A set of two-way hand held radios.
You need to purchase a set of cheap two-way hand held radios with extra batteries. If you are traveling with a group, the point man will need one with an ear piece to preserve opsec (operational security), the nominal commander or his/her radio operator, and perhaps wingmen to tail gunner. Or, you may need one at home for a variety of reasons.
3.A battery-operated radio to receive news reports.
Purchase a portable radio with AM/FM bands as an absolute minimum. It is better to have one which receives Weather Band, and TV Channels 2 to 13 as well. This will allow you to keep abreast of official information and can warn you of hazardous conditions along your planned ready to alter it as necessary.
4. Handheld scanner.
You can use this to listen to public safety communications near you. It can give you some clues as to what dangers lie ahead of you on your route home, where the police have blocked travel (so you may hit the woods and go around) and have shelters set up. Make sure you have an up to date list of frequencies for your region, spanning several counties. The list should include input frequencies to various repeaters. This way, even if you can't hear the repeater, you might be able to hear the mobile unit communicating with the repeater. Also, several local law enforcement and fire depts use these freqs as a private channel to talk to one another "off the record" with their CTCSS tones disabled so they do not activate the repeater.

Sleeping Over
1.Hammock, Sleeping Bag, Blanket for Ground Cover.
If there are wooded areas along your route, get off the road before nightfall, and set up your sleeping arrangements while there is plenty of daylight. A Hammock will keep you off the ground, Blankets will keep you covered, and a sleeping bag will do the same if you cannot use a hammock. You can use your rope to hang your pack off the ground near your hammock at this time...taking care to remove your handgun and sleeping with it.


1.Alcohol and Cigarettes.
No matter how bad things get, these things will hold their value, and increase. Be prepared to share food and water with fellow travelers. Just because the world may be coming to an end doesn't mean its everyman for himself. I have a selection of small plastic liquor bottles and a couple of packs of cigarettes. I rotate the cigs out (usually giving them to a local vagrant) and purchasing more every three months so they'll be fresh.


1.Long Underwear, Coat, Boots, Handwarmers, etc.
Include these when October comes, and leave them in the pack until May, depending on your local climate.

I plan for the worst, and hope for the best. Keep all perishable items rotated for freshness. When you are prepared, your frame of mind is much better, and your attitude will reflect that, and your chances for a better outcome will increase.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Another Milbog Shutting Down

When I get mad, I tend to say things that might be considered threatening to those who don't know me.
When I get furious, my friends make me stand in the corner.
So, while I'm in the corner, go read this disturbing news that has become a bit of an unhealthy trend. Oh, and I'll be in the corner waiting.

Hat Tip: Defense Tech

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yellow With A Twist

Taking a break from politics to enjoy the view.

2006 Elections Update

Here are some of the important races for the midterms, with links to helpful information:

Senate Connecticut: Ned Lamont
Maryland: Ben Cardin
Michigan: Debbie Stanbenow
Missouri: Claire McCaskill
Montana: Jon Tester
New Jersey: Bob Menendez
Tennessee: Harold Ford
Virginia: James Webb

Democrat Held Seats

(CO-03): John Salazar
(GA-03): Jim Marshall
(GA-12): John Barrow
(IA-03): Leonard Boswell
(IL-08): Melissa Bean
(IL-17): Phil Hare
(IN-07): Julia Carson
(NC-13): Brad Miller
(PA-12): John Murtha
(WV-01): Alan Mollohan

Republican Held Seats

(AZ-08): Gabrielle Giffords
(CT-04): Diane Farrell
(CT-05): Chris Murphy
(CO-07): Ed Perlmutter
(IA-01): Bruce Braley
(IL-06): Tammy Duckworth
(IN-02): Joe Donnelly
(IN-08): Brad Ellsworth
(IN-09): Baron Hill
(FL-13): Christine Jennings
(FL-16): Tim Mahoney
(FL-22): Ron Klein
(KY-03): John Yarmuth
(NC-11): Heath Shuler
(MN-06): Patty Wetterling
(NM-01): Patricia Madrid
(NY-20): Kirsten Gillibrand
(NY-24): Michael Arcuri
(NY-26): Jack Davis
(OH-15): Mary Jo Kilroy
(OH-18): Zack Space
(PA-06): Lois Murphy
(PA-08): Patrick Murphy
(PA-07): Joe Sestak
(PA-10): Chris Carney
(VA-02): Phil Kellam
(WI-08): Steve Kagen

First Lady To Campaign for Taylor

First lady to stump in WNC
by John Boyle,
published October 25, 2006 12:15 am

ASHEVILLE — Adding a little star power to the campaign season, first lady Laura Bush will come Tuesday to Western North Carolina to speak to local Republican women and to campaign for Congressman Charles Taylor, R-Brevard.

“Mrs. Bush has written the Republican women of Western North Carolina — she knows that women play an enormous part in any campaign — and she’s encouraging them to turn out the vote,” Taylor said Tuesday afternoon after a press event at Mountain Housing Opportunities. “She has told us that she’d like to come to encourage them and thank those women for what they do in the campaign

Asheville Citizen Times

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Heath Shuler Supporter Responds to Dobson Endorsement of Charles Taylor

Or, Another Example of Anti-Christian Progressives in Action

I wonder if the progressives realize how many votes they are costing their candidate when they post such blantant attacks on a revered figure in the christian community.

Dr. James Dobson, having playing one-eyed Mullah Omar to the Bush administration, is riding his pale horse into the election here in NC-11. In today's latest glossy mailing, Dr. Dobson writes, "Two years ago, I strongly endorsed Congressman Charles H. Taylor for re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives. I am doing so again this year, and I hope you will join me in supporting him."

Perhaps the Scrutiny Hooligans should become more familar with the term "blowback," where unintended consequences tend to overshadow the original intent of an operation.

