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Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day 2005

I wish to honor the memory of our fallen heroes, words fail me, our nation has been blessed beyond belief by both quality and quantity. God has blessed us.

Memorial Day link ====>

Saturday, May 28, 2005

I've added links and am feeling better

I've added some links I think are interesting. I still need to figure out how to put them in useful categories, like news, blogs I like, Space Stuff, TV Stuff, local news and so on. Most of the time, until I get moved in to my new place, I only have internet access from, say midnight to 6am. SInce I am usually asleep by 8pm, my margin is kinda slim right now. On Saturdays, or when it rains, I can go to the public library or Western Carolina's Hunter Library and get some time.

This morning, I've bought some expectorant (cough, cough, spit, eww!), and look forward to feeling much better. I bet I've slept 30 - 40 hours in the past two and a half days!

Friday, May 27, 2005

I left work early Wednesday due to a bad sore throat that got increasingly worse throughout the day and when I started exhibiting flu-like symptoms, I booked. Thursday was pretty rough. I slept pretty much the whole day, and sipped on TheraFlu and beef broth. I don't feel as weak now, but i still have this annoying sore throat that only hurts when I try to swallow. At first I thought it was strep, but now I believe it could have been tonsilitis?

No comments on the news because I haven't really cared or been concious enough to pay attention. I did manage to get through on "Take A Stand with Matt Mittan" on Wednesday before I gave in to sickness. Matt opened his show with a rare focus on international events, with Iraq, North Korea, and China being discussed and he couldn't see why we were in Iraq when the DPRK was more of a threat.

I had to wait on hold for 22 minutes before I got through, with most of my points still not brought up. My thoughts on why we were in Iraq was the "honeypot" theory that our forces attract terrorists to Iraq instead of here, and with an Eye toward future actions in Iran and/or Syria in addition to getting rid of Saddam.

I agreed that the DPRK was a more serious threat and should be handled differently. I pointed out that missile defense needed improvement before we went in to safeguard against a possible missile launch. The biggest threat, in my opinion, is the threat of an EMP attack. It would be far more devastating than a nuclear attack on a west coast city, as horrible as that would be to our nation. Others and the host brought up theories I hadn't considered and kinda scared me. More later when I feel better.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The real power in America is with the judges

This whole filibuster battle is over appointing judges that have the ability to overturn legislation, executive decisions, and the will of the people. That is the crux of all the rhetoric. Our constitutional Republic is sliding toward a tyranny ruled by judges. One of the next things to watch for is an attempt to do away with the electoral college because that keeps one region of the nation from dominating the others due to population.

Yesterday at work I killed a six-foot snake with a dull machete one of the mexicans threw to me. That is something I could do without. The local talk shows were good, even the money man, Doug Alden, had some interesting things to say. My local internet provider has a daily poll, and it concerned the filibuster debate. I will leave you with the results as of my log in:

Percent Question
37.14 It was a solid resolution that ensured at least seven judges get a
48.57 A poor compromise that accomplishes little in the long run.

14.28 What filibuster battle?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

What is up with the Republicans?

Seven republicrats have caved to the democrats and punted the filibuster debate down the field. I truly believe that these seven should not be returned to office and other candidates supported during their next primary. The senator from Arizona can kiss ANY chance at becoming president BU...BYE! I will lobby against him with all my abilities (such as they are).

BTW, my weekend went well, and I slept LOTS. I do have a product reccommendation that is unpaid and unsolicited. If you have a chainsaw and use Oregon chains, change to Stihl. The difference is night and day.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Illegal Immigration: Problem or Opportunity?

I listen to a LOT of Talk Radio from 7 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, provided it doesn't rain. Luckily, I mostly work alone, outside, and with people who don't speak much (English).

One of the common problems discussed is that of illegal immigration. I've heard the immigrants called everything from 'undocumented workers' to an 'invading army bent on returning the land to Mexico'.

Personally, I am torn on this issue. As a very right wing conservative, I see that it is a double standard to allow one group of people to BLATANTLY disregard the law. I know that if i legally left the U.S. and returned illegally, there would be a high likelyhood that I'd be spending some time incarcerated. I ask... Why Is This So?
On the other hand, I am personally acquainted with some illegals. They are, for the most part, exceptionally hard workers and friendly, fun-loving people. They know the value of hard work and a job well done. We work side by side most days.

