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Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Secrets of Hezbollah's Success

The central secret to Hezbollah's success is that it trained its (global) guerrillas to make decisions autonomously (classic 4GW), at the small group level. In every area -- from firing rockets to defending prepared positions to media routing around jamming/disruption -- we have examples of Hezbollah teams deciding, adapting, innovating, and collaborating without reference to any central authority. The result of this decentralization is that Hezbollah's aggregate decision cycles are faster and qualitatively better than those of their Israeli counterparts.

Read more....

Hezbos Hiding Behind Civilians

Hat Tip:Glenn Reynolds

Click here for the story.

WNC Citizens Blog Up Again

I've restarted WNC Citizens Blog again, and redesigned its banner to stand in solidarity with The Action Club in wake of the vandalism to their Billboard.

The American Economic Giant

CDR Salamander has a good write-up on our economic situation, without the natterring nabobs of negativity we call The Main Stream Legacy Media.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

On a Mental Virus

This post is one I've posted elsewhere, as part of a discussion thread this morning. I thought it apropos to post it here to get additional feedback, positive and negative:

Of course, the Legacy, I mean Main Stream Media, never acknowledge that the people who commit these acts are Terrorists. Unless they can be identified (rightly or wrongly) as part of Western Culture.

There is a term for this type of 'guerrilla' activity that is more precise than terrorism, I read it in a book in the 80's called “Resistance" by, I believe M.V.D. or M.R.D. Foot, only I can't remember it right now. There was a section in it looking forward to new types of resistance, especially against overwhelmingly powerful adversaries, that were better than using terrorist cells. Terrorist cell members don't usually know the members of cells working in parallel, but they can still be rolled up if cell leaders can get fingered who know enough details to get a few of the other cell members caought. In this method, like minded people formed up on a volunteer basis, with no contact with any one who could be called a leader or operations chief, with knowledge that, if caught, might get others caught.

These cell members would be responsible for their own training, fundraising, and would execute their plans independently of other cells, or quickly modify their target list upon observation of the result of other cells in action as reported by the News Media. Some independent cells have attempted to enlist 'grants' from al-Qaeda or like-minded NGOs in the terrorist business when their own fundraising efforts, skills, or both fall short.

This is part of what we face today, and have faced for some time. It is my belief that al-Qaeda is banking on these type of volunteer squads to supplement their activities. They even set up a training camp system up in Afghanistan on the model of those that ran in Libya and the Bekka Valley for conventional terrorists. One of the most common denominators of those seeking training, besides being a member of the Religion of Peace, has been graduating from Madrassas in Pakistan, where their mental operating system was tweaked or replaced with another.

We have seen in the news, from time to time, where some enterprising indivduals attempt to set up training camps in the United States, some with foreign help, most not.

When events like this hit on the Jewish Center occur, there is no connection with a real terror group or terror sponsoring nation, other than their belief system, and a common desire to further the cause by whatever means necessary. It is like a virus affecting the mental software of certain people.

I would like to offer a positive outlook to this message. From what we can tell, few people in the target population (here read practioners of the Religion of Peace) seem to act out under the influence of this mental virus, as of yet.

We can create a mental virus of our own, or further the transmission of those that counteract the harmful ones. I think we can all identify them when we see their effect on people. I even think I see our government attempting to infect the people of the Middle East with a mental virus that leads these people to believe they can have a democracy as a form of government. I am one of those who have been harping on the President's calling it "spreading democracy throughout the Middle East." What I did not realize, until I was composing this message, was that perhaps the President might be providing this mental virus to compete with the harmful one already infecting the Middle East. While it is not the one we have, it is better than the one they have. Sort of like giving a heroin addict methadone to replace heroin.

These are my thoughts on the matter, based on what I've seen, heard, and read in my attemps to construct a mental picture on what is going on in the world. I hope it is a valid hypothesis. Good things are on the way, we just have to get through some rough spots before we get there!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Better than Bele Cher

This cool Cross Bow is located outside the library!

Tired of high food prices? Tired of hot asphalt? Tired of homeless people and their friends drumming in Pritchard Park?

Why not go to the library book sale?

