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Friday, November 30, 2007

Clinton Plant Is a Fake General!

This is too rich!

The man wore an active duty uniform he was never privileged to wear, he also only served active duty for a very short time, and has spent most of his career in the military bureaucracy in California. He retired as a Colonel.

Source: Atlas Shrugs

Suicide Bomber Takes Hostages in Rochester, NH
Hillary Clinton's Campaign HQ

If you can't get to a TV or Radio, Gateway Pundit is covering the crisis, and has links to livestreaming TV coverage.

One hostage, and her infant child have so far been released.

Pray for the safety of the hostages, the law enforcement personnel, and that the hostage-taker is taken into custody without harming anyone.

**Update 3.38pm There is also a FReeper Thread that will provide quick info.
I have also heard on XM 121 FOXNEWS that all hostages have been released, and that the suspect is in his mid-forties and...wait for it... with a history of 'Mental Instability.' Well, Duh!

I am thankful that the hostages have been released.
The man is Troy Stanley, who believes the gummit has planted a bug in his head...riiiight!

Here are some New Hampshire Blogs that might have more info over the next few days, and might provide a little local flavor. This took forever, since I am at home on dial-up, and not in the office today.

Drew Cline

Blue Hampshire

Democracy for New Hampshire

(VIDEO) NC-11 Candidate Forum in Henderson County

Richard has the final part of the NC-11 GOP Forum up, and I have both of them embedded here for your viewing pleasure, followed by the coverage of the event by the Group Progressive Blog, Scrutuny Hooligans:

Part ONe

Part Two

|SCRUTINY HOOLIGANS| At First Blush - The 11th District Republican Congressional Candidates’ Debate

Thursday, November 29, 2007

(VIDEO) 1st half of NC-11 GOP Forum in Henderson County

Richard has been very busy, and has the first 30 minutes of the hour-long forum uploaded to Google, and here it is:

McCain to Paul--"Let Us Win!" (Updated with Music)

I take back every bad thing I ever said about Senator John McCain, and if he makes it on the ticket, I will vote for him just on the merits of his nuking Ron Paul.

When someone finally posts the exchange to You Tube, I will make it a permenet part of my sidebar, and will try to make it into a flash movie, or a gif with sound. I don't know how to do those things, but for this, I will.

Jim has a video of it on his site, Gateway Pundit, but he uses Motion Box, which sucks because I can't embed it over here, or download it.

However, I have lifted the audio and have embedded it here.

**Update** 9.28am
Silly me, it was in one of the You Tube Questions:

**Update** #2 12.26pm
I decided to compose a new piece of music to commemorate this event, and my working title is McCain Attacks. It is composed of four movements, and they are entitled, Positioning, Launch, Jugular, and Victory. (Now you know for sure I am touched in the head!)

(VIDEO) Ken Bagwell and the Star of Bethlehem

Have you ever wondered about the Star of Bethlehem?

Was it real? What did it mean? Can we find out about it's significance?

Coming to a neighborhood near you this Christmas Season.

For more information, visit the Carolina Stompers, who have places, dates, and times.

(VIDEO)Yesterday in Henderson County:
Opening Remarks About Congressman Shuler

Here is the first video from yesterday in Henderson County, courtesy Sound Off Buncombe, a URTV production of Richard Bernier:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Iraqi Awakening

WASHINGTON (AFIS, Nov. 26, 2007) - Determined to rise up against al Qaeda terrorists, concerned local citizens, working together with coalition forces, have started neighborhood watch programs in northern Iraq.

The citizens are calling the movement "Sahwa," an Arabic term that means "awakening."

The neighborhood watch programs were established Nov. 14, two weeks after local citizens approached Soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, with the idea. More than 1,000 citizens showed up, ready to be recruited to take up arms in defense against the terrorists in the region.

Source: news

Hat Tip: Sgt Hook


You know, I think the Iraqis get it better than half of America, and they are gonna be okay...despite the Democrats refusal to fund the war, and forcing the Army to cut back.

Press Release--
Illegal Aliens Should Not Be Admitted to State-Supported Community Colleges

North Carolina's community college system has ordered the state's 58 campuses to admit illegal immigrants, overturning a policy of letting the heavily enrolled schools set their own rules for handling undocumented applicants.

David Sullivan, the system's top lawyer, dispatched a memo this month telling the community colleges that state regulations require the schools to admit illegal immigrants who meet the schools' basic requirements of being either a high school graduate or an adult in need of skills training.

"That's just wrong," said state Sen. Richard Stevens, a Raleigh Republican and co-chair of the higher education committee. "The law ought to be changed."

Rep. Winkie Wilkins, a Person County Democrat who chairs the House committee on community colleges, said he was "blindsided" by the news.

The state's community colleges focus on training and retraining the work force, usually through skills and trade education. Melinda Wiggins is executive director of Student Action With Farm Workers, which helps children of migrant farm workers get into high school and college. She said barring illegal immigrants from community colleges penalizes youths who were brought to the United States as children.

"North Carolina is their home. It's where they've been raised and lived," Wiggins said.

"By denying them an education, we're really creating an underclass of folks here in the state who cannot contribute to society."

N.C. public schools must accept children of illegal immigrants under federal regulations. The University of North Carolina system admits undocumented applicants, but a bill to provide in-state tuition to some was quickly shot down in 2005.

Source: Charlotte Observer

Hat Tip: NC Representative Charles C. Thomas

Update: I've just been told that Matt Mittan is covering this issue on his Radio Show, Take A Stand. This page has his podcasts, which, I note is not up to I'll work on an alternate source of audio if the podcasts aren't up by tomorrow morning. The same person said FOX is covering the story. Too bad I don't have a TV so I could grab the clip!

Documents below:

Hooligans Deliver Audio of NC-11 GOP Debate Forum

Arratik, one of the bloggers at Scrutiny Hooligans, attended the NC-11 GOP Forum held this morning in Henderson County and uploaded the audio with the promise of more goodies (like a transcript) later.

**Update 1.31pm Henderson Times-News Coverage

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

‘Operation Varsity March’ Nets al Qaida Weapons Smuggler

FORWARD OPERATING BASE HAMMER — Soldiers from Company B, 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, captured 13 suspected insurgents during a nighttime air assault mission in Sayafiyah, a small village outside of Salman Pak, Nov. 24.

One of the detainees was a high value individual (HVI), who was a member of al-Qaida in Iraq wanted for weapons smuggling and financing attacks on Coalition forces in Salman Pak and Al Ja’ara.

“According to our intelligence, the insurgent we apprehended was an expert bomb maker and VBID (vehicle borne improvised explosive device) maker,” said 1st Lt. Matthew Barwick, from Lanham, Md., fire support officer for Co. B. “By apprehending him, we have taken a very dangerous person off the streets and made the area safer.”

During the course of the operation Co. B Soldiers cleared eight houses and barns while searching for the suspects.