It's the Imbeds, Stupid!

In an earlier post, I linked to a couple of sources who were reporting problems for imbeds in Iraq, all seeming to stem from one guy. Now, there are more developments in the situation. I found the first hint over at Defense Tech during my morning rounds. Apparently the offending officer, Lieutenant Colonel Barry Johnson, has been transferred to the Pentagon, either as a reward, or following the bureacratic rule to promote troublemakers away from the scene of the crime.

The whole sad story acts in contrast to the effectiveness of our enemy imbeds on the other side..they even share stories with those "nominally" on our side in this Global War. There was even an attempt at an explanation on the Anderson Cooper Blog. A lot of people say they will quit watching CNN over this story, I had quit watching ages ago, and only listened to Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs infrequently.

My point, before I got off on this goat trail, was that apparently, our military is light years behind in the mediafront in the battlespace...something our enemies make skilled use at daily. This short coming makes me wonder where else our military is falling short...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Whom will you serve?

Indeed. The war we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan is supported by
state-sponsors. The terrorist enemies are proxy force multipliers for these
state-sponsors, be they Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, HAMAS, Abu Sayyaf, or the Afghan
Taliban. Yet, notwithstanding events in Afghanistan, it is in Iraq where this is
most abundantly evident.This has been evident to me since the beheading of Nick
Berg. The individuals in that horrific video had the demeanor of military men
and the use of beheading as a terrorism tool against the Iraqi population was
long established and practiced on a virtual daily basis by the Ba'athists and
Fedayi Saddam in the years immediately preceding Operation Iraqi Freedom. Al
Qaeda adopted a Ba'athist terrorist tool and not vice versa.In addition, there
is also rampant Iranian involvement in exploiting and providing war materiel and
personnel support to the sizeable Shiite population in southeastern Iraq from
Baghdad to Basra. So when certain elected American officials make the totally
partisan and ludicrous declaration of a need for America to embrace a “cut and
run” stratagem, to unilaterally abandon our allies, to surrender and forsake the
sacrifice of all of our fallen hero’s and those who remain in harms way, let me
be very blunt, these politicians are talking the talk of yellow-bellied cowards,
they provide lip service and tremendous damage by aiding and abetting all of
these enemies and the state sponsors arrayed against us and our coalition
allies. Are these the people and the political party America will vote for?

I think not.

Northeast Intelligence Network

After these elections, we need to focus on finding suitable conservative candidates to unseat their RINO opponents. And we need to make this clear... should the RINOs win, they will have to face 2008 without their conservative base.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cindy Sheehan Paid By John Kerry?

“We have Federal Election Commission documents. I mean we went to an extensive research, we followed the money, that’s how you always figure out what’s going on…We found that John Kerry and Michael Moore personally recruited Gold Star family members just within days and sometimes even at the funerals of their sons to come and work for the campaign in order to undermine the candidacy of George W. Bush at the time. It was shocking and, and really offensive behavior and that’s exactly what happened to Cindy Sheehan who we tracked down. She went on the payroll of John Kerry’s campaign within days after her son’s death as well as her daughter Carly. Ultimately, there was a split between the two because she felt that John Kerry wasn’t radical enough and didn’t have an anti-war agenda that matched hers.”

Hat Tip to Brendan.

Read the Post here.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Safer Fission?

Thorium is referred to as a "fertile isotope," vastly more plentiful than U235. In addition, when it undergoes conversion and fission, will not produce plutonium (which U238 will do).

Michael Anissimov posted a fascinating look at Thorium fission, and other aspects of safer, more advanced fission energy, in this excellent post. Michael provides a great deal of information about advanced fission, and a several links at the bottom of his article. He also provides a visionary's look at the possibilities provided by these new technologies that is inspirational.

I never heard of this anywhere. You may find the article at Al Fin's.

This is remarkable, and I have not finished reading the Anissimov piece yet, but could not continue until I got on my tiny rooftop and shouted about it! I see hope.

The European Death Spiral

Not even one EU member state has a fertility rate that will replace the death rate… . In fact, eleven EU countries, including Germany, Austria, Hungary and Italy have a negative population growth rate. Instead of Europeans, the population is being replaced by Muslims, whose birth rates are much higher than those of Europeans. French cities such as Lyon and Marseilles have become mostly Muslim Arab cities. European identity is being usurped, and Europe is in a death spiral, demographically and culturally.

More at One Hand Clapping.

I see this as a victoy for the Left. Their soul-less culture of abortion on demand, me first, and their Doom-N-Gloom view of the future has contributed to the rise of jaded, cynical, and pessimistic generation of people. Even I am not immune to the bleak outlook, and general unfocused anger "at the man." That is how they get to you, by using emotional strategy and tactics, because their intellectual ammunition is of inferior quality.

I am one of those people who see no redeeming virtue on the left side of the political spectrum as practiced in politics today.

Friday, October 20, 2006

ALIPAC Endorses Charles Taylor

October 19, 2006


William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
(866) 329-3999 or

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is pleased to offer our endorsement to the Charles Taylor for Congress campaign in North Carolina because Charles Taylor wants our borders secured, our existing immigration laws enforced, and illegal aliens to leave the United States of America.

"Over 80% of the voters consistently indicate they want our border secured and our existing immigration laws enforced," says William Gheen of ALIPAC. "While some lawmakers in Washington want to change our existing laws and allow illegal aliens to stay in our nation, Charles Taylor will oppose any Guest Worker or Temporary Worker Program that would allow illegals to stay. Charles Taylor wants illegal aliens to go back to their homes in the nations they are citizens of."


What is that I hear? You say we can't deport 12-22 million Illegals? Au contraire:

Americans are being told by some politicians such as John McCain and Edward Kennedy that they must accept a Guest Worker Program because "We cannot deport 12 million people."

