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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

WNC Citizens Blog is up and running

It finally rained at work yesterday. I was able to go to the public library and create the WNC Citizens Blog and put some links up. I goofed up the e-mail to Don, who is active in the Weaverville, NC resolution to render the SCOTUS Kelo v New London amendment to the 5th Amendment. I messed up the links I included in the message, and had to call him by phone to give him the corrections. : (

I've also solicited assistance from people in the Blogosphere, since I am very new to blogging, and still in a steep learning curve ( At times I sympathise with Sisyphus! ), and appreciate any ideas.

Now is the time to act on the eminent domain while it is still fresh in people's minds.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ooops! Link doesn't work!

Try this instead:

Then search for Keo v New London.

The address works when I type it in my address bar, but NOT when I link .

Can anyone tell me why??? Besides me being stupid, that is.

Links to Kelo v New London Decision

I have spent the weekend studying the recent above mentioned case, and my head hurts from all the legalese. If I ever bacame dictator or emporer, lawyers would be the first to go, then legalese, plain language would be the language of the court.

The opinions are much easier to read and here are the links to them:


What can be done about it? IMHO...Not very much. On the local level, people have to become citizen activists and through voter pressure, force their local governments to pass ordinances making it illegal to use the supreme court decision to wipe out the public use clause of the 5th amendment.

_Other than that? The House of Representatives must begin the impeachment process of the offending justices, or Congress make law regarding this decision and declare it outside the jurisdction of the court. FAT CHANCE.


Stevens Kennedy Souter Ginsburg and Breyer

I Doubt anything will be done beyond a few local ordinances. Please, please, please prove me wrong on that assessment of the American People. I do know that this ruling will result in bloodshed as desperate people are forced off their land.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Is the American Dream Dying?

About noon yesterday, the news began breaking. the Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) vastly altered the meaning of eminient dominion, I mean domain. Now local governments have been given permission to 'supersize' their feeding trough, I mean property taxes.

Posted here, for both my readers, are some contact numbers to let gummit officials know you are 'displeased' with this ruling by SCOTUS. Reference the Kelo v New London case.

202-456-1111 White House Comment Line

202-456-1414 White House Switch Board

828-251-1988 Representative Charles Taylor Asheville Office

828-350-2437 Senator Richard Burr ASheville Office

That's all for now, I gotta get ready for work.

LINK OF THE DAY =====> Excellent analysis of the Iraqi situation.

LINK TO THE EMPIRE==> The Anti Idiotarian Rottweiller


Saturday, June 18, 2005

Comments are now enabled (I'm an idiot!)

. If I had read the instructions, I would've known. I don't know if the old posts will now allow commenting, if they don't, feel free to leave comments on the newest post, and I'll create a new post to continue the conversation.


Friday, June 17, 2005

Even a dog can be grateful

Here is a nice story and photo on where a dog thanks a firefighter for saving her life.

Ughh! That was tiny! Tuesdays' Head Up America has given me a lot of food for thought about how the United Nations is using local government to negate their rejection at a federal level. More details at . Another show on at 3pm on an different station, is called "Take A Stand With Matt Mittan focuses on local and state issues has given me a idea about combining the two themes into a website that is a resource for people who want to combat the UN Agenda 21.

I will look into that next week, when my employer goes to New Jersey for the last half of the week. I get to be off work in clear weather! WooHoo!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

UN uses mayors to end-run the Congress and Presient?

Yesterday was a Good Day. I got a lot done clearing land and was able to listen to the radio all day. Ken Bagwells' show, "Heads Up America" had as a guest a fellow named Tom Deweese of the American Policy Center. He told about the United Nations' use of Mayors to get around the Congree and President by having them to enact the Rio Summit and Kyoto Protocols on a local level. More on that in later posts. I believe I now have a mission.

That is why this post is being written now instead of two hours ago, I spent a little time downloading articles relating to this field of endeavour. Even at 28.8 k, it's still going to be a lot of reading. Gotta run.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Sleeper Cell in California

Another sleeper cell has been uncovered in California. I wonder why the media just don't get it. Every Muslim that I have ever met and talked to at length has subscribed to outlandish conspiracy theories before and after 9-11. I know other people who aren't Muslim who subscribe to them as well, but not as universally as the Muslims. There is also the Islamic practice of Taqqiyah (spelling uncertain) that says it is okay to disimulate or lie to unbelievers. So, even if Muslims say they don't believe in terrorism as a legit tactic, how can we believe they are telling the truth?

