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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Terrorists Attack Britain

Photo Courtesy Sky News

There is a series of terrorist attacks underway in Britain right now, and I will be linking to coverage over at West Carolina Report as events develop this afternoon.

24 Hour Alert Tones

Luckily so far, they appear to be amateurs. Let's hope they don't trigger others sympathetic to their cause on this side of the pond.

Debate Thread 01

This for anyone over at Scrutiny Hooligans who wish to follow me home to continue the debate.

I welcome the opportunity to do so, should anyone take me up on it.


Across The Mountains 2007 Edition

A local newspaper, the Sylva Herald and Ruralite, has published an excellent glossy magazine, Across The Mountains, dedicated to the attractions of Jackson County, North Carolina.

If you are not close enough to drive and pickup a copy, you may download a pdf version of this year's and last year's editions. I just got through reading my copy, and I highly recommend it for those who plan to visit the area.

The Truth About Cuban Health Care

Or, How I Quit Worrying and Learned to Love Universal HealthHillary Care

One of the favorite things by Lefties is to try to present Cuban Health care as a "Model System" for the rest of the world. They usually get away with it because Cuba has become a Hell Hole under Communist Dictator Fidel Castro, that no one in their right mind goes there anymore.

The Cuban Government issues every tourist a "minder" while they are there, and interaction with the oppressed is severely limited. Nevertheless, word does get out, and so do photographs of the appalling conditions on the once tropical paradise.

Gateway Pundit has some of the photos, and exile Babalu has already debunked the Myth of the Cuban Health Care System.

And, who can forget about the Invisible Ones, who have been locked away by Lefty Fidel Castro for Reporting Truth. I guess Cuba has been under The Fairness Doctrine for many decades now, hmmm?

I hope our next President has the cojones to Liberate the Cuban People. It is within our power, and should be done.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Video: Hunting For a Red November

Senators Dole, Burr, and The Daily Planet

I'd like to thank both of North Carolina's US Senators for voting against cloture on the latest Amnesty attempt by those who would destroy America.

Who' would have thunk that Dole would be more sensitive to her constituents than Burr, who has been touted as more conservative than Dole.

This is a victory that belongs to the conservative grassroots movement, and is but one of many to come. 2008 is looking better all the time.

The Asheville Daily Planet has published an article about the Rally to Stop Illegal Immigration, and did a much better, and accurate job of reporting than the AC-T.
If The Daily Planet ever became a daily, I believe they would give the Waste of Times a run for their money inside the city limits of Asheville.

To recap my own coverage of the Rally, see below:

[part one]
[part two]
[part three]

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Is Elizabeth Edwards a Hypocrite?

Remember the Nutroots blogger hired by the John Edwards Campaign?

Check out this video of Elizabeth Edwards call-in to Hardball the other day, and an entertaining remix at Hot Air embedded below:

I am sooo glad that the HildaBeast is waxing the floor with the Breck Girl...I really think he is the most likely to win in 2008 if he could get the nod from the Primaries.

I think there is nothing so intolerant as a tolerant Lefty. [Link to an example]

Local Lefties on the kerfuffle:

Where's The Outrage?

Scrutiny Hooligans

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Asheville Rally Report part three

This is part three in a series about the Rally to Stop Illegal Immigration held Saturday in Ferguson Auditorium on the campus of AB-Tech in Asheville, NC.

Dr Carl Mumpower part 1

Dr Carl Mumpower part 2

Ron Woodard, of NC Listen, part 1.

Ron Woodard, of NC Listen, part 2.

Ron Woodard, of NC Listen, part 3.

William Gheen of ALIPAC part 1

William Gheen of ALIPAC part 2

William Gheen of ALIPAC part 3

and, below are placeholders for two more videos, featuring Lee Anthony Nievez, of You Don't Speak For Me, which are awaiting review from Revver.

Lee Anthony Nievez, of You Don't Speak for Me, part 1

Lee Anthony Nievez, of You Don't Speak for Me, part 2

Put Senator Burr on the Spot

with current Amnesty Supporter

Senator Richard Burr's office
Thursday, June 28th
8:00-10:00 am

All legal citizens of North Carolina Welcome

Be there to encourage our Senator do the right thing

Help make Richard Burr's unscheduled conference call on June 28th a success

If a sufficient number of citizens show up at Senator Burr's Winston-Salem office on Thursday from 8:00-10:00, it is likely that his staff will be able to locate him in Washington such that he can afford those he was elected to represent a few minutes in his busy schedule.

There is a conference room in Senator Burr's local office.
It has a speaker phone.
Richard Burr knows how to use it.

Contact the Senator:

Senator Richard Burr

2000 West First Street, Suite 508

Winston-Salem, NC 27104

Phone 800-685-8916 or 336-631-5125

Fax 336-725-4493


This will not be a march or street protest by lawbreakers.

This will simply be a spontaneous gathering of citizens asking for representation from their public servants.

Bring your cameras and cell phones not your signs and pitchforks. Senator Burr has one last chance to avoid facing the tar and feather crowd.

Only a handful of those who come out to Senator's Burr's office will be allowed inside to participate in any conference call. The rest will be able to know though that they helped make it happen.

Hat Tip: WCR Correspondent KR

Questions: Call Jim Capo at 336-253-1936

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Asheville Rally Report part two

This is part two in a series covering the Rally to Stop Illegal Immigration put on Saturday by the Action Club of Buncombe County Saturday in Ferguson Auditorium on the campus of AB-Tech in Asheville, NC.

part one

Fern Shubert, former District 35 Senator, spoke about a misleading study by UNC professors that downplayed the high cost of illegal immigration in North Carolina. The professors were selected by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Mexican Consulate.

part two

Fern Shubert continues with how North Carolina newspapers worked with the Democrat Party to condone and cover up mass murder in Wilmington, North Carolina. This event marked the start of the rule of Jim Crow in the south, and the removal of black Republicans from office, and their right to vote in North Carolina. She also discussed North Carolina Driver's Licenses for Illegal Aliens and the current effort to register them to vote.