Americans do not have to deport 12 million people. Enforcement of our existing laws by fining employers, securing the border, empowering local police, and removing taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens will cause millions of illegals to leave on their own. Currently, illegal aliens are leaving the state of Georgia and parts of Pennsylvania due to local efforts to enforce the law in those areas. (See 'How To Reverse Illegal Immigration' at

I have convinced several people that while Heath may want a stronger border protection, his party does not, and he would have to vote with the Republicans to pursue that end...
I was even able to hand them Taylor bumper stickers to put over their Shule bumperstickers.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Border Patrol Agents Sentenced in El Paso

Former Border Patrol agents sentenced to prison (4:30 p.m.)
By Louie Gilot / El Paso Times
Article Launched:10/19/2006 04:23:32 PM MDT
The two former U.S. Border Patrol agents whose conviction of shooting a drug smuggler in the buttocks caused a national movement to free them were sentenced today.
Ignacio Ramos was given an 11-year sentence in prison -- a 10-year mandatory sentence for the assault with a deadly weapon charge, plus one year for the lesser charges. Jose Alonso Compean was given a 12-year sentence -- a 10-year mandatory sentence for the assault with a deadly weapon, plus two years for the lesser charges.

Ramos and Compean were found guilty of assault with serious bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon, discharge of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence, a civil-rights charge and obstruction of justice in the Feb. 17, 2005, shooting of Osvaldo Aldrete Davila near Fabens.

U.S. District Judge Kathleen Cardone ruled that the two former agents will remain free until Jan. 17, when they must surrender themselves. But at that point, the judge could let them remain out on bond during the appeals process.

Source, although I heard it on The Michael Reagan Show on XM166.
What kind of country do we live in that gives 4th Amendment Rights to an Illegal Alien?
I am not going to post what I really think, because I would be arrested for it. Let's just say I am thinking some very Dark Thoughts about the future of our once great Republic.

The Fallout

THe Blogosphere as of 5am:

Discarded Lies

Debbie Schlussel

I wouldn't read this if I was me

Macsmind Conservative Commentary and Common Sense

Daily Oundit


International Herald Tribune

Washington Times

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Shuler Campaign Response

The following newsletter put out by the Shuler Campaign shows their willingness to "twist the language". Note how they are now calling candidate forums debates.

This is a desperate attempt to not only gain moral equivalency with the Taylor Campaign over Heath's withdrawal from a "debate", now they intend to use it as a club. Also note their crowing over at how their tactics of intimidation worked on the media. Click here to be taken to Joy Franklin's account. You may be required to briefly register, in my opinion, it's worth it.

You need to see some of their videos they have produced and put on the internet, and may use on television. This is what the left does when they are exposed. They go on the attack, forcing people to "look at the shiny object" while they "revise history". Whether they win their point with "the shiny" object is immaterial, that point is secondary to the revision of past events.

Click here to be taken to You Tube, where most of the videos reside. Please note that there are more videos in a frame on the right hand portion of the display.

I have included the body of the newsletter text below:

Subject: Debate Report

Friends, the work you all did yesterday was truly amazing. Your willingness to email the Citizen-Times and ask why they failed to report all the facts about the debates between Charles Taylor and Heath was greatly appreciated.

Without question it made a huge difference. Last night, at the seventh debate Heath has attended, the Citizen-Times showed up. In fact, Joy Franklin, the editorial page editor, and John Boyle, our beat reporter, were both in the audience. WLOS was also there reporting on the debate, along with NPR and the Rutherford Daily Courier.
Charles Taylor, however, once again failed to show up. The Citizen-Times even got a picture of Taylor’s empty chair. Now, we can stop sending our emails to Ms. Franklin.

The Citizen-Times has gotten our point.

A responsible citizen has put together a short montage of last night’s debate. You can see it at:

Thank you for the amazing show of support. It is because of your commitment that we are going to win on November 7th and change the direction of America.

The Shuler Campaign

North Korean Hydrogen Bomb?

That question raises the stakes even more.

by Sean Osborne
Associate Director, Senior Analyst, Military Affairs

Over the course of the past week there are enough reports and credible rumors circulating just below the surface to make the following assessment and forecast of near-term possibilities or probabilities:

1.) The now offically acknowledged nuclear test conducted by North Korea a week ago yesterday was actually a test of the first-stage of a two stage hydrogen bomb. The sub-kiloton blast is assessed to have been a complete success.

2.) The much-rumored upcoming test is expected or anticipated in US military cirlces to be a test of both stages of a hydrogen warhead. The consensus is that North Korea plans to test its hydrogen bomb as soon as possible, possibly sometime this week.

More here. Oh great, the story id on this article is 666...

Hydrogen Bombs on missiles that can reach Alaska or the West Coast are no laughing matter. I believe should the dog-eating, pot-bellied, Elvis-impersonating Dictator of North Korea explode an H-Bomb, we should take him, and his regime out. Period. End of Paragraph.
Should we be so under the control of Leftists that we cannot mount the proper response, it will be time for people everywhere to practically prepare for the detonation of an H-Bomb in or over a Western City (I include South Korea and Japan in this category), or a detonation over the Continental United States designed to deliver an Electro-Magnetic Pulse, or EMP.What would your life be without electricity, automobiles, computers?
How would you heat or cool your home, get to work, or the food get to the supermarket, no music, TV, internet? Would you be prepared?
Not just from the North Koreans...the Pakistanis, Iranians, or someone else could receive a warhead for cash. They've already done it with missiles and other munitions.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Debate that Wasn't...

Or, Is that Blood in the Water?

Developing... (Insert Drudge Style Siren Here)

Early this morning, I checked my yahoo account, and found a newsletter from the Heath Shuler Campaign.