“The operation went perfectly,” said Spc. Lyle Johnson, from Comanche, Okla., an indirect fire specialist in Co. B. “We cleared all of our objectives and got the No. 1 HVI and 12 of his partners. We did all of this without firing a shot, so I’d say it was a good operation.”

The 1-15th Inf. Regt. is part of the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Benning, Ga., and has been deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom since March.

(By Spc. Ben Hutto, 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs)

Source: Multi-National Forces-Iraq

What follows is the Iraqi Freedom Journal for today:

And next is an insurgent video of an attack on a US Military Vehicle with personal effects and body parts of an American Soldier shown off as trophies. Video is for a mature audience only, and intended to demonstrate the barbarity of our Islamofascist enemy:

State Department Plans A Muslim Neighborhood Near You

Just what we need, a Paris in every state of the Union!

Atlas Shrugs has a detailed post with comprehensive research on the State Department’s Project to create Muslim communities throughout the U.S.

Just a little bit of Paris burning, in your own backyard…

The site with the research and updates on this topic is Refugee Resettlement Watch - they’re tracking the problems with legal Muslim refugee immigration to the U.S., which has a potential to increase significantly (and presumably with a minimum of vetting) due to bills like HR 2265.

Source: Center for Vigilant Freedom

Video--Battlestar Troopers

Maybe this'll hold me over until I get my copy of BSG: Razor in the mail:


Do Your Job Ron Moore!

Police charged Leonard Smith with first degree sexual offense and statutory rape. But family members of the alleged victims say Smith will walk into the courtroom today and plead guilty to seven counts of indecent liberties with a minor. A lesser charge.

The maximum punishment for first degree sexual offense and statutory rape is life imprisonment. With the plea bargain, Smith is only likely to get less than 16 months.

These family members are furious and held a protest against the plea bargain. They say Leonard Smith is politically connected with Democrat District Attny Ron Moore.

The Carolina Stompers are all over this story...check it out.

Third Annual French Intifada Underway in Paris

Barely three hours before Anne-Lorraine was stabbed, ten kilometres away, in Villiers-le-Bel, two joyriding immigrant youths of 15 and 16 years old, drove their stolen motorcycle at maximum speed into a passing police vehicle. They died on the spot.

According to the police the teenagers ignored traffic rules and crashed into the police vehicle. The motorbike they were riding was unregistered and thus not authorized for use on French roads. Neither of the boys were wearing a helmet as required by law. The relatives and friends of the youths, however, blame the two officers in the vehicle for the death of the boys. They claim the officers had left the scene as fast as they could. The public prosecutor has opened an inquiry to probe whether the officers failed to help the teenagers and whether manslaughter charges should be filed. The officers had called rescue services to the scene, but policemen and medics who arrived at the scene where attacked by youths and fled.

Yesterday night, in a second consecutive night of violence, youths attacked police officers and firemen in Villiers-le-Bel and in nearby Sarcelles and Garges-les-Gonesses. In last night’s riots 77 officers got wounded, five of them seriously, including one officer whose shoulder was pierced by a bullet from a shotgun, and 63 cars, a book shop, two schools, a bank and a supermarket were set alight.

Source: Brussels Journal

Related: Atlas Shrugs , Gateway Pundit, BBC.

These kinds of riots will only increase in the west as the no-go zones are increased that bow to a seperate, but equal, practice of Sharia Law in Europe, and eventually, here in the USA, perhaps the only difference being our rioters will be mostly Mexicans with OTM supervisors, from Hizbullah, Hamas, and so forth.

Here are some photos, and link to video:

Video#1, Video #2 from the BBC.

Photos are from various wire services:

Monday, November 26, 2007

USA Economy Ranked #1 in Global Competitiveness

The United States tops the overall ranking in The Global Competitiveness Report 2007-2008. Switzerland is in second position followed by Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Finland and Singapore, respectively.

The rankings are calculated from both publicly available data and the Executive Opinion Survey, a comprehensive annual survey conducted by the World Economic Forum together with its network of Partner Institutes (leading research institutes and business organizations) in the countries covered by the Report. This year, over 11,000 business leaders were polled in a record 131 countries.
Source: World Economic Forum

Hat Tip: News Busters

Here are the top twenty countries:

1...United States
9...United Kingdom
11..South Korea
12..Hong Kong SAR
14..Taiwan, China


In this weeks episode:

A “virtual fence?” When the president utilizes one around the White House we’ll believe him.

The Deportation Joke! Previously deported criminal aliens just keep coming, American citizens just keep dying!

And 100% Preventable!

This has been the Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst. The Blogs For Borders Blogroll is dedicated to American sovereignty, border security and a sane immigration policy. If you’d like to join find out how right here.

Technorati Tags: illegal immigration, the deportation joke, mexico, murder, rape, criminal aliens, border fence, border security, sanctuary city, border patrol, manhunt

New Poll Has the HildaBeast Losing vs all GOP Candidates
Barack Obama Winning versus all GOP Candidates

For a change of pace, I'll link to the DUmmies:

This is very significant if true - and this is Zogby's Interactive Poll -- but if the general forecast is true then Obama is polling about 6 points ahead of the entire GOP field while Clinton's policy and baggage are pulling her down to a 4% loss to ALL GOPers. She is now about 10 points less electable than Barack, and it is now more likely that she would lose rather than win, polling only around 40%.

Clinton would be an electoral disaster for the Democratic Party is what these numbers are saying while Barack, and to a lesser extent Edwards, are winners.

General election match-ups show the New York Senator would lose against every top Republican

A new Zogby Interactive survey shows Democrat Hillary Clinton of New York would lose to every one of the top five Republican presidential contenders, representing a reversal of fortune for the national Democratic front-runner who had led against all prospective GOP opponents earlier this year.

Meanwhile, fellow Democrats Barack Obama of Illinois and John Edwards of North Carolina would defeat or tie every one of the Republicans, the survey shows.

Clinton TRAILS vs.





Are Ron Pal Supporters Planning Bloodless Coup in North Carolina and the Nation?

Katy's Conservative Corner has obtained e-mail between Ron Paul Supporters planning to become delegates to the North Carolina GOP Convention.

An excerpt:

The delegates to the county conventions are chosen at the precinct level. Most precincts are not organized, and preference is given to republicans who attend who wish to be delegates. So, for example, if you were a new republican went to the precinct convention in Charles Taylor's precinct, (sic) said you wanted to to be a delegate and he did not attend, you would get the seat. The same is true for the county conventions, and all the way up the line. So, this must start at the ground level.
Source: Katy's Conservative Corner, where you can read the rest, and follow links to the email, where I found this gem:

i was primarily thinking that it would be most effective to pool from
those 100+ Meetup group members we already have to get them to be more active in the local GOP meetings and become a delegate. Seems to me it is these folks that have the drive to do so.

Otherwise, it seems it would be a LOT of work to contact so many voters in a district to try and persuade them to consider supporting Ron Paul, let alone getting involved at a much deeper level.

i plan to continue pushing our group's members in this direction, as Ron Paul NEEDS support in the GOP delegation!