Charles Thomas, NC House District 116, speaks Illegal Immigration in North Carolina, attempts to stop fraudulent Driver's Licenses and Social Security Numbers. He addresses attempts to pass reform legislation in Raleigh, the importance of contacting General Assembly members in person, and the lack of reform in federally issued identification since 9/11.
He closed with a warnning that certain politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, are using the issue to court the Illegal Alien vote.

After 5pm, I will add videos of Dr Carl Mumpower of the Asheville City Council, Ron Woodard of NC Listen, William Gheen of ALIPAC, and Lee Anthony Nievez of You Don't Speak For Me.

You can check for the newest available video by visiting my You Tube Channel.

Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst 062607

Domestic terrorism in California!

Arson on the border!

100% Preventable!

I know how sick I am of saying it, so I can only imagine how sick you
are of hearing it but, please take the time out of your busy schedule to
call your congresscritters! NumbersUSA gots the good stuff.

BFBVB member ThunderPig sent me video of an Pro-legal immigration (Im
tired of calling patriotic Americans who are against ILLEGAL immigration
anti anything) rally in his neck of the woods (North Carolina) after
the show had already been put to bed. Video
post here
, he will be updating so check back and bookmark him!

You can see all of Immigration Watchdogs of the Ted Hayes W/links to
pix and first hand accounts of the day, welcome to the blogosphere baby
this is how we do things!

This has been the Blogs For Borders Video Blogburst. The Blogs For
Borders Blogroll is dedicated to American sovereignty, border security
and a sane immigration policy. If you'd like to join find out how right

Monday, June 25, 2007

Asheville Rally Report part 1

This is part one of a series, including video and numerous photos of the event and people attending.

***Slide Show added to bottom of post. --TP 805am.

[Videos will be added later this morning when I get access to a fast internet connection. --TP]

Mobile Rally Banner

I attended the Rally to Stop Illegal Immigration held at Ferguson Auditorium from 2 to 5pm Saturday afternoon on the campus of AB-Tech by The Action Club of the Buncombe County Republican Party.

Bill Fishburne was the Master of Ceremonies and provider of factoids between speakers. He opened the meeting in Spanish.

The Reverend Dr. J. Wendell Runion, of WKJV Radio, led the Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.

Dr. Kathie Lack, President of The Action Club, welcomed everyone for their attendance on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. (There were at least 100 in attendance).

Video 01 --Opening Ceremonies

Kathy Rhodarmer, Vice-President of The Action Club, showed the famous gumball video 'Immigration By The Numbers," by Roy Beck, of NumbersUSA.

Andrew Dunn, of The Eagle Forum and Action Club, spoke to Illegal Immigration, including a quote of President Teddy Roosevelt on the importance of assimilation of new immigrants. He also addressed the importance of calling your local elected officials and voicing opposition to Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.

I will end part one with a link to local coverage, which will become more important when you see the video of William Gheen of ALIPAC.

AC-T Coverage

The Asheville Daily Planet had reporters in attendance, but their report is not online yet, and WLOS had a camera there, but I do not know if they aired any footage. If they sent a reporter, he/she/it kept a very low profile, and they left early in the event, before the keynote speakers spoke.

As per William Gheen of ALIPAC's request, please call Senator Richard Burr's DC Office [202-224-3154] and ask that he meet with William Gheen, and remind him that you are watching for his vote to oppose the Motion for Cloture, and to vote No on the Comprehensive Immigration Bill. 2010 is not that far away, and his vote will give us an indication to start looking for a replacement.

Slide Show

Link to Part Two of series.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Stop Illegal Immigration Rally in Asheville, NC

The rally is tomorrow at AB Tech. The red tape has been cut through, speakers lined up, Invitations sent, and other things I can't speak to just yet...just show up!

Saturday, June 23, at 2pm

Ferguson Auditorium

Laurel Building

AB-TECH on Victoria Road

Asheville, NC

PS A couple of our speakers will be on Take A Stand with Matt Mittan on WWNC-AM 570 sometime between 3pm and 6pm today.

WWNC Live Stream (Seems to only work in Internet Explorer for me)

Take A Stand Webpage

I will be posting photos and video sometime Monday morning and again around 5pm or so.

The Do Nothing Congress

The 110th Congress has passed 71 bills thus far. 31 of those bills have been signed into law. Of the 31, 17 were to rename federal properties.
Source: Redstate

Some people might complain about a Congress that does nothing. Not me! I am very glad that Congress remains in a multi-year deadlock that has existed for at least since the 107th Congress, and very glad that the Democrats will get a taste of just exactly what a slium majority in both Houses really means, and whet their appetites with seeing a President who has finally found his veto pen.
Sure, some big bills have been passed since the class of 107, but no where near all of them. Now, if there were a way to get Congress to repeal some laws...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Ice Age Cometh!!!

The Human-caused Global Warming crowd keep telling us "the science is settled," and are so fearful of their "facts," that they will not debate the thing, and expose it to criticism, like real science is conducted. The Global Warming hysteria is being pushed on us for political reasons, not scientific ones.
Now, more research is being devoted to the global climate, and the truth is coming out: we are headed for another ice age...perhaps as early as AD 2020.
I just hope it becomes patently obvious in the next decade, while I am still young enough to enjoy the snows that graced my youth.

Stock up on Snow Tires!

Climate stability has never been a feature of planet Earth. The only constant about climate is change; it changes continually and, at times, quite rapidly. Many times in the past, temperatures were far higher than today, and occasionally, temperatures were colder. As recently as 6,000 years ago, it was about 3C warmer than now. Ten thousand years ago, while the world was coming out of the thou-sand-year-long "Younger Dryas" cold episode, temperatures rose as much as 6C in a decade -- 100 times faster than the past century's 0.6C warming that has so upset environmentalists.

...and the payoff...

Solar scientists predict that, by 2020, the sun will be starting into its weakest Schwabe solar cycle of the past two centuries, likely leading to unusually cool conditions on Earth. Beginning to plan for adaptation to such a cool period, one which may continue well beyond one 11-year cycle, as did the Little Ice Age, should be a priority for governments. It is global cooling, not warming, that is the major climate threat to the world, especially Canada. As a country at the northern limit to agriculture in the world, it would take very little cooling to destroy much of our food crops, while a warming would only require that we adopt farming techniques practiced to the south of us.
Source: Financial Post

Hat Tip: Drudge Report

Behind Illegal Immigration & Amnesty

According to the press and liberals, greedy corporations and their friends in Washington, specifically rich white capitalist Republicans, are the driving force behind Senate efforts to legalize illegal immigration through S.1348 – the Senate Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007.