Friends, we have just received word that Charles Taylor will be attending tonight’s debate in Rutherford County .
The debate will begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Cool Springs Administrative offices for the Rutherford County Schools, 382 West Main Street in Forest City .
Heath had committed to attending the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce weeks ago, but Taylor had been non-committal up to this morning. This would be the first debate Charles Taylor has attended in over 12 years.
They will be accepting questions from them audience so a strong show of support for Heath is extremely important.
Please feel free to contact our office with any questions.


Click here to see a photo of the newsletter, since I don't have any fancy screen-capture equipment.

Here is how the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce described the event:

Oct. 16 to Oct. 23 - Meet the Candidates

Come out each night at 7:00 p.m. and "Meet the Candidates" The forums will be held in the Auditorium at the Cool Springs Administrative Office, Rutherford County Schools.
Monday, October 16 - Congressional 10 & 11 Districts
Tuesday, October 17 - State Senate and House
Wednesday, October 18 - Sheriff, District Attorney, District Court Judge and 29A Judicial District
Thursday, October 19 - County Commissioners Districts 1 and 4
Monday, October 23 - County School Board

Contact: Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce

Nothing about a debate there.
I have also photographed that page as well, incase it "changes".

I have been in touch with both camps, and here is response from the Shuler camp:

From: "Hayden Rogers" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: "'Robert Coggins'"
Subject: RE: Debate with Taylor in Rutherford County
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 09:43:36 -0400
There was a tremendous crowd last night and Heath was great. The press was there, the people were there, Heath was there…but Mr. Taylor’s seat was empty.

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Coggins []
Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2006 5:36 AM
Subject: Debate with Taylor in Rutherford County

I heard Taylor was supposed to show up at the candidate forum in Rutherford County last night.

Any chance of you guys putting out some information on how it went?

No one else has.

Thank You,

Bobby Coggins, aka Thunder Pig

I never understood the importance of adding tags, titles, and descriptions

to my digital photos until I had 7,000 on my Hard Drive.

At 12.55 pm, I received a call from Sean Dalton (I believe he is Taylor's Chief of Staff), after having left a message earlier in the morning.
His version of the story is that Congressman Taylor had a townhall meeting last night via telephone, and could not attend.

I also spoke with Keith Price, the chair of the Rutherford County Democratic Party, and he described the event as a forum. He also said that Congressman McHenry did not show up. Only the Democratic candidates did. He said they had a good time, and a lot of people were in attendance.

I spoke with the McHenry people, and they said there was a previous engagement that prevented the 10th District Congressman from appearing.

I could not find a telephone number for the 10th District Challenger, a Richard Carsner. According to the FEC Data, he might not be able to afford one.

What am I to think?

#1 According to the Shuler people, Taylor hasn't shown up at a number of the other events, then, at the last minute, he (Taylor) decided to attend. This is from Heath's own newsletters.

#2 I heard on Z1350 this morning that the host of the program had spoken with Deborah Potter about getting the two candidates together across a table to discuss the issues and take calls from the listeners. Nothing was said about a debate, or a forum appearance at the time in Rutherford County.

#3 I've heard Shuler speak with a prepared statement. I don't think the boy can think as fast on his feet speaking as he did in the NFL with a football in his hands. (The file is 3.2 MB)

#4 According to Price, WLOS had a crew there, and there was no story shown about it on TV... I'll have to take his word for it, I don't watch WLOS. If they didn't think there was a story there, I'm willing to accept that at face value. Perhaps if a puppy had been abused, they would have covered that with the forum as a backdrop.

I think the Shuler Campaign is grasping at straws at this point to try and shift the momentum back toward them, after giving it back to Taylor by refusing the debate format to be televised by WLOS. The only other time I remember Taylor debating an opponent, was Maggie Lauterer in the '94 race (I think), and Taylor sLauterered (sic) her.
I do not believe the claim of the Shuler Camp, using Occam's Razor and going with the simplest solution. If Shuler will not debate Taylor on District-wide WLOS, why would he want to debate him in a forum that was outside the district, and where no one would see it until after it was over with?
To steal a line from Matt Mittan, "That blows my mind, why would he pass up such an opportunity?" Click here to listen to the podcast.

Bottom Line Statement:
This is the first lie I have caught the Shuler Campaign in, and lying is not a Mountain Value.

Update: For Counter Point, visit the syntax version of events over at Scrutiny Hooligans.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Goforth and Gorny on Heads Up America

State Representative Bruce Goforth and Challenger Eric Gorny will appear in studio together to discuss the issues and take phone calls from the listeners of Z1350.
I believe it will be after the 10am Eastern Time news, so check in at 9am and stick around until noon.

Here is Ken's website, and click here to listen on the internet.

I apologize for not posting this earlier, it slipped my mind!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

October Straw Poll for 2008 Race

Here are the results as posted on Red State:

Giuliani 28.5% (22.4%)
Gingrich 21.5% (21.5%)
Romney 19.9% (18.2%)
Allen 8.1% (10.6%)
Tancredo 5.9% ( 7.3%)
McCain 3.8% ( 5.0%)
Brownback 1.6% ( 2.4%)
Huckabee 1.1% ( 1.2%)
Frist 1.0% ( 1.1%)
Hagel 0.7% ( 1.4%)
Pataki 0.2% ( 0.3%)


Giuliani is okay for Rockefeller Republicans, RINOs, and people who aren't conservative, and don't think.
This guy is not socially conservative, and I, for one will fight against him in the Republican Primary almost as much as the egomaniac McCain. He will not survive the primaries.

Gingrich seems to be the only conservative in the crowd. His answers are dead-on in every area I have heard him on, and is the only candidate in the field that I would whole-heartedly support in community canvassing activities.