So much for getting out the vote...sounds like a short circuit to the electoral process to me! Not enough voter support? Bah! Voters, who needs 'em when your man must be elected. No wonder these guys can't get recognized to vote in North Carolina...they can't be troubled with going door-to-door as that would cut into their time at the local overpass!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

MSNBC Lies About Papal Homily,
And More You Won't See on The TV News

This is posted especially for those opposed to the Global War on Terror, to show you that you have been lied to about this war by the Media since Day One!

The Pope's words according to MSNBC:

Pope Benedict, elevating 23 prelates from around the world to the elite rank of cardinal, made a pressing appeal on Saturday for an end to the war in Iraq and decried the plight of the country's Christian minority...

Speaking of Delly during the ceremony in St Peter's Basilica, Benedict said Christians in Iraq were "feeling with their own flesh the dramatic consequences of an enduring conflict ... "

Let us together reaffirm the solidarity of the whole Church with the Christians of that beloved land and invoke from the merciful God the coming of longed-for reconciliation and peace for all the peoples involved (in the conflict)," he said in his homily.

Wearing gold embroidered vestments, the Pope said in his sermon that he had chosen the Iraqi patriarch as a cardinal to express his spiritual closeness to suffering Iraqis.

Now, from the Pope's Website:

...To the beloveds Christian communities that find themselves in Iraq? These our brothers and sisters in the faith experience in the flesh the dramatic consequences of a persistent conflict and live in present fragile conditions and a delicate political situation. I have called to enter in the College of the Cardinals the Patriarch of the Chaldea Church of Iraq. I have meant to express in some concrete way my spiritual vicinity and my affection for those populations.

We want entirety, beloveds and Siblings, to reaffirm the solidarity of the entire Church towards the Christians of her mistress earth and to invite to invocate from merciful God, for all the involved people, the advent of reconciliation and of peace.

Source: Gateway Pundit, who is a better source of real news than CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and MSNBC.

Have the Media No Shame? Of course not, they live to twist the news to fit their template so that it helps the Democrats.
HOw many scandals do you need? Dan Rather lying and using forged documents to cause a sitting President to lose an election? If it were up to the Legacy Media, that is EXACTLY what would have happened.
Wake up, sheep! You are being lied to, and herded to your doom by the left...don't say you weren't warned!

And,I seem to remember the Democrats (and nearly everyone else against the war) insisting that Iraq was in a Civil War, and the Legacy Media would promptly report that, and ignore any counter comes this:

Almost since the beginning of the Sunni insurgency in Iraq in late 2003, there has been an ongoing public debate about the significance and origins of foreign-born jihadists who have traveled to Iraq intent upon joining Al-Qaida and killing Americans and Muslim "apostates". Despite a veritable avalanche of evidence suggesting that these foreign fighters have had a disproportionate role in destabilizing Iraq and that a large cross-section (if not outright majority) of these fighters are coming from Saudi Arabia, a host of journalists and experts have wasted no effort in downplaying their impact. Regular readers of the Counterterrorism Blog will recall Jonathan Finer's article in the Washington Post, similar pieces published in the Christian Science Monitor, and a litany of commentary from Tony Cordesman (based almost entirely upon facts spoon-fed to him by Saudi intelligence and paid Saudi lobbyists).

Yet, now, it seems that the evidence of the involvement of Saudi Al-Qaida recruits in the Iraqi insurgency has become so plainly obvious that even the New York Times has taken note. In an article published this week, Times writer Richard Oppel cites statistics derived from a "trove of documents and computers discovered in September, when American forces raided a tent camp in the desert near Sinjar, close to the Syrian border", featuring a "collection of biographical sketches that listed hometowns and other details for more than 700 fighters brought into Iraq since August 2006." According to the Times article, at least 305 of those biographies--or 41%--were of fighters from Saudi Arabia: "Among the Saudi fighters described in the materials, 45 had come from Riyadh, 38 from Mecca, 20 from Buraidah and the surrounding area, 15 from Jawf and Sakakah, 13 from Jidda, and 12 from Medina." Compare this to Tony Cordesman's suggestion in his 2005 report on the Iraqi insurgency that Saudi nationals represent only 12% of the total number of foreign fighters. Quite obviously, Cordesman's estimate was way, way too low.


In other News the Legacy Media might not want you to know about:

|GATEWAY PUNDIT| Bangladeshi Islamists Protest US Cyclone Relief

|IMRA| Ahead of summit, Hamas threatens to make deadlier Qassams

|AL FIN| Record Antarctic Sea Ice Sinks Cruise Ship

|GATES OF VIENNA| Making Filip Dewinter Dance

|THE LOND WAR JOURNAL| Iraqi forces launch operation in Kirkuk

|THE JAWA REPORT| Libertarians "Sith Lords of American Politics"

|ADAM HOLLAND| "The unknown Ron Paul" by Paul Krugman

|HA'ARETZ| Report: IAF knocked out Syria radar during Sept. 6 strike

|HA'ARETZ| Near 20 mortar shells fired from Gaza over course of Thursday

Saturday, November 24, 2007

West Carolina Report for Nov 24

I have finished updating my Headline News Site, West Carolina Report, and have posted to WNC Citizens Blog concerning, "Gentlemanly Conduct Alive and Well in Sylva, Not so much in Asheville."

And good news in Franklin regarding the Illegal Alien situation!

The Hot Spot in Franklin was a gathering spot for Illegal Aliens to wait for contractors to come pick them up to work for the day...sort a Job Center without having to fill out all that pesky paperwork and tax-filing information.

They are no longer allowed to gather there, and according to the employees I spoke with, they were getting in the way of traffic, and standing in parking spots while waiting for work. Many people complained, and so the management enacted a new policy once the recent renovations were complete these signs went up, and the Illegals moved over to the Nikwasi Indian Mound to stand while waiting for work. Now that is a picture I'd love to get...them standing on the Indian Mound! I smell a trip into town next week!

Victory in Iraq--The Real Surge

While the "surge" of five US brigades plus their accompanying support elements, about 30,000 US troops total, is the main focus of commentators when discussing the current situation in Iraq, the real surge in Iraq is happening behind the scenes. The rapidly expanding Iraqi Army is where the real surge in forces is occurring.

In November 2006, Prime Minister Maliki understated the real surge when he announced the increase of the Iraqi Army beyond the subjective counterinsurgency force. Maliki’s originally announced plan was an increase of the army by three divisions, five brigades, 20 battalions, and an Iraqi Special Operations Force (ISOF) battalion. He also wanted to increase the manning of existing Iraqi units to 110 percent. At that point, the Iraqi Army was 10 divisions, 35 brigades, 102 battalions, and two ISOF battalions. Most Iraqi Army formations were only approximately 65 percent manned at that time.