We know for certain that at least one rich white "compassionate conservative" is behind the anti-American Amnesty Agenda - President Bush. But who else is driving this agenda?

S.1348 was sponsored by new Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, (D-NV). The bill has four co-sponsors, Kennedy (D-MA), Leahy (D-VT), Menendez (D-NJ) and Salazar (D-CO). No rich white capitalist Republicans so far… Let’s keep looking.

Senate Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) took the bill directly to the Senate floor in an attempt to bypass any amendment process offered by the Republican minority and ramrod the Amnesty bill through the Senate without bi-partisan review or compromise of any kind.

Despite overwhelming dissent from the electorate, Reid (D-NV) attempted to invoke cloture, bringing the bill to an up or down floor vote. His effort to move the legislation forward failed with 34 YEAs and 61 NAYs.

Not one rich white capitalist Republican was counted among the YEAs. All 34 YEAs were Democrats, including presidential wannabes Hillary Clinton (D-NY), Joe Biden (D-DE), Barack Obama (D-IL) and Chris Dodd (D-CT).

So far, still no rich white capitalist Republicans found leading the charge for legalizing illegal immigration, other than Bush of course, who can hardly be referred to as "Republican" these days. He’s no more Republican as Joe Lieberman…not as Republican as Zell Miller…Neither are McCain or Giuliani unfortunately.

Source: New Media Journal

This Mexican Invasion will be one of the Hot Topics for 2008, and I predict our next President will be opposed to the Invasion, if I am reading the public mood correctly.

Also, be aware that this online magazine has a weekly internet radio show that is available at Blog Talk Radio. The show airs every week on Thursday nights from 8pm to 9pm Eastern, and is available shortly thereafter as a podcast.

Tonight's show will include information about Islamberg, a self-isolated community of Muslims who may be part of an effort to do us harm.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Peace Activist Gets 16 Years for Beating Dear Friend With Bat & Throwing Another Woman Through Window

I shamelessly stole the title for this post from Gateway Pundit, where he details the story of a violent peace activist.

I can report that most peace activists I have known are mean, nasty, and very unhappy people. I have also noted that heartfelt, derisive laughter has been known to cause a violent reaction in these same people.

I'm just sayin'...Have You Laughed at a Peace Activist Today?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Opera Guy

I first heard about The Opera Guy on Quinn and Rose the other day.

I will see if I can get the recording up in the morning of Quinn as he describes the video, and expounds on it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

A Taste of Scotland Photos

A gentle reminder to check out my photos of "A Taste of Scotland" in Franklin this past weekend. I have selected about 40 photos to post, and will be posting them for the next couple of days or so at my photoblog [Link], which is a pixel hog because I can't stand small pix on a computer monitor!

I have several video clips to upload, and will be working on that when I get access to a high-speed connection. I have at least a dozen of those I will post at my You Tube Channel [Link]

I won't feature all of them here, so be sure to keep checking You Tube.

Thanks to Mountain Xpress for noticing!

Bar Fight in the Blue Ridge: Screwy Responds

Screwy Hoolie has taken up the gauntlet thrown by John Armor.

This could get interesting should John respond.

Here is a partial response by me...

Here is more information on Union Card Check procedure that Screwy leaves out:

The union is conducting a "card check" organizing drive at my workplace, and I am not interested in union representation. What are my rights?

If a union collects signed "authorization cards" from 50% plus 1 of the employees in a particular bargaining unit, your employer could declare that the union is the exclusive representative of all employees without a secret ballot election. Thus, it is vitally important for employees to know that signing a union authorization card will likely mean that they will never get to cast a secret ballot for or against the union.
Be sure to read more at this website.

And beware that going Union will cost your employer a competitive edge, as it has with GM (to pick an obvious example):

Healthcare costs alone impose an average cost of $1,500 per GM vehicle. Unlike most U.S. private-sector workers, GM’s unionized workers do not pay deductibles on their health coverage. According to the UAW contract in force until 2007, GM’s hourly workers pay only 7 percent of their total healthcare costs, compared to 27 to 32 percent paid by the average U.S. salaried worker. Recent “concessions” by GM’s unions will slow the hemorrhaging, but they may be too little, too late.

In contrast, most foreign-owned auto plants in the United States are non-unionized. Their workers are not as generously compensated as GM’s workers, but they are relatively well-paid with good benefits. And because their employers are not saddled with the uneconomic pension and healthcare costs of a UAW contract, they can produce cars at a more competitive price, creating more opportunity and job security for existing workers. Michigan-based GM’s toughest competition these days is not from Japan, but from Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina and the other states where foreign-owned auto companies have established production facilities.

Source: CATO Institute

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Taste of Scotland: Dancers 1

These girls are The Scottish Highland Dancers of Greeneville, TN.
This is the first of three videos of them at the "A Taste of Scotland" festival in Franklin, NC.
I also have taken many photos which will be available at my photoblog.

Let Asheville Vote!

A Group of people are upset over the return to partisan elections in Asheville, and have started a petition drive, and now have a Yahoo! Group and a website called, Let Asheville Vote.

The Asheville Bloggers I am familar with have been silent on the issue, but not the Mountain Xpress, home of socialism in Asheville:

In a split and controversial vote, the Asheville City Council on Tuesday, June 12, decided to make the city’s mayoral and Council elections a partisan affair, pitting Democrats against Republicans (not to mention lesser parties and independents).

Mayor Terry Bellamy and Council members Jan Davis and Carl Mumpower voted against the measure. Those voting for it were Brownie Newman, Bryan Freeborn, Robin Cape and Vice-Mayor Holly Jones.

Unless a successful voter petition drive can be fulfilled within the next 30 days (followed by a voter referendum), the change will go into effect by the time of this year’s Sept. 11 primaries, followed by the city’s November general election.