Romney is DOA after signing Mandatory Health Care into law in the People's Republic of Massachusetts in April of this year. This will make him popular with Populists in the Republican party and the Unaffiliated, he first must pass the Gauntlet of the Primary System, which is designed to weed people like him and W out. W only made it through because there was no one else worth considering in the hunt. This time there is..

The others are "also rans" and of them, the only one I like is Tancredo, who would make an excellent Vice Presidential Candidate for Newt Gingrich!

Hispanic Heritage Month Ends

October 15 Closing Celebration for the Third Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration.
(Sunday) The keynote speaker will be Ms. Rosa Rosales, President of the League of United Latin American Citizens. Performances by Mexican Folkloric Dancers of Canton, NC and a Latino band. Refreshments will be served. Free to the public. Contributions welcome. Contact Patricia B. Hackett at 828-227-3761 for more information.
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the Auditorium and Lobby.

Located at Swain County High School,
1415 Fontana Road,
Bryson City, NC 28713
Eugenia (Jenny) Johnson, Director

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Heath Shuler Blinks, Tucks Tail, and Heads for the Tall Grass

Heath Shuler, recently of Tennessee, comes to his senses, and backs out of debate with 8 term incumbent Representative Charles H. Taylor

This is one of Shuler's better moves in this race, as Congressman Taylor knows his stuff and would wipe the floor with his inexperienced opponent.

I suspect Shuler may retract his withdrawal once the patented Taylor Surge® in the polls takes place.

Update I've also cancelled my subscription to the Wall Street Journal over their allegations about Taylor. I have switched to the Investor's Business Daily.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Speaking of Strange Things...

I get weird hits from Google, but somebody explain to me what kind of thought process is behind this search string: what is thunder tell me the right information?

The IP Address is located in Alberta, Canada and is owned by the government of Alberta.

Two of the funniest Google hits I get is: what is pig racing? and show me pig pistures

The second is almost always spelled pistures. So the next time someone types that into Google, hey, here I am..Why the heck do you guys type these thing? I really wanna know!

Fjordman on the North American Union

I have attached a portion of a blog entry by the blogger Fjordman below about the North American Union.

Click here to see the full entry.


Thursday, October 12, 2006
From the Land of the Free to North American Union?
by Baron Bodissey

I mentioned earlier my theory that US authorities and politicians on both sides, including the Bush administration, are doing so little to uphold US border controls with Mexico because they have already decided that the border is scheduled for demolition anyway, in favor of a North American Union. I was accused of paranoia by some, but I am increasingly certain that this interpretation is correct after reading about the European Union. Many powerful elitists do in fact view the European bloc as a success, and are adopting similar tactics of gradually abandoning border controls by bureaucratic and administrative decisions, with little or no public debate.

Without effective border controls, there is no national sovereignty, and without national sovereignty there can be no effective democracy. What will be the future of the United States if this open border policy continues? My prediction is that it could mean the end of the USA as a superpower, perhaps the end of the USA as one country.

I read recently that in the Los Angeles region, racial and ethnic segregation is in fact increasing, not decreasing as the Multicultural diversity enthusiasts are claiming. One of my friends from California sent me a link indicating that some of the large Hollywood studios are contemplating moving out of Los Angeles because of the tensions and crime rates caused by massive Mexican immigration. With Latin American immigration, the US is also importing some of the problems of Latin America. The violent gang problem that is so huge in Central America is now being exported to you. So maybe will political corruption.

You may call (202) 456-1111 to let The White House know that you expect the border fence to be built, and followed up by a fence along the entire border, with the exception of monitored entry points.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Scary Ad Based on Reality

Judge for yourself...

Lidle Passport Found in Street

This was erie. I listened intently for a few minutes until I was sure it was just a tragic accident.
Here is a snippet from the WaPo:
Lidle, 34, was an experienced pitcher who had played for both New York teams. He arrived in the major leagues in 1997 with the Mets and pitched the latter part of this season with the Yankees. He had acquired his pilot's license within the past year; it is not known whether Lidle or the unidentified instructor was at the controls of the airplane at the time of the accident.
Yankees management, including owner George Steinbrenner, confirmed that Lidle died in the crash. Lidle's passport was found on the street below, along with two bodies, authorities report.
Of course, I await intently the Conspiracy Theorists who will report the crash not an accident, and the passport placed in the street below to cement the idea that Lidle was aboard the plane. But wait, they have the body. Too bad for the fevered swamp that passes for a brain in these people.
I'm just saying....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Heath Shuler to advertise on Busch Car #23

HOUSE HOPEFUL SHULER TO ADVERTISE: Former NFL quarterback Heath Shuler hopes to inject some horsepower into his U.S. House bid by renting advertising space on a car competing Friday in the Busch Series race at Lowe's Motor Speedway.
The campaign is spending $10,000 to put the Democrat's name on the No. 23 Chevrolet set to be driven by Brad Keselowski in the Dollar General 300, Shuler's spokesman Andrew Whalen said Monday.

I found it here.

Wonder how much it'll cost to get that car spun early in the race? >;^D
Contact me in the comments, and we'll get a fund started!

North Korean Nuke Test Dud or Not?

I have waited until now to post on the North Korean Nuke Test over the weekend, in order to get second and third wave reports and analysis, because the first wave is almost always off the mark.
Initial reports placed the yield at between 5 kiltons and 15 kilotons. Later reports placed the yield at between 550 tons and 800 tons, or 1.1 million and 1.6 million pounds.

First, you may ask what is up with the kiltons and tons yield?

kilotons is a shorthand for saying thousands of tons, and expressing the yield of a nuclear device in tons is a comparison of the warhead to an equivalent amount of TNT, or dynamite, so non-technical people can get their heads around the immediate destructive capabilities of these weapons.

A lot of the people I have talked to, and read, seem quite pleased with the apparent fizzle of the nuke test. They believe that something either went wrong with the test, or the North Koreans packed an underground tunnel with the equivalent of over a million pounds of TNT.