Over the last year the Iraqi Army has grown to 12 divisions, 41 brigades, 123 battalions, and four ISOF battalions. This is a 20 percent increase in units and a doubling of the ISOF. This does not include the three former strategic infrastructure brigades (17 battalions) that have been transferred to the Iraqi Army and are currently being retrained. While the Iraqi Army officer and NCO ranks remain undermanned, the overall unit manning has grown to 108 percent during that time. This does not mention the steadily increasing Iraqi Army competence that can only come from combat and counterinsurgency experience.

Source: The Long War Journal

Here is another thing to consider:

Click Image for Larger Version. Image Courtesy The Long War Journal

The author concludes with these damning (to those who don't support the war, anyway) words:

This is the real surge -- a surge in training and building of the Iraqi Army. Security in Iraq improves with an increased long-term security presence; a security presence that will increasingly be shouldered by Iraqi troops. The five US surge brigades were not only brought in to buy the Iraqi government time to sort out the political situation, they were brought in to buy the Iraqi Army time to expand. The five US surge brigades are doing some much needed housecleaning in Iraq's problem areas, freeing up Iraqi Army formations to provide cadre for new forming units, and providing additional training partners for the new Iraqi Army formations thus facilitating the accelerated expansion. The Iraqi Army is replacing the US forces departing Iraqi by the end of 2008 at rate of two Iraqi brigades for one US brigade.

So, the hemming, hawing, and condemning of the Iraq War as a failure will be a moot point by the time the 2008 Election rolls around, and the candidates who are anti-war will find themselves ever more marginalized by their break from reality.

The Legacy Media is already being forced to report on the success in Iraq because they can no longer hide it...the bloggers are getting the word out, and have been all along.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Asheville IndyMedia Call Ron Paul a Liar

You know things are looking bad for your candidate when even the Socialists and Anarchists "Pile On!"

Anyway I believe my posts below from message board this weekend explain my feelings about Ron Paul aiding James Davidson's's 'naked short claim' penny stock frauds.Further I would remind Mr.Paul that his own state is harboring penny stock criminals making the same false claims as he and his corrupt penny stock tout 'Libertarians'.Houston attorneys John O'Quinn and James Wes Christian have dumped worthless shares of Jag Media Holdings,Endovasc of Montgomery,Texas and others while the folks at Endovasc who lied about being a Stanford University connected 'biotech' company(including Judge Ken Reilly),worked with a Kuala Lumpur and Dubai connected boiler room called Bellador Group and now thanks to irresponsible politicians such as Ron Paul the fraudulent claim has finally crossed the Atlantic and entered into UK penny stock lore.
So far Ron Paul supports an econic lie and fraud and does a disservice to his economiust heroe Ludwig Von Mises.And as one who was born in Texas Ron Paul makes me ashamed of that state's corruption as epitomised by his support of this fraudulent penny stock claim used even by Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi's GenesisIntermedia penny stock fraud that Paul Singer and Carl Ichan benefitted from but also Bernie Kerik's Taser.So far Ron Paul comes off looking as bad as Rudy Giuliani for aiding and abetting penny stock fraud with its consequent money laundering and drug laundering potential,(ie.-Skyway Communications,etc.).

If Mr.Paul and Christopher Shay and the other House of Representatives member who wrote their scammy letter to the SEC are as ignorant as they pretend about the fraudulent 'naked short selling' claim'(used to divert attention from illegal insider manipulations of their own stock) then they would be doing their country a favor by resigning from the House of Representatives - and certainly not do us the further disservice of seeking higher office.
Ron Paul should pressure the appropriate offices in his own state to prosecute attorneys O'Quinn and Wes Christian for using courts and the legal system to protect their fraudulent penny stock clients and distort the legal system with lies about 'naked shorting' causing share collapse when in truth Endovasc of Montgomery,Texas and Jag Media Holdings and O'Quinn and Christians other penny stock criminal clients were dumping their own shares.In fact the lying Texas attorneys were dumping their clients worthless shares as well while lyting about 'naked shorting'.

Tony Ryals
Source: Asheville IndyMedia, if you have the stomach to read the whole thing. There is a payoff, however, if you are in the "9/11 Conspiracy Thing" because the author eventually gets around to connecting Ron Paul with 9/11.


I used to think the Black Helicopter Crowd in the 90's were strange, these guys have shown me a whole new level of strange! Perhaps even more strange than the insane people who believe the crap on Coast to Coast AM!

For example, I started ignoring Jerome Corsi after I started hearing him on Coast to Coast AM while I was prepping my web sites with new new content. Now, I have an XM Radio, and don't have to listen any more!

Black News for Black Friday--The Syrian Bomb

About ten weeks ago, Israel carried out a precision bombing raid on what everyone has (publicly) presumed was a nuclear reactor under construction. One thing set my internal alarms off was the near complete absence of protest. The Syrians were quiet, even the United Nations were relatively quiet on this one.

I presumed it was because of the ease with which Israel penetrated the best Missile Radar Defense Systems that Russia could provide, the same systems that Iran was boasting about that would prevent Israel or the USA from attacking Iran's own nuclear production facilities.

(If you are a Lefty, and don't read military stuff...check out Aviation Week for some of the details and speculation).

Now, some details are emerging that suggest that North Korea has been exporting it's own nuclear bomb-making material to Syria (where else, one might wonder? thanks to Democrats hampering President Bush at every step) where things were going swingingly, that is until they were destroyed by a more effective method than any possible UN action...bombs wielded by Freedom-Loving People!

What reinforces Even's suspicion that the structure attacked in Syria was in fact a bomb assembly plant is the fact that the satellite photos taken after the bombing clearly show that the Syrians made an effort to bury the entire site under piles of earth. "They did so because of the lethal nature of the material that was in the structure, and that can be plutonium," he said. That may also be the reason they refused to allow IAEA inspectors to visit the site and take samples of the earth, which would give away their secret.

Another piece of information crucial for reinforcing Even's assumption is the scant attention paid in the Israeli media to an op-ed published last month in The Wall Street Journal by two members of the U.S. Congress, Peter Hoekstra and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Hoekstra is the senior Republican member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and Ros-Lehtinen is the senior Republican member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. They expressed their anger at the fact that the Bush administration "has thrown an unprecedented veil of secrecy around the Israeli airstrike. It has briefed only a handful of very senior members of Congress, leaving the vast majority of foreign relations and intelligence committee members in the dark. We are among the very few who were briefed, but we have been sworn to secrecy on this matter."

They write in the article that Syria received "nuclear expertise or material" from North Korea, and in the same breath they mention Iran, without explaining why. They claim that the administration leaks are intentionally vague: to justify the Israeli attack but also to blur North Korea's part in the affair.

The two Congressmen have a clear agenda: They want the administration to remove the cloak of secrecy and tell the members of Congress and the public the truth about what happened, in the belief that such information will lead the majority in Congress to understand that the negotiations with North Korea should be stopped.