I went yeaterday on my lunch hour and nabbed several books:

  • A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

  • John Adams by David McCollough

  • Theodore Rex by Edmind Morris

  • Churhill by Roy Jenkins

  • The Outline of History Vols I & II by H.G. Wells

  • The Final Days by Barbara Olson

  • The Truth About Hillary by Howard Klein

And its in Air Conditioning, unless you go to the garage area where they have CDs, DVDs, books on tape, and electronic stuff. You'll have a good time, I did!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why did the Israelis hit a UN outpost?

Here's a clue...

Hat Tip: The Jawa Report


Okay, I give up, this new three column layout won't let me post photos without cropping. I refuse to do that. If I take a picture, I want it all to be seen.

So, I've created a Photoblog. Please bookmark it and check it daily, and feel free to comment on the photos.

Cloud Dancer

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I was tooling along the road last night, fiddling with my camera, when a Trooper zoomed past me doing what must have been more than a hundred mph. I didn't hear a thing until he was past me, that sound told be there was a gas pedal imprint on his firewall. Anyhow, I eventually got off this shot, which looks to to be someone with both arms stretched out, dancing, or about to fall, which is what would happen if I tried to dance.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Captain's Hand: Fan Video

When the missiles fall on Tel Aviv,

Israel will need The Captain's Hand.

I'm thinking within the week.

Celebrating new image provider

Photo Bucket is my new image provider.
Hat Tip: Pam

I shot this using my itty bitty Kodak CD33 in movie mode.

Shout this from the Rooftops

CNN's Robertson Now Admits: Hezbollah 'Had Control' of His Anti-Israel Piece.
I seem to remember CNN (Crescent News Network) did not report on atrocities committed by Saddam from their Baghdad Bureau a few years ago. Frankly, I'm not surprised.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Heads Up America is Back!!!

I've been remiss in my failure to report that heads Up America is back, airing Monday through Friday 9am to Noon Eastern Time.

Tuesdays 9am to 9.30am feature Rick's Racing Report, also worthy of your attention.

Heads Up America Website

WZGM Website

Web Stream

Drones, Strategy, and Action!

Check out these cool new drones.

The American Thinker has an article on Israeli strategy.

And for those who like war videos, Click Here.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Listen to this phone call

Monday Morning Update

A quick set of links.

Austin Bay has an analysis on his blog of the missile attack on the Israeli frigate.

IDF eyes deeper push into Lebanon.

Winds of War update.

Preparing for the worst?

Which leads me to post this search for your investigation.

Another source of info.

Okay, one more for the road.

No, I'm not thinking Dark Thought, but others are, and I thought I'd use the opportunity to get some people thinking about fending for themselves.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Buckley says President is not a True Conservative

While listening to The Drudge Report on my trusty XM Radio, I heard that William F. Buckley had said that President Bush is not a true Conservative.

I hastily went to Drudge, and found the story, excerpted below:

Buckley finds himself parting ways with President Bush, whom he praises as a decisive leader but admonishes for having strayed from true conservative principles in his foreign policy.

In particular, Buckley views the three-and-a-half-year Iraq War as a failure.

"If you had a European prime minister who experienced what we've experienced it would be expected that he would retire or resign," Buckley says.


I have great respect for Mr. Buckley. I think we have a problem with semantics on this issue. Mr. Buckley and the President are both conservative, they are not the same kind of conservative. I believe Bush may be described as a Hamiltonian-type of conservative, surrounded by neo-cons. I do not use neo-con as a perjorative code name for a jewish cabal as others, I merely use it as a descrptive term. I am a different type of conservative, a Jacksonian. Mr. Buckley is suffering from the belief that his brand is the only legit kind of conservative.

I don't think Mr. Buckley has been exposed to exactly what kind of war we are fighting, of the necessity that we win this 4th World War. Iraq is but a battle, like Vietnam was just a battle in the 3rd World War. Buckley doesn't realize The Battle of Iraq is a mulifaceted battle with multiple objectives. Sure, things haven't gone exactly the way the generals planned, but I do believe he isn't conversant with all the good we've done over there. Google the term milblogs, Mudville Gazetter, Black Five, and read the blogs, follow the links, and your heart (if you are American) will swell with pride. Our military is a force for good, and those opposed a force for evil.

You might also wanna check out these essays. William F. Buckley should read them and realize his words have been used to aid he enemy, foreign and domestic. I would hate to think that his intellect was outsmarted by Thalia,a former World News Now anchor, and had his words twisted.