I have one major objection to the use of high explosives to simulate a nuclear detonation.
First, the underground facility would have to be packed with the equivalent of over a million pounds of TNT, something on the order of around a 100,000 pounds, or 50 tons.
Second, the stuff would have to be wired with detonators to simultaneously detonate at the same time.
Third, conventional explosives have detonations that are slow, measured in thousands of feet per second, whereas nuclear explosions are orders of magnitude faster. No comparison.

Another concern about the apparent fizzle. Was it?

There is a class of nukes called ADMs, or Atomic Demolition Munitions that are typically in the low kiloton to sub-kiloton range.

My thinking is that the North Koreans have inherited most of the products of the A.Q. Khan network and the Pakistani nuclear program from the ISI of Pakistan.
This test could be a demonstration for either a client state or terrorist group of a device that could be loadeable onto a truck, or a small pleasure boat and detonated as part of a suicide attack.
Imagine how much money such a device would bring the cash-starved Dog Eating, Pot-Bellied, Elvis Impersonating Dictator of North Korea?

I have some sofrtware designed to simulate the effects of fission devices, and the prompt radiation is 450 rads at 0.52 miles. That means a 50% survival rate with no medical care, and the level drops to 1 thousandth of a rad at 1.84 miles.

The Blast Effects would be worse than the radiation with such a decie, and it is not reccomended to be within a quarter mile of such a device.
That being said, you would not want such a device to be detonated in our country, or near our troops in Iraq.

My view is that our response should have been an immediate attack, whatever the cost...because our lukewarm response has emboldened the enemy. I would suggest you begin your preparations for having enough food, water, and fuel for at least a month to ride out any temporary disruptions caused by such a device being used inside our country. You have six mopnths, as that is what I view as the possible time frame of covert transport of such a device into our country from North Korea undetected.

I will begin a series of posts to help you decide what to get, and the philosophy behind my preparations. I am not saying an attack is imminent, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Here is a view of a 15 kiloton explosion from 6 miles away.
Will we be seeing a smaller version from one of our cities?

Sunday, October 8, 2006

A Legal Immigrant Speaks About Immigration

Paul Purdue
Irish native, U.S. citizen, speaks on immigration

By Chad Adams
July 26, 2006

CLI: Chad Adams, Director, Center for Local Innovation
Paul Purdue, illegal immigration activist, recent immigrant, current U.S. Citizen


CLI: What made you decide to become a US Citizen?

Purdue: When I first arrived in America, it was only on a temporary basis, at the request of my future wife to give America a try before we made a firm decision on whether or not to stay in America or return to Ireland.

After getting over the initial culture shock (like driving on the wrong side of the road!), I grew to like it here more and more and to appreciate everything America had to offer. I remember the first time I was in a grocery store. My wife asked me to pick out a loaf of bread and I was so overwhelmed by the variety of choice, that all I could do was stare at the hundreds of loaves. It was probably around then that I decided to begin the process of changing my status and working towards getting my green card.

Once I attained my green card, I was very happy. But I soon realized that in order to fully appreciate this great country, I would need to go all the way and get my US citizenship.

I wanted to participate more fully in the political process, including voting - a right granted only to U.S. citizens.

CLI: Immigration is a dominant issue in national and state politics right now. You have gone through the process of becoming a citizen, so your viewpoint is somewhat different. How do you feel about the immigration debate?

Purdue: I feel that the current immigration debate in America is a sellout to the citizens and the legal residents of the United States in order to obtain votes.

I realize that the immigration process is difficult and at times expensive, but as a US citizen, I am pleased that the process is as difficult as it is, because if you want to acheive citizenship, you should have to earn it. That's not to say that there aren't things about the process that I wouldn't change, but overall I respect the process and the importance of properly vetting each applicant, no matter how long that takes.

CLI: The process to become a citizen is arduous, taking seven years, lots of study and personal sacrifice. What are some of the more difficult parts of the citizenship process?

Purdue: Without a doubt, the most difficult part is the waiting. The former INS, now under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security, and known as US Citizenship and Immigration Services, has no telephone number available to any of their local offices where an applicant can speak with a real agent who can provide them with information regarding the status of their case.

Currently there is only a toll-free number to call for general information and forms; and while you can speak with a real person, they can only provide you with vague answers to general questions and have no direct access or knowlege regarding your individual application.

For me the second most difficult part was the endless trips back and forth to Charlotte for background checks, fingerprints, interviews, etc. It can be quite expensive when you factor in lost days on the job in order to make these trips, in addition to the expense of the forms themselves.

One form alone cost $470.00! From the time I began the process until I finally achieved my citizenship, my wife and I had probably taken fifteen trips back and forth to Charlotte for travel permits, work permits, medical screening, etc. In addition, they are very stringent in how they set appointments for these matters. You are to come at the exact specified time, no earlier and no later. And should you be late or miss an appointment, they are quick to remind you that by doing so, your application process can be set back to the very beginning.

CLI: At one point, you were having to pledge not to accept any assistance from the government, but weren't allowed to work either. Tell us more about what was happening then.

Purdue: I arrived in America in November of 1998, and my wife and I were married a little over a month later. Because of the change in HER status, it required that she file a joint tax return for that year.

Unfortunately, I had only just applied for my change of status, and I was not allowed to work until it was approved. I was then issued a work permit. So, I had to apply for a Federal Tax ID number in order to file a tax return on wages I had not and could not earn. I actually had to pay taxes before I earned my first dime!

Read the rest here.

I have the greatest respect for Paul Purdue. He has paid my country (which is now his as well!) a great compliment by becoming an American.
I welcome him, and may God bless him in all his endeavours.

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Friday, October 6, 2006

Snot Nosed Kids

Take a look at this video and...

