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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NC General Assembly
01-27-2010 Legislative Calender

Not much happening today in the North Carolina General Assembly...

9:00 AM

643 LOB
10:00 AM
House Select Committee on Coyote Nuisance Removal

415 LOB
2:00 PM
Joint Select Com. On Work and Family Balance

415 LOB
If you're not in Raleigh (and who in their right mind would be?), the only meeting you'll be able to hear is the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee. You can listen at this link. If I am around the house today, I'll record it and post it here. I have copied today's agenda from their website below...



February 17, 2010
9:00 A.M., ROOM 544 Legislative Office Building

Representative Yongue, presiding

Welcome and Introductions
Representative Yongue, Co-Chair

The Collaborative Project: The First Two Years
Dr. Charles Thompson, LW King Professor in Education
East Carolina University

Teacher Preparation in Other Countries
John Dornan, Executive Director, Public School Forum of North Carolina

Center for International Understanding – Teacher Exchanges with China and
Other Recent Initiatives
Millie Ravenel, Executive Director, North Carolina Center for International Understanding

Visiting International Faculty Program
David B. Young, CEO