Comic Relief

MySpace is down!!!

Israel v Hezbollah: The Card Game

Says Donald Sensing at Winds of Change:

Despite the barrages of essays across media and blog sites about Israel's "disproportionate" response, Israel could not retaliate against Hezbollah merely tit-for-tat. Hezbollah raised the stakes with its cross-border raid, setting new terms of the long-going conflict. For Israel to respond similarly would have signaled to Hezbollah that it accepted those terms. But the terms were unacceptable.

A card-game analogy: Hezbollah raised Israel $100 and probably expected Israel to call. Instead, Israel raised Hezbollah $1,000. Hezbollah can't match it in military capital. But Israel may have miscalculated whether Hezbollah can call or even raise in political capital. All Hezbollah's chips may not yet be on the table.


As usual, Donald Sensing thinks and writes well. My initial thoughts on the situation was this action could be prelude to taking on Iran by removal of the threat closer to Israel.

One important thing to consider: whether we or Israel takes on Iran, one of the first things Hezbollah and/or Hamas would do is to conduct operations against Israel. Now, Israel has, and will go on, attriting their forces to make the threat of their terror operations less effective than before. I am sure this benefit was one of the factors in the response to Hezbollah and Hamas once those terror groups foolishly upped the ante.Now, they have lost years of cache-building and tunnel work.

Being of the Jacksonian persuasion, I would like to see similar operations carried out against the United Nations.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Yellow Jackets Nest Plus a Rock Equals Hasty Departure

Maybe this will work!

Yellowjackets Nest

Click here to go to my Flickr account

I took this photo the day after I tossed the rock into the nest.

I guess I've reached the limit on photos by Blogger. Has it been 300 Megs already? Wow! I've got nearly a 100 Gigs on CD.

Atls Shrugged Photos

These photos speak volumes about the enemy we (Western Civilization) face.

I am the type of person who wades into anything to help a friend using every tool, every skill set at my disposal to help them, including placing my body between a threat and my friend; I feel that the United States should do the same to help Israel. This enemy we face is truly barbarous, and their ideology should be extinguished from the Universe with extreme prejudice.

An Excellent News Source

I just found an excellent news source for those wishing to learn more about The Israel-Islamist War currently underway between Israel and Hezbollah. I think maybe Hamas has been shut up for the time being, only time will tell.

Something else to worry about, as if we haven't enough on our plates already!

Note on Photos

I've been unable to upload photos from my new machine to the web. I believe the problem is on my end, so bear with me while I work on wrestling those photos out over the phonelne. If anyone can save me the blood, sweat, and tears with advice... I'd really appreciate it!!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Graphic of Middle Eastern bloggers

Click here to see a cool graphic created by The Truth Laid Bear, who has put together a map of bloggers and where incidents are reported.
Hat Tip: Security Watch Tower.


Maps of Lebanon

State Dept Travel Warning
World Atlas
The Daily Star of Lebanon
Lebanon Wire

Ever wonder why Palestinians are still refugees after fleeing Israel so Arab armies could destroy Israel in 1948?
The following is an excerpt from an Amnesty International report released in June of 2006:

Discrimination against Palestinian refugee children is one aspect of the long-standing discrimination and abuses of fundamental economic and social rights of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. In relation to employment, Palestinian refugees have restricted access to work opportunities and diminished protection of their rights at work. A law regulating property ownership is formulated in such a way as to ban Palestinian refugees specifically from owning property. Furthermore, the Lebanese authorities prohibit the entry of any building or maintenance material to camps in the south of Lebanon. The CRC stated that “it continues to be deeply concerned about the harsh social and economic living conditions of Palestinian refugee children in refugee camps, their limited access to public services, including social and health services and education, and exposure to violence at home, in schools and in the wider community.”

Imagine that! This will take you to the report.