Tell me these people value Free Speech.
Tell me these people have anything positive to add to Western Civilization.
Tell me these people will defend America from Enemies, Foreign and Domestic.

This is one of the reasons Public Education should be replaced with a Free Market System of Education.

The video:

Hat Tip goes to The Eyrie.
Dude, I'm more than annoyed at these snot-nosed kids. Useful idiots, indeed.
I can guarantee you that these kids have not one part per million of the honor, dignity, or courage of the what their peers in the military possess in their pinky finger.

Foley Scandal Gets Strange

You know the "scandal" the Democrats, and their lapdogs in the Legacy Media have been "pushing?

Yesterday, I heard Rush report Drudge releasing new info on the page. It was apparently a prank gone awry. Then, I heard that thhe pasge had retained Stephen (sp?) Jones, of Timothy McVeigh fame, to represent him. Hmmm, curious.

I heard on Quinn & Rose this morning more information concerning that some Democratic activists got the info, and sat on it until it became useful. In my opinion, they pulled the trigger too soon, it woulda been better to release the info the Friday before the election. But, if they believed the information in the IMs, then I believe they are guilty of a crime.

Then later on, I found the following:


Meet Jordan Edmund One Mark Foley Instant Messanger

Jordan Edmund is 21 years oldMark Foley is a scumbag! Mark Foley is a scumbag! Mark Foley is a scumbag!Now that that is out of the way I will reveal how I (and a few others) discovered Jordan Edmund was one of the former house pages that participated in sexually explicit instant messages with Rep. Mark Foley. Also I will explain to you why I believe it necessary to reveal Jordan Edmund's identity. You may not agree with my decision, but I hope to explain my reasoning by the end of this story.On the evening of September 30th I did what many people did and I read the instant messages released by Brian Ross at ABC NEWS. Here is the link to the pdf of the instant messages. When I had finished reading the messages I felt disgust toward what Foley did. Below is a picture of the last 3 lines of that instant message.

I was so upset about what Foley said to an 17 year old boy that I started searching the ABC NEWS website to find out if there were more instant messages. This is what I found.

Same instant message with one big difference. The teen's AOL screen name is clearly visible. I could only come up with 2 conclusions; either someone at ABC NEWS screwed up big time or they meant for someone to find the unedited instant message.I decided to see if I could find out more information about the screen name. Since I do not have and AOL account I instant messaged Ms. Underestimated to see if she had an AOL account. She did and I asked her to check and see if the screen name lolakana223 had a profile on AOL. I sent her the screen name and she told me that there was a profile so I asked her to send me a screen shot of the profile. She sent me the screen shot and asked me who the person was. I told her I would tell her but she should not tell anyone else. I explained how I found the screen name and together we decided to see what else we could find. Below is the screen shot of the profile. Click to enlarge.

First we discussed what the screen name could mean. I thought the screen name meant, lol aka N/A February 23, because February 23 was when the teen in the instant message said, "im not 18 till feb 23." From the AOL profile we now had the possible first name and state of the teen (I say possible because at the time we had no idea that we were looking at the actual first name and state of the teen.) Ms. U noticed that the profile had not been updated since 1/7/03 (a little more than a month before the teens 18th birthday) also the profile had only been viewed 12 times since it was created. We came to the conclusion that we had discovered something that almost no one else had. It was late so we both went to bed.The next mourning I got an idea to search for Congressional Page website that might answer the question that was bugging me. Who is Jordan? My search lead me to (the website is down now.) As soon as I clicked on the link I saw this screen before I was redirected to the website. Click picture to enlarge.

You can find out more here.


What do I think?

I think that the Democrats outed a slimeball.

I also think that by sitting on the info, they outed themselves as slimeballs.

And the Legacy Media have outed themselves as slimeballs by playing along.

They both are trying to tell a lie often enough so that it will be believed ala Adolf Hitler's famous quote.

Oh, and there is more. A later post on the same website reveals that McVeigh's lawyer has told the blogger to stop.

As follows:


Stephen Jones Demands I pull the Jordan Edmund Story
I got this email yesterday:
Dear William Kerr and Passionate America:Please be advised that I represent Jordan Edmund. It is our understanding that you and Passionate American are identifying Mr. Edmund with certain Instant Messages ("IMs"). You have indicated that ABC News mistakenly published these alleged Ims and that you should not have been able to obtain this information. Whether this is true or not is beside the point. Without any foundation or legal permission, you are stating that our client is the person associated with the Ims. Neither ABC News nor Brian Ross have been error free in their reporting in the past. You should not assume that they are correct now. Like all individuals and institutions, they occasionally make mistakes. Therefore, I respectfully demand that you cease any further efforts to identify our client with these alleged Ims and cease publishing such information on Passionate America. Neither you nor Passionate American is authorized to use any photograph of him, his name or his personal information. You should consult with an attorney who is experienced in civil and criminal liability regarding the internet. If you are correct that ABC News should not have released the alleged AOL screen name and that ABC News has risked civil and criminal liability because of the unauthorized release, then your republication of the unauthorized release likewise exposes you to possible liability.


Stephen Jones


114 E. Broadway, Suite 1100

P.O. Box 472

Enid, Oklahoma 73702

(580) 242-5500

(580) 242-4556 (fax)

So I have contacted some of the people I have met in the past few days for advice. My view on this is I have already published the story many people have put this on their websites also. Much of the main stream media has put the story out. The cat is out of the bag. Is Stephen Jones going to send these emails out to thousands of people? I believe I have done nothing wrong legally, until I hear different from people smarter than me I am going to treat this as a threat and leave everything on the website. I could use your help; do you know anyone that can help me? Send me an email.


I copied and pasted the entire post. Go here to see it.

This type of attempted intimidation is not cool.

I say that to fight this... everyone needs to blog about it. Copy and Paste some of the info to your own blog, then save the original post (yours and the one at Passionate America) to your computer, burn it to some CDs.