I realize that illegal immigration, if allowed to continue unchecked, will result in a fundamental change in our nation, from simple demographics to culture, from language to religion.

There are, I think, three basic ways to handle the illegal immigration situation. Two are on either extreme of the spectrum, and one dead in the middle. They are:

Option A: Close The Borders And Throw 'Em Out!
Option B: Business As Usual
Option C: Welcome Them And Convert Them!


This is the option that I believe most right-wingers could accept.
Creation of a true Border Patrol with the introduction of another branch of the military called the USBG. No, not the United States BeeGees, the United States Border Guards. This service could initially draw from recent military retirees, servive transfers, law enforcement, and eventually, from a pool of recruits who have gone through proper boot camp and language schooling.

this force would be stationed along the border in facilities from which could be launched manned and unmanned surveillance aircraft, conducting the lions' share of the patrol duty. When crossings are noted, then Quick Response units would be vectored in to take the offenders into custody.
They would be identified via biometrics and, on the 1st offense, taken to a border crossing and released. I call this stage the Tag and Release.
On future encounters with the USBG, the offenders would be held, subjected to a ,military tribunal, and sentences carried out from release again to a more lengthy stay in America before a repeast release. Each time, the sentences would increase, with a three strikes and you're out policy.

These prisons would be set up on the idea of being self sufficient in food grown and working in factories with excess capital being reinvested in the service, and the prisoners being paid funds into accounts which they could access after release.


Change nothing.
This would satisfy most on the left.


This option stands conventional wisdom on its head and would anger most on the right and left. This is what I call the third way.
What would happen if we stopped resisting them and resenting them, and instead welcomed them into our culture?

We set up welcome stations along the border to welcome them into the country, registered them for work, entered their biometrics into a database and give them Guest Worker Cards. For those who choose to stay, they would be put on a path to American Citizenship. They would be indoctrinated into our history (real history), culture, language; with them earning privilige points along the way.

I believe this option would result in them becoming, for the most part, patriotic and productive Americans. Remember this, ours is virtually the only country for which people risk their lives to enter; not to leave.

Maybe options A and B are impossible and we will be stuck with B, but I will leave you with a poem written by Emma Lazarus which is insribed on the Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World in the harbor of New York City. I ask that you read these words aloud to yourself and ponder their meaning.


Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of exiles. from her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
"Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Giveme your tired, your poor.
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bill Whittle has posted another essay...Go!

Here is the link====> click now, you will thank me later. it will take a while to read.

Yesterday was a rough. Ever try to dig out a silt fence half buried in dirt, pull the already driven stakes out, and relocate it a couple of feet away? Don't. Unless, of course, your employer tells you to do it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Newsweek has Fellow Travelers

This whole thing with Newsweek has changed my perspective from indifference to the Legacy Media to outright active opposition. To me, they have declared themselves as not being with us, to whit: If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then the friend of my enemy is my enemy. NBC news even took to repeating rumors of American disrespect for Muslms written in Arab newspapers. So much for fact checking and investigative reporting. In my opinion, Michael Isikoff and John Barry should face charges of manslaughter, and Mark Whitaker should be an accomplice. Their confidential source should be tried in abstentia on perhaps 2nd degree murder. The magazine should be held financially liable for damage caused by the riots and to the families of the dead, whether they were for or against us. . The foxnews sory can be found on the following link:,2933,156612,00.html

The inmates at Gitmo were captured during the US-led war against the Taliban in Afghanistan-- and a goodly number of hem were from other countries-- Hmmm... Under the Geneva Convention, combatants on the field of battle have no protections afforded them and can be summarily executed because they are without uniforms and are not serving under a nation that is a party of the Treaty. Go look it up for yourself.

Yesterday went well, although I was very tired at the end of the day. I sawed some logs, cleared some brush, burned a brushpile, listened to the radio all day. On WZNN, Bill Fishburne was absent due to his lovely bride Barbara having surgery (They are in my prayers), and Brian, the Engineer/Producer performed the role of one armed paper hanger as he did the button pushing and talking. I was poised to call in and fill time, as I'm sure others did, but it was not needed. At noon, Ken Bagwell interviewed an anti-abortion activist who had worked at a hospital that pefformed abortions where they induced labor and let the babies die after delivery. I believe that Ken is one of the best interviewers out here. His show is called "Heads Up America" and he has a website of the same name.
I've linked to his site under the name of Ken Bagwell. The radio station is streaming so you can hear it at click on the listen live button on the left column.