Amnesty International also has another report on civilian deaths resulting from combat actions, seemingly to draw a moral equivalence between IDF actions and Hezbollah rocket attacks on cities. I guess the Leftist bias shines through. Here is the cogent point:

The Fourth Geneva Convention, prohibits "collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism …" (Article 33). According to Article 147 of the Convention, "extensive destruction ... not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly," hostage-taking and "torture or inhuman treatment" are grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions and constitute war crimes. All state parties to the Convention are required to search for and ensure the prosecution of perpetrators of grave breaches of the said Convention

I will also remind you that IDF dropped leaflets prior to their action to warn civilians away from Hezbollah positions. I would respect Amnesty International if they recognized the barbarity of Hezbollah. As it stands now, I would check, recheck, and confirm the data released by this from independent sources.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Israel-Islamist War Updated Links

Here is my Public Bookmarks thingie again, I can't get it to stay in the sidebar box right now, so I'll post it here and try to get it to stay in the sidebar later.

And here is an updated list of news sources for The Israel-Islamist War, as some have taken to calling it. Please note that these sources also link to other s covering the situation, and many have a distinct bias pro or con.

Blogs of War (Israel)


Security Watch Tower Link Library

Middle East Times

Mosaic Stream

The Gates of Vienna

Pajamas Media

Little Green Footballs

Lebanese Bloggers

Drudge Report

John Batchelor Show

Protest/Advocacy Groups Lining Up

Well, it had to happen. The Jew Haters have crawled out from under their rocks and have brought signs.

There may be an opportunity to stand with Israel near you.

Didn't I see A.N.S.W.E.R. at the Pro-Illegal Immigration Rallies?

I am sorry, every time I see an A.N.S.W.E.R. sign or flyer, I think of S.P.E.C.T.R.E. from the James Bond films. You can see the entire photo-essay at ZombieTime.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm Back

My modem problem has been fixed...I got a newer computer! This is something I shoulda done a year ago!

More News Links

Pajamas Media was a serious oversight on my part, forgive me for not including it earlier.

Little Green Footballs is another good source and has an interesting comment community.

And here is an interesting article on the next Dubai Port media event, or will it go under the radar?

Guest on Heads Up America Today

John Burnam of the National War Dogs Monument will be on Heads Up America today. If streaming is up,Click Here for the current web page.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

More News Sources

Link TV shows the news from another perspective.

Jihad in America?

Iranian missile used to hit Israeli warship.

USA Action should cover the rest.

Video: Public Executions in Iran

A hint for Amnesty International on one place they might visit in person to protest, preferably en masse.

My preference is for the militaries of the Free World to make that visit. These people only respect violence, and we should give them plenty to respect.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Israel at War

If ya keep tossing rocks at a bee's nest, sooner or later you're gonne get stung. I had a photographic demonstration, but blogger wouldn't upload it because I expect they are quite busy with the bloggers testing their bandwidth capacity. the photo I had was one I had taken the day before yesterday of a yellowjackets nest on a bank that I had chucked a rock into so I could photograph a swarm of angry bees. Not exactly the smartest thing I've done lately, and I paid for it many times over, much to the amusement of my co-workers. Oh well. Bookmark this post, and I shopuld have it up by noonish Saturday at the latest. Now, on with my diatribe against the enemies of Israel...

Today, Hamas and Hezbollah got stung. Will they quit killing Israeli's? No.
Why? Because they are so filled with hate that it clouds what little judgement they have.

Want more info?

Jerusalem Post, you can't get much closer.

Lebanese Bloggers, well, this is closer.

Drudge should have frequent updates.

The John Batchelor Show will be all over this story.

Also, try the Gates of Vienna for some links and clear-headed thinking. I don't believe that the Baron or Dymphna have recently thrown rocks at a yellowjackets nest!

And, check out others on my sidebar, most of the bloggers will likely have something to say.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Judge Grounds Hurricane Hunters?

I know there is nothing going on concerning hurricanes, but this is so wrong.

New Terrorist Video

Click here if you wish to see images and information on how to receive a link to video showing the desecrated bodies of two American soldiers in Iraq. Do not proceed if you are in the least bit squeamish. I post it only to remind you that we are engaged in a struggle with animals, and that should we cut and run, they will follow us here. Unlike my previous post, there is no humor here.

Cat Prints on your Car?

Warning: Not for people who can't take a joke.

At this time next week, I should be the proud owner of a brand-new used machine that will enable me to perform feats heretofore (is that a word?) not possible with my old, dearly departed boat anchor.