Let Mr. Jones try to burn those books.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Too Lazy to Post

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Another Jacksonian!

The very intelligent and eloquent Victor Davis Hanson has a new article on Pajamas Media.

Here is the money quote:

I also confess, at this point I have a very reductionist, very Jacksonian view now of Americans in Iraq: America went in for the right purposes, conducted itself with honor and humanity, was still good when it was not perfect; and can leave something far better than what it found—if it will make the necessary adjustments, as in all of its past wars, and persevere. 130,000 took us at our word and are in harm’s way as a result. So I don’t care much to refight the argument over who was smart and who stupid—only how best to support out troops and ensure they win at the least possible cost.

I am glad to see we share being Jacksonians, although he seems to be apologizing for it. Don't be ashamed Mr. Hanson, more feel that way than you may think.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Foggy Mornings

Monday, October 2, 2006

Shuler v Taylor Race On Carolina Journal

Wouldn't you know it, I find this story in my inbox just as I'm leaving for work.

Troubling News From Iraq

Censorship by the military?
This email, said to originate from Michael Yon was in my email inbox. Another blogger also received a similar email and reprinted it, so I take that as confirmation that I am not being hoaxed. Therefore I am reprinting the letter for discussion without endorsing any view on it. The text is below. I have omitted the name of the officer that Michael Yon specifically names until such time as the veracity of this email is confirmed. His website does not repeat the accusation made in the email. However the general issues that the email raises can be printed without danger. But I emphasize that I have not fully confirmed the provenance of the email. The emphasis is mine.
Original Post

This may be connected...
Opnen Letter To Lt. Col Barry Johnson
Lt.Col Johnson:

I happened to be listening to Pat Campbell's show when I heard him ask you if you knew Michael Yon. You may think it was my imagination - but I'm sure I heard you gasp as you were not only blindsided by the question but clearly uncomfortable at the mere mention of Michael Yon's name. A five second gap of silence on radio does not go unnoticed; the emnity you were harboring was palpable.

I'm sure a few people were touched by your deep concern for Michael's well-being, but surely you, better than most people, understand that you cannot spin to a PR savvy audience - especially to someone who has worked in Hollywood as long as I have- so don't insult me or Michael's far reaching, savvy and very influential global audience, by trying to do so.

Open Letter
Michael Yon Online, where more may develop as the attention of the blogosphere turns to this story.

I am hoping this is just a simple case of of a bureaucratic retard, and not sanctioned by the command authority. Imbeds, specifically those of the calibre involved, have been the only way reliable stories have made their way to us on the homefront. Goodness knows the REMFs that are the Main Stream Legacy Media who hide out in the green zone. Then, when they do move out, attract too much attention by their associated caravan. OoK, back to the topic...

I hope this potential censorship is not policy. If it is, heads need to roll, which is perhaps not the political correct term to use given the nature of the enemy we face.


Sunday, October 1, 2006

"Time" To Get Involved In The 2006 Elections

Sunday, Sep. 24, 2006 (So, I don't read Time, okay?)
The Netroots Hit Their Limits
Liberal online activists are finding you can't move elections with just modems and IM

You've heard the story: the Netroots, the Democratic Party's equivalent of a punk garage band--edgy, loud and antiauthoritarian--are suddenly on the verge of the big time. The gang of liberal bloggers and online activists who helped raise millions of dollars for Howard Dean's presidential campaign two years ago are now said to be Democratic kingmakers. Last month in Connecticut, they fanned anti-incumbent and antiwar flames and were widely credited with the primary defeat of Senator Joe Lieberman, leading him to run as an independent. After they relentlessly derided Senator Hillary Clinton as calculating, overly cautious and lacking true liberal bona fides, she hired an adviser just to deal with them and even demanded that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld resign. Coincidence? Moderate Democrats say it with remorse, conservatives with glee, but the conventional wisdom is bipartisan: progressive bloggers are pushing the Democratic Party so far to the left that it will have no chance of capturing the presidency in 2008.

Or maybe the Netroots aren't all that. Make no mistake, these online activists are having a profound impact on the Democrats and on politics in general. But the phenomenon is in its infancy. Compared with established interest groups like organized labor and conservative Christians, the Netroots play a small role in national politics. Even their most ardent players now recognize that you can't create a true movement using nothing but modems and instant messaging. "The Netroots cannot elect someone alone," says Matt Stoller, a blogger at the popular group site MyDD.

So they're branching out. Beyond posting exhaustive pieces about bias in Fox News coverage and uploading videos of presidential wannabe George Allen making a fool of himself, they're adopting the old-school tools of electoral politics, like canvassing their neighborhoods and calling their member of Congress. They're getting nitty-gritty in their focus too. The liberal online fund-raising group ActBlue, for instance, is trying to get activists to donate serious money to state-legislature campaigns that bloggers once considered too unsexy to care about. The goal is to put Democrats in control of state governments, where many key decisions are made.

The Netroots phenomenon began in 1998 when two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs circulated an online petition demanding that Congress, in their phrase, "move on".....

Read the rest.

And then, this week, they print a story called, The G.O.P.'s Secret Weapon. Yeah, right. The whole purpose of the stories are to scare the base of the Dhimmicratic party to work harder.

I still think The Issue that will drive this election is Illegal Aliens. A lot of the people I talk to in Macon, Jackson, and Haywood Counties are blaming President Bush for the lack of action in this area, and say he might as well be a democrat the way he is acting. I have taken to carrying 3 x 5 cards with me that have the office numbers for Taylor, Burr, Dole, and the White House Comment Line on them. I say, "Call them up. Tell them that you are upset about Illegal Aliens." Hopefully, some of them will.

Perhaps I'll start putting some candidate scorecard websites on them as well.