House cleaning from yesterday, 570 wwnc is live streaming, yesterday was their first day. What a coincidence, huh?


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

NPR debate and Newsweek comment

Monday went well. At my job, I cut up some logs and brush; stacked them for burning today. I had to keep my eyes open for dumptrucks turningaround to get into position for the trackhoe to load dirt excavated for a basement.
I will soon get a digital camera so I can post pix of some of the things I post. I listen to a Sony Walkman all day most days at work. It is a 4 band (TV/Weather/FM/AM) model SRF-M37V. In fact Iam listening to it as I WLAC 1510-AM. Coast To Coast AM is on now. Possible war with China and/or North Korea is being discussed. Real cheerful stuff.

Anyhow, the highlight program was a local talkshow that aired from 3 to 6 pm yesterday called "Take A Stand with Matt Mittan" on WWNC 570-AM out of Asheville NC, it is syndicated on WMFX? 1400-AM out of Waynesville NC. The major opening topic was feds v NPR and political bias. The host was against the feds getting involved, and his producer/engineer was for it. I managed to get in first and agreed with Forrest, and added that I thought if a preacher could be muzzled politically to preserve what amounts to gov't subsidy, then NPR (I listen daily on the ride in to work...over an hour) which is liberally biased, should either refrain from reporting the news, or become more balanced in its reporting.
Most of the other callers agreed. The official website for the show is at and has a live chatroom during the show. I can't participate because I am working. There may be live streaming at the radio station, you'll have yto goolge the call letters, frequency and host to find out, sorry. Ooops! it is time for me to fix breakfast and go to work.


I also threw out a comment on the Newsweek fake story stating that I thought since people died, people at Newsweek should go to prison. I also stated that I'd never buy another Newsweek again.

Shoot, if you kill someone in an accident while driving, you get charged with at least manslaughter. I think the deaths and permanent harm to the US reputation in the Muslim world (not that they'll believe ANY retraction) will cost unknown losses to our troops and possibly to civilians as well demands repurcussions to the staff and property of that flushable newsrag. Okay, I'm off the soapbox. See Ya.

Monday, May 16, 2005

The Weekend in Review

My weekend was okay. Iwent over to the new homesite with my lawnmower to cut the grass Friday. WOW! The grass was over three feet tall. I forgot that since the place is around 2,000 ft altitude, has full sun, and is on the southwest slope of a mountain range...growth is turbocharged compared to where I am now at 3,000 feet in a holler seeing only 6 hours direct sunlight in the full summer. Here the fields are only about 6 inches high. I'll have to let someone cut it for hay since I don't have a Bush Hog;(

Saturday was a little better. I went to the public library and decided to start my blog when I had only 15 minutes left on the computer. I'm not a touch typist, so I'm proud I got something out. Otherwise, I was behind two weeks onmy viewing of "Andromeda" on the SciFi channel, so I caught up with parts 1 & 2 of 'Heart of he Journey', I hope that these weren't the last episodes with the earth getting blown up and the abyss being killed. Nah, they'll think of something, this is on a lot of channels. I've only been watching it for a little over a yaer and I'm hooked. Also watched a documentary? on LinkTV about some tribesmen on a coffee plantation somewhere in Africa fighting other tribes and their boss. the boss left them the plantation and they were close to starving at the end, and minus a few warriors. It was weird to see men and boys dressed half in tribal wear, and western shirts, armed with sticks, spears, bows and arrows, and ancient looking long irons from pre-WW1. Since combat mainly consisited of shouting and chasing each other in a big field, and counting coup, actual wounds and deaths were rare.
I think both sides were at fault, although the tribes weren't too bright. The documentary was called "Black Harvest". That's all I have for now, Gotta go to work.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Welcome to my world!

This is the first of what I hope to be many posts in the future,blah, blah, blah.

I will use this as a soapbox to have forth on things I think are important to cheer for or cheer against, tell about what is happening in my life, post pix, and link to places that are interesting.

Since I began this morning on an impulse, there is no logical flow to how this post is going, nor do I have a photo or short, horrid bio to use, oh well. Please come again to see how things are going.

Thunder Pig