Those voting against said the change was unnecessary and would hurt third-party candidates, who would be required to gather thousands of signatures via petition just to get on the ballot. Those who voted in favor said the move would help voters better decide who to vote for and should spur greater turnout, among other advantages.
Source: Mountain Xpress

Murder of US Naval Officer Provided a Window into the 21st Century

I remember the brutal torture and murder of Robert Stethem by Muslim Terrorists 20 years ago. I was angry at President Reagan for his lack of response. While we were doing good things in Nicaragua, I felt betrayed. I thought he had learned the lesson of dealing with nasty nastier. It works every time.

I was reminded of those days when I ran across a post on the Northeast Intelligence Network on my morning rounds:

15 June 2007: Twenty-two years ago today, U.S. Navy petty officer, Robert D. Stethem was savagely beaten, executed and thrown onto a hot airport tarmac in Beirut, Lebanon by Iranian backed Hezbollah terrorists during the marathon 17-day hijacking of TWA Flight 847. His lifeless body lay on the tarmac for hours, serving not only as proof of Islamist brutality, but as an omen of things to come. All of the Muslim terrorists who took part in the hijacking, killed Stethem and held the passengers and crew of the ill-fated flight incredulously remain free over two decades later.
Source: Northeast Intelligence Network

Friday, June 15, 2007

Bar Fight in the Blue Ridge: The Coming Battle for NC 11 by John Armor

Guest Commentary

Bar Fight in the Blue Ridge: The Coming Battle for NC 11 by John Armor

You'd think that what happens in western Carolina, in the 11th Congressional District, isn't very important to the powers-that-be in Washington. That's usually so. But not now. And two extraordinary events that have occurred a year and a half before the 2008 election for that seat, prove the point.
Some of you are aware of the TV ads now being run by AFSCME that paint freshman Congressman Heath Shuler, NC 11th, as a good guy. The ad sponsor's full name is American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. This union is committed to steady expansion of government at all levels, supported by more taxes at all levels.

Why is that union, part of the left wing of the Democratic Party, supporting Heath Shuler (who ran as a "conservative" Democrat) a year before he announces for reelection? It's simple. AFSCME is practical. If Shuler gets challenged by a hard-line liberal Democrat, like most of the Democrats who have run for this seat over the years, there are two possible bad outcomes. The liberal might beat Shuler and get trounced in the general election. Or, the liberal might damage Shuler so much that he will lose the general.

This exceptional action by this national union in 2007, has a clear meaning. The unions are trying to scare off any liberal competition for Shuler in his primary. It's a message that the unions are satisfied that they can work with Shuler for union issues in Congress.

And what gives them that assurance? Shuler has reliably voted with Speaker Nancy Pelosi on critical votes in the House, except when he sought permission to stray - on issues like stem cell research where she had the winning votes anyway, and Heath pleaded for a little independence for the sake of the folks back home.

Are the Republicans taking the 11th District as seriously in 2008? Yes, they are, as shown by the fact that the chief political strategist in the White House, Karl Rove, came to the District recently to address the annual Convention of the Republicans here. Why would someone that important show up here?

The 11th District was one of about 9 Districts which have been Republican for a decade or more, that should have stayed that way even in 2006, but which the Democrats managed to take. These few Districts make up almost half of the seats the Republicans need to retake control of the House.

Who are the voters in the 11th District? We have a few more Democrats than Republicans, but independents (those who "declined" to name a party) occupy the center, about 11% of the total. Many of the independents, and a significant number of the Democrats are like Zell Miller, former Senator from Georgia who lives just across the state line from us. These are, like Zell, conservative folks who happen to bear the label Democrat or independent.

The man who held this seat for the Republicans for 16 years, Charles Taylor, is making noises about running again. I think the only likely way for the Republicans to lose this seat to Shuler again, would be if Taylor gets the Republican nomination.

Here's why:

Taylor used to be one of the most powerful Republicans in Washington. He got himself in trouble in a number of ways. He wound up losing to a rookie with no experience - while spending a million dollars more than the challenger. Taylor was supposedly a sharp cookie. Shuler's obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed. But Shuler won in 2006.

For 2008, Shuler is stronger, Taylor is weaker. If it's the same race, the result will be the same. On the other hand, if the Republicans run an experienced, knowledgeable, honest candidate, both parties will bring in their big guns, but the Republican should win comfortably.

And, the 11th District is, next year, a mine canary for all the House races. Win or lose, the fate of the Republicans nationally will probably be the same as here, in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

[As a matter of full disclosure, the author ran for this seat in 2006, losing to Taylor in the primary.]

- 30 -

About the Author: John Armor practiced in the US Supreme Court for 33 years. He lives in the 11th District of NorthCarolina.
- 30 -

Taste of Scotland Festival in Franklin, NC

Scotland Rules in the Smokies!!!

Friday Night Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee means party!)

Food and Entertainment at the Big Bear Shelter on the Greenway.

5.00pm...Bagpipe Music with Jean Hayes

6.00pm...BBQ & Music by Patton Valley Strings

6.45pm...Performance by Kula & Truen


— Friday, June 15, 5 p.m. - “So You Want to Play the Bagpipes” Speaker: Piper Jean Hayes.

Jean Hayes is the official piper for the Tartans Museum. She pipes on Fridays throughout the summer for parades and events at the museum and competes at the Grandfather Mountain Games where she has won medals in Celtic harp. She will discuss the history of the bagpipes, demonstrate piping techniques and illustrate with familiar musical selections.

This seminar precedes the barbecue dinner at 6 p.m. and Ceilidh at the Big Bear Park and Playground at the Greenway on US 441 Business in Franklin.

— Saturday. June 16, - 1:30 p.m. “Why People Migrate

Speaker: Dr. Scott Philyaw.

Director of the Mountain Heritage Center and Professor of History at Western Carolina University. Dr. Philyaw will present the motivating philosophy of why people change location, a practice that has been the precursor in creating the world’s great cultures. It also helps us understand why Celtic people, and the Scots-Irish in particular, immigrated to America and found a homeland in the states along the Appalachian chain.

This seminar will take place in the assembly room at the Burrell Building across from the Museum.

— 3 p.m. “Scottish Traders and the Cherokee” Speaker: Bill Dyar.