Saturday, July 8, 2006

My Response to Matt Mittan

I heard a caller have a conversation with Matt Mittan on the radio about political parties. Matt is an "unaffiliated voter". The parenthesis is mine because I hear them when he speaks.

I think I have it right when I say that Matt thinks that parties are harmful to self-government. I disagree with that statement.
He said he supported coalitions rather than parties. I think of the horrors of Israeli coalition building, as well as the system it was based upon, the British System. I guess the bright side of that is government efficiency would suffer.
Another statement he made totally floored me. I thought he was joking, but evidently he wasn't. Here it is... He thinks it was awesome that 142 candidates were on the ballot for California Governor the last time around. Nuts, I say. I can think of not one positive thing about that race, save the word Governator.

I tried to get through, even using both my phones on auto-redial, but it was late, and ever since the two-call per week rule went into effect, I have only got in twice... I guess because I don't even try on the frivolous issues now, and everyone is waiting for the right topic to jump up on The Porch. Here is along the lines of what my response to him would have been, along with a challenge of my own in response to his challenge for Kathy to find anywhere in the U.S. Constitution about Political Parties...


The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise
thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or he right of the people peaceably to
assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

It is my belief that Political Parties are a right granted in the 1st Amendment clause "the right of the
people to peaceably to assemble," and any act by Congress to limit Party Affiliation is a violation of free
speech due to the prohibition agaisnt "abridging the freedom of speech," clause.

Put simply, Political Parties are the vehicle used by people to transmit their wishes in Government in an
amplified form using the adages that many heads are better than one, and many voices in unison are
louder than many voices alone.
People who do not belong to a party have the illusion of freedom of action, much like a hitch hiker has the
freedom to move in any direction. The fact remains for the hitch hiker to get anywhere efficiently, he must
ride in someone else's vehicle. He cannot be very effective at changing anything about that vehicle, he has to accept the way it is because he has no stake in that vehicle; with vehicle being the analogy for political party. Everyone cannot
steer the vehicle, that is what party leaders are for. We are not a Democracy, where a headcount is made before every tiny adjustment is made to the vehicle controls. We are a Republic, where our leaders are selected who will make these decisions for us based on general guidelines established in the Party Platform, and by
his/her establishing a case for following the vision of the person running for office.

Political parties are a way that has evolved to put a check on the mob rule of Democracy, which our Founding Fathers were right to fear, for they grew up learning of the disaster that became of Greek Democracies, time and again. They also looked upon the horrors of Rome as another example of Strong Men seizing the reins of governance, giving the mob bread and circuses to appease them.

Our Founding Fathers put many Checks and Balances into the Constitution, and virtually every Congress, President, and Supreme Court has attempted to chip them away for over two centuries.


Duverger's Law

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (click here because Wiki is acting funny and click on the third listing.)

Duverger's law is a principle which asserts that a plurality voting election system naturally leads to a two-party system. The discovery of this principle is attributed to Maurice Duverger, a French sociologist who observed the effect and recorded it in several papers published in the 1950s and 1960s. In the course of further research, other political scientists began calling the effect a “law”. Duverger's law suggests a nexus or synthesis between a party system and an electoral system: a proportional representation (PR) system creates the electoral conditions necessary to foster party development while a plurality system marginalizes many smaller, single-issue political parties.
I like "Take A Stand" and listen on a regular basis. Matt infuriates me sometimes because I feel he tends to cut people short, and hasn't really thought through the implications of a partiless America. (If it ain't a word, it is now.) I have more, but my time is running out in the cafe, and it is expensive. Maybe I can add more on Monday night.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

A virtue of Islam

I found a couple of clips that you have to see. It is a children's show that teaches how to get along with murder others while commiting sucide.

Monday, July 3, 2006

Cafe Posting

Well, my fair town of Franklin now boasts an Internet Cafe, from which I am now posting. The place is called HOBNOBR's Internet Cafe and Computer Repair. I guess I'll be a regular until I get my internet problem fixed.

Here are what some of my favorite people have been posting lately:

Dymphna has an interesting post on crime rate stats in what I thought were very civilized places. Hmmph. Who new?

Over at Winds of Change, a poster I hadn't noticed before intrigued me. Good writing and good peanut gallery activity in the comments.

There was also a WoW Team briefing that I miss reading since my old, decrepit machine decided to ignore any modem I installed...even a back up 14.4k I had hidden away in the dungeon.

