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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Business of Politics is Business

This past Saturday, the Macon County Republican Party met in Highlands, North Carolina and Mike Hightower, chairman of the Jacksonville, Florida Chamber of Commerce membership committee gave the keynote address. It was called, "The Business of Politics is Business" and he spoke for a little under 40 minutes as he shared his vision of what the challenges of the 2012 election were going to be and suggested how they could be successfully met.

Other videos and photos forthcoming over the next few days from the meeting.

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On The Mountain

This past Saturday, I visited Dry Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, attended a meeting of the Macon GOP and hiked Whiteside Mountain. Photos and videos of all that are being processed and will be available soon.

While at the top of the cliffs, looking southward, I witnessed two climbers come up over the edge of the cliff after a five hour free climb. I was too shocked to get video of the video first guy that came up, but had recovered enough to get the second guy cresting the cliff:

A fellow hiker was also amazed that these guys had just climbed the sheer cliffs of Whiteside Mountain.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

I just heard one of the weirdest conspiracy...

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I just heard one of the weirdest conspiracy theories of all time (and I've heard a lot of them):

It holds that 9/11 was the result of a war between the CIA and the US Military...and the east coast earthquake was caused by the detonation of a nuclear device in a secret tunnel network that was an attempt to stop the CIA from transporting something from Langley, Virginia to their new secret headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

Where do these people come up with this stuff? Why do they?

It is useless to try to argue with these people because they seem to have no firm grasp on reality. I've always thought these people were either mentally disturbed or had a way of making money off selling merchandise related to their conspiracies to the gullible.

Here is a link that several people shared on Twitter that got me started on this rant...
Russia reports Nuclear explosions hit vast US military tunnel network | Pakistan | News | Newspaper | Daily | English | Online
A frightening foreign military intelligence directorate (GRU) report circulating in the Kremlin states that over the past nearly 48 hours the vast intercontinental military tunnel complex constructed ...
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Music Monday
Vienna Philharmonic 2011 New Year's Concert

In this series, I usually highlight a work or two by a composer, and find an audio or video recording and embed it on this blog. This is not going to be so today. 

The latest video I have found is of the latest New Year's Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic.

If you are interested in more from the Vienna Philharmonic, visit their online store. Here is a link to their New Year's Concert series.

Here is a track listings via Decca
(clicking on the titles reveal further information about the track)

Track List

Johann Strauss (1825 - 1899)
Joseph Lanner (1801 - 1843)
Johann Strauss (1825 - 1899)
Johann Strauss (1804 - 1849)
Franz Liszt (1811 - 1886), Ferruccio Busoni (1866 - 1924)
Josef Strauss (1827 - 1870)
Johann Strauss (1825 - 1899)
Joseph Hellmesberger (1855 - 1907)
Johann Strauss (1804 - 1849)
Josef Strauss (1827 - 1870)
Eduard Strauss (1835 - 1916)
Wiener Philharmoniker, Franz Welser-Möst

Franz Welser-Möst

Johann Strauss (1825 - 1899)
Johann Strauss (1804 - 1849)
Wiener Philharmoniker, Franz Welser-Möst

Total Playing Time: 1:51:20

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John Edwards and Heath Shuler on the Campaign Trail

My all-time favorite placement of a Democrat sign, right where it belongs. On a dumpster. 
Photo by Bobby Coggins

I was going through a junk draer the other day and found an old porable hard dive that I had "lost" and found a video on it that I had taken five years ago today on August 22, 2006 at a campaign rally for Heath Shuler in Hendersonville, NC. Former US senator John Edwards did most of the talking at the rally and, since I had no video editing software at the time...I did not post the video because it was over the ten minute limit and I had no way of splitting it. I have now corrected that and have edited and uploaded the video to Youtube and embedded it here...albeit five years late.

I covered the event on this blog, as did Gordon Smith of Scrutiny Hooligans (he was going by Screwie Hoolie at the time) and Tim Peck was there, too. Alas, Gordon and Tim's coverage of the event seems to have been deleted. Gordon moved his blog to a new URL and I suppose that was one of the articles that didn't survive the crossover. Tim's photos of the event have been removed from the Internet due to the failure of Bubbleshare. He apparently did not write about the event on his blog. It also seems that all previously posted video of the event has been removed from Youtube. 

Here is coverage of the event in other news outlets:

Hendersonville Times-News online article
Hendersonville Times-News print article
Lexington Dispatch print article
Wilmington Star News
Blue NC (a mirror of the article Gordon originally posted on Scrutiny Hooligans)

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