Bill Dyar is a retired educator in the Macon County Schools and advisor to the National Champion Dance Team of the Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America. Dyar is devoted to the understanding of Indian culture and Cherokee culture in particular. He wears authentic Cherokee costuming and brings many artifacts to his presentation. He discusses the effectiveness of the Scottish traders among the native villages in Western North Carolina in the 18th century.

— Sunday. June 17, 1:30 p.m. “The Montgomery Tour” Walter Taylor and Carl McSween.

Both men are historians with the Scottish Tartans Museum and Heritage Center. They will host a bus tour south (15 miles) to the Little Tennessee Basin where Col. Montgomery and his British forces (using Scottish regiments) attempted to rout the Cherokee and burn their villages in the 18th century. The skirmishes are audibly recreated at various points along the tour with demonstrations of powder musket techniques and bagpiping. The tour ends at the Nikwasi Indian Mound, Historic Site in Franklin, where the Council House of the Middle Towns of the Cherokee stood.

Tickets must be purchased at the Tartans Museum before it closes on Saturday. Passengers will be picked up at (1) the Franklin Presbyterian Church at 1:15 and also (2) at the Museum at 1:30.

For more information about the seminars, contact the Scottish Museum at (828)524-7472 or mike swift at eswift@

Children’s Games

Children visiting the “Taste of Scotland” on Saturday will find activities planned for them in the children’s area behind the Burrell Building. Following each presentation of the sheep-herding, Scottish Games for the young people will be available, like pitching hay, tossing the caber (tubes from carpet rolls), and participating in tug of war and short track events. Participants’ ribbons will be awarded for each child taking part.

The Arts Council, headed by Director Bobbie Contino and her staff will help the children with Celtic crafts, such as making their own family crest and designing jewelry. A face painter will be available to paint their faces “Pictish Blue,” as Scots did before battle in the early days of the Dalriada.

Boy Scout Troop 202 will be assisting in the competitive events.

Border Collie Demonstrations

Border Collie Demonstrations will be held at the Taste of Scotland behind the Burrell Building on Saturday, June 16. Visitors will be able to watch the dogs work, to visit the animals and talk to the trainer, Bill Coburn of Windy Knoll Farms, in Laurens, SC.

Spectators will be able to hear the shepherd’s voice commands such as “stand”, “way to me” (go right), “come by” (go left), “lay down” and “that’ll do.” To work the dogs at a distance, these commands are translated into whistles. The program lasts about a half hour and will be repeated several times during the day. Check the program for times.

For more information, please visit The Scottish Tartans Museum website.

I'll be there, and hope to have some photos and video available tomorrow and Monday.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Local Talk Host Forcibly Removed from Asheville City Council Meeting

My previous post on this subject(mysteriously, or negligently!) disappeared.

So, here goes again:

Hat Tip to Tim Peck for the video, and Sandra for the alert to listen to WWNC.


The Asheville City Council has been on a tear to change over from non-partisan elections to partisan election. Specifically, Shadow Mayor Brownie Newman has been pimping for this idea.

I have supported it, because I see advantage to the GOP in this situation due to the neo-Stalinists on the City-Council showing their hand too early.

Tim Peck posting on issue.

By a vote of 4-3, Asheville City Council last night
voted to give political parties an unfair advantage and special protected access
to the local electoral process. With Councils' vote, the second largest block of
voters in Asheville, people who register as unaffiliated, will have to meet much
more stringent and restrictive standards to get involved in local politics than
those who are Democrats or Republicans. Council members Brownie Newman, Holly
Jones, Robin Cape and Bryan Freeborn not only voted to turn local elections into
partisan competitions, but they also voted to not allow public comment on the
issue last night. That’s at least consistent isn’t it? An interesting note,
there was a majority in support of having public comment until the city attorney
pointed out that having public comment on the issue last night would have
prevented them from enacting the measure in time to effect this years municiple
election. At that point, Bryan Freeborn changed his vote and denied public
comment to the chamber full of residents waiting to speak by a vote of 4-3.
Bryan Freeborn, by the way, wasn't even elected to City Council - he was
appointed... Interestingly enough - by the very people he voted with to restrict
the election process.After the vote to restrict public comment, the Council
quickly moved to pass the partisan election measure.

Source: Matt Mittan's post on his "removal" from the public square.

I will have more audio links later this afternoon after work, and culled snippets.

The Asheville City-Council Elections just got exciting!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Iraqi Freedom Journal #666

Video: "Tear Down This Wall"

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of President Ronald Reagan's challenge that marked the climax of the Cold War, or World War Three. We beat them so badly, they changed their name!

The Most Ethical 'Democratic' Congress Keeps Slush Fund for Secret Earmarks

I am sure we all remember Congress Critter Nancy Pelosi stating that the 110th Congress would be the most ethical Congress in History [Lefty Link]. Hopefully, none of you were driving, or had food in your mouth when you heard it. In my opinion, the most ethical Congress would be one that was composed entirely of Freshmen in their first term as public officials, but I digress...on to the story!

After election year promises of “the most ethical and open Congress in history,” transparency, House Democrats will include slush funds for billions in secret earmarks in each appropriations bill considered this year. House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-WI) has announced that secret earmarks will be inserted into the bills during conference committee – AFTER the bills have been considered on the House floor.
Source: RSC Blog

Putting the earmarks in AFTER passage on the floor sounds a bit...Unconstitutional to me, and an extremely underhanded way of establishing 'plausible deniability' at election time. Another plank of our Republic is in danger of being spirited away to Back Room Deals.

For those interested in voicing their opinion on this matter, the House of Representatives Switchboard is 202-225-3121. From there, you can be connected with the office of any Representative so that you might discuss your concerns on this issue with the staff of your selected Representative.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Video: Fred Thompson on Plutonic Warming

I'm neck-deep in a series of projects for the 2007 and 2008 Election Cycles, and found this while looking for something else.

Monday, June 11, 2007

OBAMA: The Musical

I still like the Sesame Street Version better!


Guest Commentary

Reading the news about the latest detainees of the Iranian government
almost makes me laugh. We are somehow supposed to get concerned and
upset, but I have a hard time doing so. The Iranian-American peace
activist from California, Ali Shakeri, is none other than the
founding board member of the University of California at Irvine - get
this - Center for Citizen Peace Building. He joins fellow peace
activists in the custody of the Iranian not-so-secret police. So far,
his mission to have ordinary Citizens build peace bridges has worked
splendidly. What an idiot.