Click here for The Star Spangled Banner via The Northeast Intelligence Network, which has a report that Iran may already have nukes. I hope that's not right.

Here is an intewresting letter reproduced below in full because The Asheville Citizen-Times deletes articles after a period of time.

A fox in the ethics hen house?

Bill Lack
July 3, 2006

I was shocked and amazed recently when I received Rep. Susan Fisher’s
latest e-mail “Report from Raleigh.” While I commend her for
communicating with her constituents, I was astounded at her gall to even
raise the subject of legislative ethics.

Fisher’s chairmanship of the so-called “House Ethics Committee” is a
farce. The Committee doesn’t meet unless Fisher, appointed by Speaker
Jim Black, calls them together. If you consider the last session as the
Legislature’s Season of Scandal, with everything hovering about Black,
you’d think Fisher would have had her committee in session full-time, or
at least would have called for televised hearings into the speaker’s
obvious conflicts of interest.

But you’d be wrong. While investigators looking into allegations
subpoenaed all of Black’s campaign and personal files, Fisher’s
committee was conspicuous by its silence. The committee she chairs was
bypassed by Speaker Black, who hand-picked a separate Select Committee
on Ethics and Government Reform that is cranking out proposed
legislation by the bucketful. In effect, they are proposing to pile more
ethics rules on top of existing rules that are rarely enforced. The last
time the House Ethics Committee took any action against a member was in
1995, when former Representative Ken Miller engaged in inappropriate
conduct with a House page.

It gets worse. Fisher recently joined all of her Democratic colleagues
in a unanimous vote of confidence to return Black as Speaker for this
summer’s Short Session. As of May 22 Fisher’s committee had not met to
discuss Black’s problems with his political director Meredith Norris.
They had not met to discuss Black’s problems with the state lottery.
They had not met to discuss Black’s total conflict of interest with the
bill he inserted requiring all children have an eye exam by an
optometrist or ophthalmologist prior to enrolling in kindergarten.

Instead of rooting out the corruption in Raleigh, Fisher’s response to
the scandal is to recommend a big pay raise for legislators. As reported
in the Raleigh News Observer, Fisher said, “We need to pay legislators
better, clean up lobbying, and look seriously at public financing of
campaigns.” She argues that paying lawmakers more would reduce their
temptation to let lobbyists buy them meals or provide gifts. What a
novel idea — that taxpayers should fund campaigns and then pay their
elected officials not to be corrupt. Sorry, but I don’t follow her logic.

It appears that Speaker Black could be indicted, tried, possibly
convicted and in the slammer before she would wake up to smell the
coffee. Or the stench of corruption.

The people of Western North Carolina are not being well served by Rep.
Fisher. She should be replaced in November.

Everyone have a safe and Happy Independence Day on America's 230th Birthday, and we have the oldest continually operating government on the planet. Not one national government exists now that is older than ours! Or does the Vatican count?

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Still Down, But Not Out

AN Itty Bitty Mantis on my Finger!!!

Who are you looking at???

What a time for my modem to die on me! My new modem will not work, no matter how many times I change the IRQs and BIOS. My machine is just to dad-blamed old. After I throw the thing in the yard, I'll figure a way to get a-hold of a better machine.

There are plenty of things going on that I wish I could blog about, so I'll just cover a very few of them:

1. Freedom Works trip to Raleigh last week.

Several people went to Raleigh to eat BBQ and meet their legislative representatives in their work environment. The most interesting was a remark by Representative Phil Haire when asked about Property Rights and Eminent Domain, he averred that all we have is "a chain of custody." Very interesting comment, indeed. I am trying to get hold of a more detailed report and will let you know more.

2. New York Times commits Treason, again.

From now on, I'm reffering to the Times as The New Jihad Times.


The Supreme Court of the United States just conferred Nation-State status to al-Qaeda and their ilk. Need I say more?

4. Rick Jenkins will have (by phone) the oldest man to qualify for a Busch Race for an interview. WNC Listeners, try 1350 on your AM dial. Internet Listeners, try this stream. The website for the station is here. I hope the stream works, because you WILL NOT be disappointed. Just be sure to take your shoes off before you listen at 9am Eastern Time.