North Korea's consent to shut down the Yongbyon reactor and to allow renewed international monitoring of it (although it is not clear what will happen to the fissionable material in its possession - enriched plutonium and uranium), was achieved after exhausting contacts that lasted for about five years, with China, Russia, the U.S., Japan and South Korea. In exchange, North Korea will receive economic assistance and fuel. Hoekstra and Ros-Lehtinen are apparently aware that revealing the truth about North Korea's role will lead to pressure on the U.S. administration to discontinue the contacts with the regime in Pyongyang. But for exactly the same reason, the administration is not interested in doing so, particularly not at this sensitive time when it is trying to prevent Iran's nuclear program.
Source: Ha'aretz

Which brings me to remember this parody wasn'ty that far off the mark, despite GOP's lack of spine in not running this on TV:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Presidential Proclamation

Americans are a grateful people, ever mindful of the many ways we have been blessed. On Thanksgiving Day, we lift our hearts in gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy, the people we love and the gifts of our prosperous land.

Our country was founded by men and women who realized their dependence on God and were humbled by His providence and grace.

The early explorers and settlers who arrived in this land gave thanks for God’s protection and for the extraordinary natural abundance they found. Since the first National Day of Thanksgiving was proclaimed by President George Washington, Americans have come together to offer thanks for our many blessings.

We recall the great privilege it is to live in a land where freedom is the right of every person and where all can pursue their dreams. We express our deep appreciation for the sacrifices of the honorable men and women in uniform who defend liberty.

As they work to advance the cause of freedom, our nation keeps these brave individuals and their families in our thoughts, and we pray for their safe return.

While Thanksgiving is a time to gather in a spirit of gratitude with family, friends and neighbors, it is also an opportunity to serve others and to share our blessings with those in need. By answering the universal call to love a neighbor as we want to be loved ourselves, we make our nation a more hopeful and caring place.

This Thanksgiving, may we reflect upon the past year with gratefulness and look toward the future with hope. Let us give thanks for all we have been given and ask God to continue to bless our families and our nation.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim Thursday, November 22, 2007, as a National Day of Thanksgiving. I encourage all Americans to gather together in their homes and places of worship with family, friends and loved ones to reinforce the ties that bind us and give thanks for the freedoms and many blessings we enjoy.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this 15th day of November, in the year of our Lord 2007, and of the independence of the United States of America the 233nd.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

For the Children...

This guy is great!
Check out the book, called (oddly enough) An Inconvenient Book.
And don't forget to watch the book tour:

Infant Bombs, Droughts, and Daily Kos on Ron Paul
Oh my!

Here is a quick roundup of news I couldn't let slide by without adding my two cents:

Remember the bombings that killed over a hundred people last month?
[al-Jazeera] [GATEWAY PUNDIT]
The story is even worse than initially thought, an infant was used:


In an effort to get close enough to murder Benazir Bhutto, one of the Islamist attackers reportedly strapped his explosives to a one-year old infant.

Meanwhile, horrifying new details emerged last night of the attempt by suicide bombers to kill Ms Bhutto on her return home from exile last month.

Investigators from Ms Bhutto’s Pakistan People’s Party said yesterday they believed the bomb, which killed 170 people and left hundreds more wounded, was strapped to a one-year-old child carried by its jihadist father.

They said the suicide bomber tried repeatedly to carry the baby to Ms Bhutto’s vehicle as she drove in a late-night cavalcade through the streets of Karachi.

“At the point where the bombs exploded, Benazir Bhutto herself saw the man with the child and asked him to come closer so that she could hug or kiss the infant,” investigators were reported as saying. “But someone came in between and a guard felt that the man with the child was not behaving normally. So the child was not allowed to come aboard Benazir’s vehicle.”

Source: Little Green Footballs

Never for a moment believe that these people won't stop until they are all dead, or they rule the world. They will do this regardless of what we do, or fail to do, in Iraq.

After that last look into the madness of Islamofascism, let's peer into the madness that is Enviro-weenism:


Time magazine, November 26, 2007 (Michael Grunwald):

[Georgia's] drought was a natural event transformed into a natural disaster by human folly. And while it's still hard to say whether global warming caused any particular drought or flood or fire, it's going to cause more of all of them.

Time magazine, June 24, 1974:

In Africa, drought continues for the sixth consecutive year, adding terribly to the toll of famine victims... Climatological Cassandras are becoming increasingly apprehensive, for the weather aberrations they are studying may be the harbinger of another ice age.


This would be funny, if these people didn't have the control of our lives on their agenda. I just hope I am still alive in a few years when it becomes evident that solar activity is leading us into a new ice age, or at least a good cooling down.

My last story is an admission by ABC News that we have won in Iraq, and that the Surge has worked, and the Occupation successful:


CHARLES GIBSON: You took a lot of doubting and rather skeptical questions about the surge. I'll give you a chance to crow. Do you want to say, I told you so?

PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH: [LAUGHS] No, I don't, because the decision, while it was a tough decision was really studied, and uh, and it was based upon the recommendations of wise military commanders.

CHARLES GIBSON: Don't you take some satisfaction, though, in the fact that the, that the levels of violence have come down so far?

PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH: Absolutely, primarily because I, you know, I hurt when America loses a soldier anywhere, and it breaks my heart to think about loved ones who will miss a child, or a husband. And having said that, I'm thrilled for the Iraqis that they're beginning to see enough security so that reconciliation is taking place as well as in, as the economy is beginning to move.

Source: News Busters

President George W. Bush is to good, and humble, of a man to get up and do the superior dance, crow, or otherwise cheapen his victory. He knows the cost.

The Legacy Media, and the Left, could care less about the cost. They are blinded by their hatred of the President, the Neocons (I am one!), and American Exceptionalism.

Now, on to the people who really hate all of us in "fly-over country.":


We already know that Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is getting public support from neo-Nazis. We also know that "non-partisan pollster" John Zogby is the guy Rush Limbaugh called "my favorite pollster," probably because he presents himself as "non-partisan" despite the fact that he’s done scores of polls for the National Republican Congressional Campaign, the rightwing/libertarian Cato Institute, and the "intelligent design" whackjobs at the Discovery Institute. But even by those standards, Zogby appears to have hit a new ethical low with a poll supposedly showing Ron Paul doing great in a "blind bio" survey:

Only those four candidates were included in the question, which was commissioned by Jones Productions, a media company based in Austin, Texas. The survey included 389 likely Republican primary or caucus voters and was conducted Nov. 14–17, 2007. It carries a margin of error of +/– 5.1 percentage points.

The blind bio question was also posed to a larger pool of 1,009 likely voters nationwide, including Democrats and independents, and Paul was the big winner among that universe of voters, winning 33%, compared to 19% for Giuliani, 15% for Romney, and 13% for Thompson.

Knowing that Zogby has a horrible reputation for presenting dubious results that support the dubious claims of his rightwing clients, but without disclosing his conflicts of interest, I decided to look in to this so-called "media company" that commissioned the poll. It has numerous media outlets; in fact, at one of its flagship outlets, they are currently touting their poll results.