The others are the director, no less, of the Middle East program at
the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, a planning
consultant for George Soros’ Open Society Institute, and a
journalist. Money well spent George. I bet you are dying to pick up
the phone and call the President to help rescue your buddy but you
can hardly do that after calling him Hitler, now can you? Soros, you
are a major butthead for sending people into hell for no good reason.
If you want to make peace so bad, go yourself. But I guess you
wouldn’t be around to spend your billions then would you?

And surprise, surprise Sergeant, all four are charged with
endangering Iran’s national security and could be found guilty of
espionage. Now, it really doesn’t matter whether they were spies,
which they probably are not. They are very high minded intellectual
geniuses who just know in their liberal hearts how to get the U.S.
and Iran to the bargaining table to settle all our differences.

Fat chance. This entire episode should be a good lesson to every
Berkeley loon and all the liberals, like Hillary, Barack and Breck
Girl, touring our nation touting how awful George Bush is and how
wonderful Iran is by comparison.

Let’s see. By last count the United States had no peace activists on
its soil imprisoned for espionage. Hell. The way our borders are and
with the attitude of the Federal Government we can’t even keep the
invading terrorists with the nuclear and biological weapons under our
thumbs. How could we possibly care about peace activists and what
they are doing? If I recall this week, they seem to be resigning from
the movement in droves anyway. Maybe they could do more good in Iran
for us? At least they would be out of our hair. Anyone want to buy
Jesse Jackson a one way plan ticket to Tehran?

Now conservatives have said this until we are blue in the face. The
Iranians do not want peace. The mullahs and Achmedinejad want us
dead. They will accept any method to accomplish their goal. If they
have to wait us out and simply arrest our citizens one at time as
they show up to help promote peace, I think they are fine with that.

I notice the mainstream media is completely missing the point. If
anyone would be safe in Iran, it should be a dual citizen of Iranian
descent who has shown a completely pacifist bent and worked hard to
demoralize and destroy the United States with their intellectual
prowess and infect our young adults with their same brand of
misguided enthusiasm for establishing peace.

Peace is great. When both sides want peace. When one side (Iran)
wants you dead, and says so daily to the world press, you would think
these brilliant scholars would get that. They would understand, steer
clear, and not get involved as they have. We tried to warn them. They
don’t listen. They are much smarter than you or I. But I have to ask.
Who is sleeping naked in a dark foreign jail cell tonight?

It is like the old joke about the world’s smartest man who jumps out
of the airplane with the hippie’s backpack instead of the parachute,
as he proclaims he is too valuable to die in a crash.

These men are too worthless for us to raise a military finger to
rescue them. They went there voluntarily, knowing full well they had
walked into a lion’s den. If you juggle fire, at some point you are
going to get burned.

So enjoy the circus folks. The Iranians will keep taking our liberal
elite hostage for as long as we let them go over there. I wonder what
Nancy Pelosi is doing this coming weekend? Hmmm. You think we could
convince her to go on one of those extended peace missions she has
been so successful with lately?

The only laughter that will be harder to control is when the Berkeley
City Council proposes the use of force to rescue their intellectual
friends, because they were unfairly targeted. The Iranians, they will
say, are being intolerant! You think?

People can come to the U.S. and blow us up for years and we hardly
lift a finger. But if we go over there and try to promote peace in
Iran, we would disappear from the face of the earth.

Now tell me liberal children, who has an evil nation and who has a
friendly one? Come on. You can say it. We all know the answer.

Stay out of foreign policy liberal people. You are cowards, afraid of
your own shadows, seeing conspiracies that aren’t there. You ascribe
the worst intentions to us, and the best to them. And so far, they
have proved you wrong consistently. Leave diplomacy and warfare to
the conservatives. You aren’t good at it.

-Mr X

Authority is granted to reproduce this article at will provided the
notice is given that the contents are copyright 2007 Mr X.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Looney Liberals Lose Again!

One of Quinn's Laws (the first) states that "Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent. Similarly, government bureaucracies never solve problems, they manage them and exacerbate the ones they created by interfering with market forces and processes. "

In 1972, enviroweenies decided to make an artificial reef out of old tires, even receiving an okey dokey from the Army Corps of Engineers. Now, 35 years later, the tires have created a dead zone in the ocean and some 700,000 must be retrieved from the sea.

An excerpt from the article:

Brian Skoloff, The Associated PressFORT LAUDERDALE, FLA.
- It took only days to create what was touted as the world's largest artificial
reef in 1972, when a well-intentioned group dumped hundreds of thousands of old
tires into the ocean.
But the tires turned out to be a reef killer, turning
a swath of ocean floor the size of 31 football fields into a dead zone.
Military crews began retrieving the tires this week from about 70 feet
underwater, where they had broken loose from bundles and wedged along a natural
reef. As of Thursday, they had pulled up about 1,600 of the estimated 700,000
tires that must be hauled to the surface.
The tires are "a constantly
killing coral-destruction machine," said William Nuckols, who is coordinating
the cleanup. "They had to come up."
The dumping of nearly 2 million tires

Source: News Observer

Hat Tip: Don Yelton

How Many Islambergs Are There?

The story of Islamberg is finally breaking through to the Legacy Media after more than two years of awareness in the blogosphere. Shoot, even a local radio show addressed the problem of Jemaat al-Fuqra in October of 2005, and I have the CD to that show around here somewhere when the Baron discussed it in some detail.

An excerpt:

a school bus located within the compound of Islamberg - a bus like our children ride to school, we need to be paying close attention to what is taking place inside America and in our own back yards. This bus appears to hold distinctions few other school buses have... windows that appear to have been "blown out" from the inside, and holes that resemble and appear to be bullet holes into its exterior shell.

Evidence from the JFK Airport plot proves that not only are there Islamic terrorists in this country - they are practicing for urban warfare.
There was a compound in Colorado, still is one in Red House, Virginia, and more scattered throughout the country.

How many more Islambergs are there?