I have noticed that people can't leave comments unless they are bloggers, I will try to get that changed over the weekend, I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Rainy Afternoons

This summer pattern of afternoon rain is okay, if it rains instead of just sprinkles. Tuesday, we got rained out at four-thirty with a good downpour, complete with lightning. Yesterday, just sprinkles, with one good 90 second teaser downpour. Enough to make us miserable when the sun returned.

Free advice: Never, never, never buy a used trailer and moove it somewhere else!!! trust me, it's just too much trouble. But if you do, please hire a professional who has done it for years.

Monday, June 6, 2005

Maybe this week won't be a rain out

Last week, Ionly worked Tuesday and Saturday due to the persistent passing showers of rain, which would've been fine if I was living in my own place where I could relax. Enough of my whining. The weather forecasts all agree, mornings look good, afternoons chancy. I'll take that and run. I have no deep thoughts for today, but the future looks well. I am working on some essay-type posts that I'll put out beginning next week. The kick that the legacy media is on concerning the Qu'ran abuse is disturbibg to me....

Friday, June 3, 2005

Torture charges against Bush

I'm not normally into conspiracy theories. This rising crescendo of stories in the Legacy Media, after they had died down when the Abu Graib people started to be tried in court. Then the Newsweek story of a Qu'ran flushing was exposed as false seemed to have ignited a flurry of stories released for the sole purpose of distracting people from the lack of journalistic integrity practiced by Isikoff et al. There are too many stories for that scenario. I am now suspecting that all these stories are coming out now are directed at the Bush administration. With Amnesty International becoming involved, I begin to start looking for, if not an international conspiracy, then for (at the very least) a whole group of people with similar talking points. They are willing to broadcast shaky allegations in support of an ideological attack. To get incendiary myself, this puts them in the same league as the Nazi propagandist Goebbels. A Pox on all their houses, I say.

Never again will I be able to trust the Media on ANY story. I'll always wonder about the political motivation behind even a fluff piece. I'll look for corroboration in multiple media types.

It does seem ironic that Watergate is in the news again with the revelation of Deep Throat after all these years. I think it is appropriate that the confidential source is a gov't employee in both cases, and both spiralled out of control and effected a change in the larger society in ways that couldn't be foretold. I think that MediaGate will result in further alienation of the average joe from all types of media. I can't see where this is leading, but I do do know where it is coming from.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Has Amnestry International ever read the Third Geneva Convention?

Amnesty International has not only committed a terrible faux pas, it has put the cross hairs directly on itself with its recent announcement about Gitmo. To sum their latest outrage up, they said the U.S. was violating the rights of detainees held at that location.

First of all, they are not detainees, they are "illegal armed combatant detainees" (well not armed anymore), in short TERRORISTS.

According to the Geneva Convention of 1949, in Article 43 Section 1, it states that:

Such armed forces shall be sunject to an internal disciplinary system which, 'inter alia', shall enforce compliance with the rules of international law applicable in armed conflict.

I think that we all recall the execution of hostages in Iraq. That's not according to international law. Now, if the leaders of this 'insurgency' in Iraq were to punish the ones who ordered and carried out these executions, then we'd be on the right track. I'm not holding my breath. Come to think of it, Amnesty International hasn't kicked up too much of a fuss about those executions. Wonder why?

Now on to the 'detainees' and their status. According to the Geneva Convention of 1949, to be accorded POW status, armed combatants must wear uniforms (strike), carry arms openly and distinguish themselves from the civilian population (strike).

Seems to me we coulda just shot them right then and there, but being softies, we figured that 'Abdullah' just might have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and cut him some slack to investigate further. And also, if he was shooting at us, well, he's off the goat trail now.

Guys we have captured under these conditions have NO RIGHTS. Certainly none under OUR CONSTITUTION. Heck, if we needed to squeeze a little info out of them, all bets are off. We've even shown them exceeding amounts of mercy. Brand new prayer hats, rugs, Qu'rans, prayer beads, even pointing the way to Mecca for them and letting them now the proper times to pray.

I don't believe these hoodlums have even entertained the idea of allowing a hostage to have the proper implements of whatever their religion was, do you? in fact, the Saudis will shred a Bible if someone brings one into the country.

Gotta go, maybe I'll be in a better mood later. Still coughing up a storm.