That’s right, John Zogby is polling for Ron Paul supporter and conspiracy theorist entrepreneur Alex Jones.

I say Ron Paul supporter because, in addition to pushing Ron Paul all over his various websites—including—he’s also contributed $2,300 to Paul’s campaign, the maximum contribution allowed for a primary campaign. This is a fact that Zogby apparently doesn’t feel compelled to divulge, and its something reporters and news outlets seldom worry about, treating Zogby as if he’s as non-partisan as truly non-partisan operations like Gallup, Pew and the Field Poll.

But this isn’t just some simply a case of doing a poll for a candidate’s supporter and not revealing the conflict. Alex Jones is possibly the greatest trafficker in crackpot conspiracies in America. For instance, through Alex Jones, you can learn about the occult empire running the planet, you can learn about the bloodlines of the Illuminati, you can learn the truth about global warming, that it’s a ruse to bring about one-world government, and all of this will be obvious to you once you begin to use Biblical prophesy to foresee world events.

Alex Jones’ greatest achievements, however, lay in the field of 9-11 conspiracies:

SALE!! Alex Jones' new book, 911: Descent into Tryanny. This is Jones' first book and those ordering now will be getting a first edition. Descent into Tyranny is a brutal exposé documenting the New World Order crime syndicate's involvement in the September 11th attacks.

The book reveals how the controlled press is spinning and whitewashing the 911 story.

Jones covers the cashless society control grid, implantable microchip propaganda, the fact that Posse Comitatus had already been disolved decades ago, the US government concentration camp plan, the FBI and FEMA training police that the Founding Fathers and Christians are "terrorists," the global elite's goal to dumb down and kill off 80% of the world population, eugenics and much, much more...


It appears that the Kooky Kos Kidz hate Alex Jones perhaps more than I do, and that's saying something.

Ron Paul would do a lot better if he stood up and told the 9/11 Twoofers that they are nuts, and tell the Nazis to kiss off. These supporters have really destroyed this mans reputation, and his other supporters are too blind with hope to see it. I hope there are enough suicide prevention hot lines to handle the Loss of Hope the day after the primaries...unless a third or fourth place finish inspires them.

I really should quit messing with the Ronbots, it's like shooting fish in a barrel...only the Carp is to primitive to know it's dead already.

As a Fred Thompson supporter, I realize that his (Fred's) chances are somewhere between slim and none following his dismal entrance into the race.

West Carolina Report for Nov 21

I have posted the morning updates for West Carolina Report, and this post will serve as comment thread for items in the news today as well as open thread.

I can't believe that Giga Tuesday is almost upon us...and I wonder why North Carolina's Primary is still stuck way out in May, when the nomination is almost always in a lock, especially in the modern era.

Giga Tuesday: Photo from Wikipedia

This means, to my way of reckoning, that the Primary Season in North Carolina is about nothing more than raising money for use in other states, whose people will decide our party nominees for us...almost as bad as that idiot plan to do away with the Electoral Collage.

Thank God Thanksgiving is upon us, I need the break from all this nonsense!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ACTION ALERT--Free Ramos and Compeon Phone Rally

There is a push on this week to flood Washington with phone calls to free Ramos & Compean.

A message from Chelene of Save our State in my inbox yesterday…

Many recent developments in the Ramos & Compean case.
1. Davila, the drug smuggler, was arraigned this past Friday.
2. Duncan Hunter hand delivered a letter to President Bush demanding a pardon for Ramos & Compean BEFORE Thanksgiving!! Watch Fox news interview with both Hunter and Tara here:
3. Congress has declared an investigation is in order on both Johnny Sutton and Debra Kanof!
4. Moral groups raise concern over treatment of Ramos & Compean - see press release below.

I spoke with Joe Loya today (Monica was on the set being interviewed by Glenn Beck - show airing today.) and he shared that Monica and the children were going to Phoenix to visit Nacho on Wednesday. And that Nacho would be in solitary confinement the entire Thanksgiving weekend!!

When: Tuesday, November 20th ALL DAY!!

White House Switchboard: 202-456-1414
White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111
White House Fax Line: 202-456-2461
White House Email:

And if you have any comments for Jonny Sutton or Debra Kanof: 915-534-6854

Call early, call often!

Shamelessly Stolen From The Freedom Folks

Media Matters and Its Nanny

Ever since Hillary Clinton boasted at the Yearly Kos convention this summer that Media Matters was indeed her own brainchild, I've been subscribing to the group's daily, vital, emergency, vast-right-wing-conspiracy alerts. So for several months now, a half-dozen Media Matters email screeds have landed in my inbox every day on various topics, all claiming to have unearthed scandalous falsehoods in conservative news outlets, as well as the mainstream media.

Since I've actually listened to some of the radio talk being assailed, and read much of the journalism being analyzed for inaccuracies, I'm in a pretty good position to judge the merits of Media Matters' claims. And after subjecting myself to months of mountainous verbiage, I have concluded that perhaps never in history have so many good minds been so thoroughly wasted. Creating verbose mountains out of molehills has perhaps never paid so well. Yawn. Yawn.

And there I was last summer thinking that Hillary Clinton might have come up with something new and clever, right up there with Al Gore's invention of the internet. Alas, her invention isn't new at all. It is simply the recycling of what every school-age child recognizes right away as the hall-monitor mentality. Y'all know what I mean. It's the snippy little girl or boy put in charge of catching every gum-chewer, every line-breaker and every naughty-word-user within a ten-mile radius of the school yard. Give these types a little authority, it goes straight to their heads, and drives a principal into early-retirement burnout.

Media Matters has two special campaigns on-going against the most listened-to conservatives: Rush Limbaugh and Bill O-Reilly. On the Hall Monitors' website, they even have a search feature to help readers get the phone numbers for local radio stations, and encourage readers to call and complain. This is similar to conservative sites that offer readers the same service for elected representatives in government. Of course, hall monitors always prefer catching naughty-word-users to tackling real problems in government.


To give you an idea of what passes for headline-worthy at Media Matters, Hillary's hall-monitor brigade caught Bill O'Reilly a couple of weeks ago in this misstep: "Culture Warrior" O'Reilly, who chided Dean over Book of Job misidentification, says Revelation "was written -- what? Five thousand years ago?" A paid writer expended well over 1000 words explaining that the Book of Revelation was written a little less than 2000 years ago. I'm personally shocked that in a 3-hour live radio broadcast, this was the only error the listener-monitor could find to transform into a written tattle.

But the real cake-taker from the Media Matters folks this year has been a whopping 36 separate postings of approximately 1000 words each, dealing with Rush Limbaugh's "phony soldiers" on-air remark. The Media Matters hall monitors used approximately 36,000 words to lamely assert that Limbaugh was "unpatriotic." Perhaps never in history have so many meaningless words been used to propagate such an outright falsehood, one that was so easily debunked, even by this writer.