Friday, June 8, 2007

The POSTED PENALTY for Illegally Crossing the Border


Illegal Entry Into the U.S. is a Felony subject to a $5,000 fine, or imprisonment for no more than 1 year, or both.
The law has been confirmed. It does, indeed, exist. Illegal Aliens are ALREADY subject to a $5,000 fine. Why should we trust that the government will... enforce THIS NEW fine when they have ignored the one already in effect? Why do they have to write A NEW LAW, when one already exists? Every illegal alien in the US is already subject to a $5,000 fine.

The $5,000 fine for entering the country illegally is already in existence under Title 19, USC 1459. The $5,000 fine is for a first offense. Each subsequent offense carries a fine of $10,000. There is also a criminal penalty of up to one year in prison for violation of this code. There are signs posted on the US/Mexico border in both English and Spanish that clearly state the following.


Here is the text of Title 19, USC 1459 FEDERAL LAWS: Title 19, USC § 1459 Section (f) and (g). Reporting requirements for individuals (f) Civil penalty. Any individual who violates any provision of subsection (e) of this section is liable for a civil penalty of $5,000 for the first violation, and $10,000 for each subsequent violation. (g) Criminal penalty. In addition to being liable for a civil penalty under subsection (f) of this section, any individual who intentionally violates any provision of subsection (e) of this section is, upon conviction, liable for a fine of not more than $5,000, or imprisonment for not more than 1 year, or both.
Illegal aliens that are apprehended are returned to their homeland under the Department of Homeland Security's "Catch and Return" policy with no payment of the $5,000 fine. Many will make the journey back across the border at a later date which means they are subject to the initial $5,000 fine plus a $10,000 fine for each additional crossing. Some are caught and return on numerous occasions until they make it through. Every illegal alien apprehension, to include multiple apprehensions of the same individual, are on record. Let's assume that an illegal alien has made 3 trips across the border. That individual's fines would total $25,000 ($5,000 first offense, $10,000 each for the 2nd and 3rd.). Under this bill, the individual will only be required to pay the initial fine of $5,000. This bill actually provides an amnesty for the individual's 2nd and 3rd fines!
See Catch and Return Policy here:
The $5,000 fine for the first offense and $10,000 fine for subsequent offenses have not been enforced. The additional $1500 is a processing fee. The cost for citizenship to those who violate our immigration laws is a fine of $5,000 and processing fee of $1500. Had enough? Let's kill this bill and secure our borders. Let's demand that the border fence be built as required per the Secure Fence Act LAST YEAR.Lets tell Congress to ENFORCE the REAL ID ACT Passed in 2005 !!! Lets tell Congress to COMPLY with THEIR PROMISE OF NO MORE AMNESTIES !!!

Hat Tip: Windows

The Battle Against 21st Century Communism

Fjordman is blogging at the Gates of Vienna again, so go read what he has to say on a series of subjects near and dear to my heart, Defending Liberty and Resisting Oppression:

Perhaps the new frontier of liberty in the 21st century consists of
battling for national sovereignty in legislation, for a nation’s right to decide
how much immigration it wants to accept, if any, and the fight against the
imposition of quotas, hate speech laws, hate crime legislation and other threats
to the individual’s right to free speech and to defense of his own property, the
yardstick against which liberty should always be measured

And a Supporting Comment led me to this wonderful observation:

The original strategy to destroy America, employed by the Frankfort School,
came from Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci who realized that in order to
achieve a Socialist victory, cultural institutions would have to be infiltrated
and subverted. Gramsci realized that America, steeped in traditions of freedom
and liberty, would never to succumb to a frontal assault and its workers were
too busy accumulating capital to allow themselves to be used as cannon fodder
for a bloody revolution.
Theodor Adorno
The Frankfort School would patent
the familiar "Critical Theory" which was accurately defined by a student as the
"essentially destructive criticism of all the main elements of Western culture,
including Christianity, capitalism, authority, the family, patriarchy,
hierarchy, morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism,
nationalism, heredity, ethnocentrism, convention, and conservatism." Under
Critical Theory, anything emanating from the west is to be libeled and attacked
over and over again while at the same time, anything emerging from a
"progressive" country or group is to be applauded including the murder of over
100 million people. All blame for societal and economic ills are to be shifted
to the west.
The saturating drumbeat of Critical Theory would lead to
"Cultural Pessimism" which is when a person grows to loathe the society, which
nurtured him and provided him unprecedented levels of success. This describes
the attitude of so many leftists living in comfort and safety yet viewing
America, the society that made their lifestyle possible, with hatred and
contempt. I am amazed by the degree in which both Critical Theory and Cultural
Pessimism has been internalized by all of us.

And the end of the article:
The forth horseman, Brandeis professor Herbert Marcuse, was the pied piper of the sixties as he fostered the development of, as Buchanan points out, "radical youth, feminists, black militants, homosexuals, the alienated, the asocial, Third World revolutionaries, all the angry voices of the persecuted 'victims' of the West." In "Eros and Civilization" Marcuse encouraged sex and drugs and introduced "polymorphous perversity" where all moral and cultural order is rejected. Marcuse coined the slogan "Make love not war" and was a cult figure on College campuses. His book "i" advocates educational dictatorship. He calls for "Repressive Tolerance" which means "intolerance against movements from the right, and toleration of movements from the left." When the left speaks of tolerance, this is what they mean.

The Frankfurt School would mainstream the dicktat of the Moscow Central Committee laid down in 1943. This declaration, right from the horse's mouth, illustrates exactly what were up against:

"Members and front organizations must continually embarrass, discredit and degrade our critics. When obstructionists become too irritating, label them as fascist, or Nazi or anti-Semitic...The association will, after enough repetition, become 'fact' in the public mind."

The last last paragraph explains nearly the whole of tactics used by the left in their arguments.

North Carolina Mental Health Mess[BUMPED]

This was first posted on June 5, 2007. I am bumping it back to the top due to the local paper finally getting around to printing the story. Excerpts and link to the story are after this post. [TP]

I've seen article in newspapers [News & Observer] and read blogs [Scrutiny Hooligans] that have addressed a need for state funds for a state health system.

Yesterday, it became real for me as far as possible consequences of not funding the mental health system. I sat in a courtroom in Macon County, and witnessed a man being sentenced to 288 plus months in prison for a 16-count sex crime against a 13 year-old girl. What does that have to do with mental health?

According to testimony, the man was being treated for a type of Bipolar Disorder with Manic episodes. I don't know what that means on the surface beyond what is available in poular culture and having had a friend who was bipolar. The man had been treated for his condition for something like two decades, until 2003, when the state mental health system was broken up, and funds were no longer available for therapy. This man was hospitalized numerous times during the "manic phase" of his condition.

Also, according to testimony, during the manic phase, people tended to engage in pleasure seeking experiences. Sometimes this would be sexual in nature.

The story is ugly in this case. Apparently, according to court testimony, the 13 year-old came from a bad family situation, and it was alleged that the father of the girl even took the girl to this man's home to "spend the night." The girl , and other siblings have been removed from the home.

The crimes took place over a period of time, and an alert bus driver can be thanked for noticing that the girl would get off and on the bus occasionally in a place that was not her normal stop. On the occasion that resulted in the eventual arrest of the perpetrator, the girl had an overnight bag, and when questioned, told the driver the name of the man she was "spending the night" with. The alert driver called the sheriff's office.

I will not go into detail about the evidence due to it's graphic nature.

I cannot help but wonder if this man had been in therapy if this crime would have happened. I am not saying that the man was not culpable. He was, and is. He, in my opinion, got off light. The little 13 year-old girl did not.

I wonder how many more cases like this are out there?

**Note** I will add links to the local papers when they are published, so you can see the details. The story weighed on my heart, and I could not hold on to it while the Legacy Media dithered.

Franklin resident Michael David Hurwitz, age 48, was convicted after pleading guilty to 16 felony charges of statutory rape of a person who is 13 years of age. Resident Superior Court Judge J.U. Downs sentenced Hurwitz serve an active prison term of a minimum of 24 years and a maximum of 29 years, seven months.
[snip to end of article]

The case was ready to go to trial Monday before Hurwitz pled guilty. Hornsby said that the trial would have likely lasted four to five days. Hurwitz tried to plead earlier in the case that he was bi-polar and didn’t know what he was doing. The prosecution’s evidence was very strong and included physical evidence that is normally not present in similar cases.
Source: Macon County News


The reporter covering this story completely ignored the testimony of the defense at the sentencing hearing, apparently failing to connect the failure of the state mental health system with the cessation of therapy the perpetrator had been receiving. That is, if the reporter actually attended the sentencing and was relying on word of mouth or a release by the Sheriff's Department or Court.

As Screwy mentioned in the comments, treatment is cheaper than incarceration. I agree, in terms of financial considerations, time spent by all involved in the case, the moral cost to the victim, her family, and those who will have to try to help her recover from this crime---if that is even possible.

I will be contacting my state representatives to use this case as an example of the type of things that could be prevented by having at least some sort of safety net available.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ron Paul Teleconference Tonight at 9pm

Wanna hear 9-11 Conspiracy Kooks?

Call (605) 475-8500 and use Code 592984 at the prompt.

The Teleconference will begin at 9pm, so get in early and be prepared to be entertained!

What if D-Day Happened in 2007?

Only too true...just look at the lopsided reporting, and editorializing about Iraq.

Quiz: Nerd, Geek, or Dork?

I found a link to this quiz on Ogre's Politics & Views, and unsurprisingly, finished in the 99 percentile in all categories!

Your Score: Modern, Cool Nerd

78 % Nerd, 73% Geek, 26% Dork

For The Record:

A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia.

A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one.

A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions.

You scored better than half in Nerd and Geek, earning you the title of: Modern, Cool Nerd.

Nerds didn't use to be cool, but in the 90's that all changed. It used to be that, if you were a computer expert, you had to wear plaid or a pocket protector or suspenders or something that announced to the world that you couldn't quite fit in. Not anymore. Now, the intelligent and geeky have eked out for themselves a modicum of respect at the very least, and "geek is chic." The Modern, Cool Nerd is intelligent, knowledgable and always the person to call in a crisis (needing computer advice/an arcane bit of trivia knowledge). They are the one you want as your lifeline in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (or the one up there, winning the million bucks)!


Also, you might want to check out some of my other tests if you're interested in any of the following:

Link: The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test written by donathos on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

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Blogs For Borders Video BlogBurst 2007 0605

Check out the post at Freedom Folks.

Video: Remembering D-Day

Flash Traffic: The Invasion of Europe Has Begun

audio hosting by Twango

Part One

audio hosting by Twango
Part Two

A 7am News Report from June 6, 1944 ripped from XM Radio Channel 4 which is running an all-day Special Report, in real time of the reports from Fortress Europe, as they become available.

I thank God we had such men, and still do.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Insight on freedom Back in Business!

Attention: "INSIGHT on Freedom" readers and commenters!

INSIGHT on Freedom has been reviewed and released (UNLOCKED) by Blogger effective today, 6-04-07!

Is this record time… or what?

Thank you for your moral support, and your concern, and for standing with another Blogger. It matters not which side of the political spectrum you inhabit, Bloggers truly do form a tight community stretching across the web. It has proven to be a caring community and one, which is quickly moved to support other bloggers, if, and when, the need arises.

We, here at IoF, will continue to produce conservative commentary for your perusal, your consideration, and your discussion. We invite you to visit often. Leave your thoughts and your comments. They are all appreciated!

Thank you, again, and warmest personal regards,


Remembering Tiananmen Square

I remember the students massacred at Tiananmen Square by the Chinese government. I also remember the weak response by the West in general and President George H.W. Bush in particular. Not one of the leaders of Western governments possessed an ounce of the courage that filled the students in that square.
I wonder how many were killed, how many still languish in prison? How many still perform hard labor?

A Photo Essay can be found at Christus Rex

The National Security Archives has a Declassified History

Wikipedia has a page as well.

I tend to have a visceral reaction to seeing someone living under oppression, and would like to see our government do more to spread the liberty that we enjoy here. My instinct is to oppose the strong centralized governments that are so effective at quashing people's God-given Right to Free Speech. I salute the memoryu of the students at that Square, and hope that our people will display that kind of courage when our time comes to oppose an oppression here. The big difference here is that tens of millions will have weapons, and a few hundred thousand will have more than just sidearms and hunting rifles.