Source: The American Thinker


I subscribe to the same email alerts as the author, and am a member of many Lefty Discussion Forums, and I can confirm that these guys and gals are cracked. It seems as if everyone suffers from the paranoia of the Coast to Coast listeners and the Idiot Ron Paul Supporters, and intersect in the ravings of Dennis "KuKu" Kucinich.

Monday, November 19, 2007

From AMIA To Armageddon

According to foreign reports, Israel destroyed a nuclear weapons installation in Syria in September. Never has a larger story been pushed under the rug by so many so quickly. What are we to make of this?

Over the weekend former federal prosecutor and the head of the non-governmental International Intelligence Summit, John Loftus, released a report on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program. His report was based on a private study of captured Iraqi documents. These were the unread Arabic language documents that US forces seized, but had not managed to translate after overthrowing Saddam Hussein in 2003.

After a prolonged battle between Congress and then director of US National Intelligence John Negroponte, President George W. Bush ordered those documents posted on a public access Web site last year. They were taken down after it was discovered that among the Iraqi documents were precise descriptions of how to build nuclear weapons.

As Loftus summarized, “The gist of the new evidence is this: Roughly one-quarter of Saddam’s WMD was destroyed under UN pressure during the early to mid 1990s. Saddam sold approximately another quarter of his weapons stockpile to his Arab neighbors during the mid-to-late-1990’s. The Russians insisted on removing another quarter in the last few months before the war. The last remaining WMD, the contents of Saddam’s nuclear weapons labs, were still inside Iraq on the day when the coalition forces arrived in 2003. His nuclear weapons equipment was hidden in enormous underwater warehouses beneath the Euphrates River. Saddam’s entire nuclear inventory was later stolen from these warehouses right out from under the Americans’ noses.”

Loftus then cites Israeli sources who claim that the Iraqi nuclear program was transferred to the Deir az Zour province in Syria.

LOFTUS’S REPORT jibes with a report published on the Web site of Kuwait’s Al Seyassah’s newspaper on September 25, 2006. That report, which I noted last November, cited European intelligence sources and claimed that in late 2004 Syria began developing a nuclear program near its border with Turkey. Syria’s program, which was run by President Bashar Assad’s brother Maher and defended by an Iranian Revolutionary Guards brigade, had by mid-2006 “reached the stage of medium activity.” The Kuwaiti report stated that the Syrian nuclear program was based “on equipment and materials that the sons of the deposed Iraqi leader, Uday and Qusai transferred to Syria by using dozens of civilian trucks and trains, before and after the US-British invasion in March 2003.” The program, which was run by Iranians with assistance from Iraqi scientists and scientists from the Muslim republics of the former Soviet Union, “was originally built on the remains of the Iraqi program after it was wholly transferred to Syria.”

These reports and several others like them which have surfaced over the past several years tell us interesting and disturbing things. First, they show just how difficult it is to gather accurate information on the status of weapons of mass destruction programs.

From 1991 Gulf War until the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction programs were a top issue on the international agenda. And yet, year in and year out, UN inspectors, who were on the ground throughout most of the period, failed to provide an accurate picture of those programs. Indeed, the documents and reports regarding the transfer of those programs to Syria show those inspection reports were wildly off the mark.

Source: Center For Vigilant Freedom


A BIG part of the silence about the Israeli strike on the Syrian Nuclear Program is it would lend credence to our invasion of Iraq, and provide support for the upcoming attack on Iran.

Ron Paul is a Useful Man for Democrats

The Ron Paul story never seems to end -- and yet never seems to quite make it into the mainstream media. That's because, in the political equivalent of a bank shot, Paul's fringe support helps bleach embarrassing stains from the Democrats.

First there is the revelation that Jim C Perry, the "Orthodox Jewish" head of "Jews for Paul" also calls himself a gay pagan Unitarian.

Now it turns out that Perry, Paul's point man in response to questions raised by the Jewish Telegraph Agency, is also accused of stealing money from the local New Hampshire branch of the Libertarian Party. What a great guy! It's only an accusation. And the "Libertarian" Perry was in 2006 running for New Hampshire Legislature as a Democrat.

Oh yes: Then the federal raids started.

It turns out that some folks actually buy-in to Ron Paul's blither about US dollars being "phony money". Here Paul is talking about "phony money" at a recent Ron Paul rally outside the Philadelphia Mint with a large crowd including -- surprise, surprise, -- some more white supremacists. (Who show they fully understand the New Orleans protocol.)

Some of Paul's gold bug supporters been trying to pass so-called "Liberty Dollars" off as real currency at stores nationwide. Sleepy clerks have given them change in US currency for purchases. Raids have been conducted in the last few days by the FBI and Secret Service at Liberty Dollar HQ in a strip mall office in Evansville, Indiana, (that's not where I would be keeping three pounds of gold, but I digress) as well as Asheville, NC (here the segregationist ‘Council of Conservative Citizens' is very concerned) and a private mint located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Arrests were also made recently in Wisconsin (on their blogsite, these geniuses detail three places where the spent Liberty Dollars as if they were legal tender). In 2006 two arrests had been made in Buffalo, NY. The Evanston raid netted a huge load of "Ron Paul Dollars" apparently just delivered from Idaho and backed perhaps by the full faith and credit of... Ron Paul?

Source: The American Thinker


At least Asheville is getting some well-deserved recognition out of the Ron Paul Campaign!
And, I did happen to capture an exclusive video of a couple of Ron Paul Supporters sweating it out as they wait to see if the feds are coming for them===>

Texas Man Bats .500 When Gunning for Thugs

Source: Jawa Report


Praise the LORD and pass the ammo! This needs to be repeated across America every time someone has their home, or a neighbor's broken into. I would do the same for my neighbors, and I know one of them would for me (JR has all the fun toys!) and the other would wait until they passed his driveway to take 'em down because he prefers hunting from Tree Stands.

Blogs4Borders 111907

In this weeks edition:

Enrique Morones disses Jim Gilchrist, walking out on a planned debate like the coward he is.

Our border patrol under assault on the border.

100% Preventable! Just here to work? Tell that to the family of a little Ca. boy brutally raped by one of GWB’s “good people just here to work!”

Gilchrist vs. Morones video graciously provided by our good friend Stephen AKA Lone Wolf!

This has been the Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst. The Blogs For Borders Blogroll is dedicated to American sovereignty, border security and a sane immigration policy. If you’d like to join find out how right here.

West Carolina Report for Nov 19th

I have redesigned, and relaunched, my headline news site with a much cleaner design with room for expansion and multiple contributors.

I will no longer archive the headlines for more than a day or two, and will accept news articles and commentary for inclusion on the site, and will archive them as part of this blog for the time being.

Email me if you wish to participate with WCR somewhere in your subject line, if you know my personal email address, use that to ensure a quicker response from me.

If you are a Lefty, Libertarian, or Other, and not hooked up with one of the other bloggers in the area, I will be open to including your work in this effort...most especially if you are reporting on local government meetings or providing an account of a news story.

This is also the comment thread for the headlines and stories published over there today.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Life Returns to Normal in Baghdad

BAGHDAD—Since the last soldiers of the "surge" deployed last May, Baghdad has undergone a remarkable transformation.

No longer do the streets empty at dusk. Liquor stores and cinemas have reopened for business. Some shops stay open until late into the evening. Children play in parks, young women stay out after dark, restaurants are filled with families and old men sit at sidewalk cafes playing backgammon and smoking shisha pipes.

To be sure, Baghdad is still a violent and dangerous place. Pockets of territory remain under the control of the Al Qaeda in Iraq organization. Bandits and gangsters roam back alleyways. Explosions still rumble through the air, though far less frequently than they did a few months ago. Many issues remain unresolved and much could still go wrong.

But for the first time in years, Baghdad's residents are starting to remember what an ordinary life is like.

"I used to close my shop at 6 p.m. but now I stay open till 9 or 9:30. Then I walk home and I feel completely safe," said Jawad al-Sufi, 64, who runs the House of Hijab head scarf shop in the much-bombed district of Karradah. He had to replace his windows five times because of bombings outside his shop, but there has hardly been an attack in Karradah since September.

"It happened very suddenly," he said. "There was a sharp turnaround, right after Eid," the Muslim holiday in late October. "Since then, security has improved 85 percent."

It's not only that Baghdad is starting to feel normal. Statistics compiled by the U.S. military and the Iraqi government show that the violence has fallen significantly countrywide. Most of the figures are not broken out for Baghdad, but the capital has in the past accounted for a high percentage of the violence.

Source: Chicago Tribune
Related: The Torn Ultimatum
Releted: Troops and Locals Stop and Defuse 20 Car Bombs


The Surge has been successful beyond the Darkest Democrat Nightmare!

However, the relentless Democrats will continue to try to sabotage the mission in Iraq despite being warned by the Legacy Media that this will cost them the election in 2008 if they continue to play to the Moonbat Democrats, Loser Libertarians, and Idiot Ron Paul Supporters.
The strategy of President Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and the Generals in the Iraqi Theater have worked, and will continue despite the Treason of the Defeatocrats.

And this, on the heels of the IVAW (Iraqi Veterans for Treason) declaring our troops to be "baby killers." Shameful. It is too bad indeed that there are no whackjobs protesting in the far western counties of North Carolina to taunt
with this information.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

More on the Ron Paul Messiah Complex

At first, I thought it was cute, if sad, the losers on overpasses with their mothers bedsheets flapping in the wind with their love letters to Ron Paul spray painted on them for the world to witness.
The, these retards started gaming internet polls, calling for their members to go mob polls on websites to tilt the numbers in favor of their man. That is a dishonest act, sort of like ACORN or other groups who falsely register and often bus people to the polls on election day. This, I believe, reveals something about their character. That so many of them are willing to do these things in support of their candidate reveals something about that candidate as well, and it is not pretty. I smell a tyrant wishing to be born.

What set me off on this rant was the retards printing Ron Paul Coins at Liberty Dollar:
The ardent supporters of Rep. Ron Paul, the iconoclastic Texas libertarian whose campaign for the presidency is threatening to upend the battle for the Republican nomination, got word yesterday of a new source of outrage and motivation: reports of a federal raid on a company that was selling thousands of coins marked with the craggy visage of their hero.

Federal agents on Thursday raided the Evansville, Ind., headquarters of the National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and Internal Revenue Code (Norfed), an organization of "sound money" advocates that for the past decade has been selling a private currency it calls "Liberty Dollars." The company says it has put into circulation more than $20 million in Liberty Dollars, coins and paper certificates it contends are backed by silver and gold stored in Idaho, are far more reliable than a U.S. dollar and are accepted for use by a nationwide underground economy.

Norfed officials said yesterday that the six-hour raid occurred just as its six employees were mailing out the first batch of 60,000 "Ron Paul Dollars," copper coins sold for $1 to honor the candidate, who is a longtime advocate of abolishing the Federal Reserve. The group says it has shipped out about 10,000 silver Ron Paul Dollars that sold for $20 and about 3,500 of the copper $1 coins. But it said the agents seized more than 50,000 of the copper coins -- more than two tons' worth -- plus smaller amounts of the silver coins and gold and platinum Ron Paul Dollars, which sell for $1,000 and $2,000.
Source: Washington Post


The Ron Paul Worshippers are starting to creep me out, big time.

Friday, November 16, 2007

WLOS Profiles Lt Gov Beverly Perdue

Gag me with a spoon!
Which reminds me of the footage I shot of her speech at the 2007 Vance Aycock Dinner:

Civil Rights and Choices

The Carolina Stompers have some cogent thoughts on the matter.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Conservatives Own pro-Terrorist Hippies

The counterjihad had some fun with the hippies I posted about yesterday, and you can see what their calender looks like after the party. [Photo]

**UPDATE** WARNING...if you get the live calender to load, DO NOT click on the links, because some of them lead to stuff that is not suitable for work, and may scar you for life. (I just might be)

Major General James Simmons on the IED Threat

Watch the video here.

32 minutes 53 seconds in length.

Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project

The much whispered about Google Phone is here, except it isn't a's an open-source code for use on phones that will be built by other people, sort of what Microsoft is for computers. This could revolutionize the cell phone industry beyond recognition by allowing many minds to create whatever they will.

Since I live without TV, I have no idea what kind of buzz this is generating in the Legacy Media, and only heard about it this morning when I got around to reading Al Fin, who has a good overview.

The overview led me to the following video:

which led me to the android developers you tube page and website and the Open Handset Alliance.

And a wiki. Yay!

We live in very exciting times!

A Strategy For Hillary in 2008

The only way that Hillary Clinton can become the next President of the United States is if the Republican Party is divided like it was when her husband, William "BJ" Clinton was elected in 1992.

Here is a little known (or acknowledged) fact about those elections...if it were not for H. Ross Perot running as a Third Party Candidate, William J. Clinton would have lost the election nearly as badly as did George McGovern in 1972.

Here are the numbers from the top ten states (plus the District of Columbia) percentage wise for Clinton:

Source for numbers: USA Election Atlas


These numbers show that without H. Ross Perot, President George H.W. Bush would have been returned to office in 1992, and even though Congressman Ron Paul will not be able to attract nearly the level of support as Perot, he would still act as a spoiler for Hillary Clinton becoming the next President of the USA.

I can also guarantee you that Ron Paul will not be the nominee for the Republican Party in Minneapolis-St. Paul in 2008, and if gambling were legal...I would take all comers on that bet.

The current numbers are:

Giuliani 42.60
Romney 31.10
Paul 7.70
Huckabee 7.10
McCain 7.00
Fred 6.20

Source: Slate

This is one electronic poll the Ronbots can't fix!

Remember, a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for a Democrat, and the Socialism that will utterly destroy the U.S. Constitution, and destroy your credibility with the GOP in the future.