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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mumpower Threatens to Enter 11th District Race if Shuler Does Not Run

It looks like Dr Mumpower has had a long enough vacation and is itching to get back into the fray. I received an email from his campaign earlier this morning which indicated that he may enter the race this year, but is apparently playing possum until 2012. 

I hope he stays out. I like him personally, but doubt his ability to conduct a campaign that will be capable of raising the funds necessary to win an election.

The email:

NC 11th District Congressional Seat

Speculation persists that Western North District Congressman Heath Shuler may be reconsidering plans to again run for his seat.  Sources cite the impact of public service on his family and business interests as partial motivations.  Anyone who has served in public office would certainly sympathize with the Democrat Congressman.  Time will resolve the speculation.

The current slate of announced Republican candidates for the 11th District seat can be defined within two categories-

  1. Those with actual experience in elected public office, but with a liberal voting record.

  2. Those without actual experience in elected public office, but with a conservative rhetoric record.

I have met most of the candidates and would speak positively to their attributes and motivations within the limits of that exposure.  That said, I do not believe it is responsible or credible to seek a seat in congress without prior hands on experience in public office.  There is a reason they season talented ball players in the minor leagues first.

As regards the only candidate who has served in elected public office, another individual I personally appreciate, his voting record (the only authentic way of measuring a public official's position) is decidedly liberal.  I do not believe that the conservatives of WNC would wish to elect a representative to Congress who talks conservative and yet walks a liberal path as illuminated by his voting record.

On the basis of the above, should Congressman Shuler decide not to run in 2010, I will likely
reconsider my own earlier decision to pass on 2010 in deference to the stronger potentials of  2012. 
Should that be the case, I will not alter my course from the last election during which every Republican nominee running for Congress in NC lost decisively.  The top vote getter received 37% of the vote covering approximately one county in Raliegh.  We accepted no PAC or party money and covered 15 counties and had the second highest showing in the state with 36% of the vote.

We also had to run, much of the time, against our own party.  The party power structure's drift from a focus on principles to power politics was too dramatic to ignore.  It was my pleasure to challenge that drift with every tool at hand.

The Republican Party has 9 core principles - they are not my principles - they are our official party principles.  Those guiding beliefs are different from the transient nature of the party platform and focus on being careful with other people's resources, liberties, lives, and values.  It is my belief that these mainstream principles represent the core beliefs of a majority of Americans and best represent hope for the future of our country.

Should I decide to enter the race, I will continue on the same course as before-
  1. I will accept no PAC or special interest money from any source.
  2. I will accept no funds from the state and national Republican Party organizations.
  3. I will accept funds from county Republican Party organizations in the Western District who commit to our Party's core principles and to developing their own plan to hold our elected officials accountable to those principles.
  4. I will accept individual support from any source other than George Soros, the Clintons, and Al Gore.
  5. I will campaign actively and enthusiastically throughout the district with a focus on principles before party, power, profit, popularity, personal gain, or any other priority.
Should the speculation on Congressman Shuler's intentions prove inaccurate, I will not run in 2010.  It is a personal belief that this gentleman's fame and fortune will be dramatically diminished by 2012 and thus afford a more realistic opportunity for challenge by a candidate who will never
accept PAC or special interest money in an attempt to purchase a seat in Congress.

Parked at my farm in Madison County is our old beat up red campaign truck.  It still runs and was kept for a purpose - now or later.

Carl Mumpower
2008 Republican Nominee for the NC-11 Congressional seat 


I hope this is a joke.

If not, then I hope conservatives in the 11th district know better than to nominate this buffoon again.

The spinning of his epic 2008 defeat in his letter here is completely ridiculous. He ran in a Republican-voting district that went for John #$%^ McCain and has a long history of voting GOP and yet he thinks it's a credit to him that he didn't even do as well as BJ Lawson running in an entrenched, gerrymandered Dem district that covers freaking Durham and Chapel Hill?!?

Are you kidding me?

Carl, are you really this ignorant of the basic electoral facts of your district?!?

No decent candidate would have done that poorly in a district like the 11th even in a year like 2008. Stop the denial, Carl - you lost as badly as you did because you were a crackpot candidate who made a complete fool out of yourself at virtually every turn and burned every bridge with your own party and then had the temerity to brag about it like it was an accomplishment.

The only thing the 36% you got proves is that the 11th district has a floor of 36% for even the worst of Republican candidates in the worst of years, and that should be encouraging to the GOP.

To steal a line from Andrew Breitbart: the year didn't suck, Carl - you sucked.

Newman responds to Mumpower

Open Letter to the People of Western North Carolina:
By Greg Newman, Republican candidate for Congress

Today I read an email letter written and distributed by Carl Mumpower entitled “11th District Congressional Seat” citing speculation that Heath Shuler might not be running for re-election and commenting on the current field of candidates. In the letter, he makes a statement about me that is patently false.

As a candidate for Congress, I really don’t care whether Heath Shuler runs for re-election or not. I really don’t care who else runs for Congress. I am running because our nation faces serious challenges. Washington politicians have wrecked our economy with uncontrolled spending and debt and the policies pursued by the Obama administration and the Democratic controlled Congress are seriously jeopardizing the security of all Americans. As a member of Congress, I will fight for a stronger America, making the tough choices so we will not saddle future generations with a national debt so large it will destroy our economy and provide our children with a diminished standard of living from previous generations.

If Carl Mumpower decides to run for Congress again, that is a choice he must make. There are many fine people running for the Republican nomination, and I have no personal vendetta against any of them.

As a candidate, I will tell the voters of Western North Carolina the truth even when the truth may be unpleasant. I will support everything I say with facts, not innuendo, and I will run a campaign that focuses not on tearing others down but honestly saying what needs to be done to make America stronger and restore the American dream.

In his letter, Carl specifically states that “As regards the only candidate who has served in elected office, another individual I personally appreciate, his voting record (the only authentic way of measuring a public official’s position) is decidedly liberal. I do not believe that the conservatives of WNC would wish to elect a representative to Congress who talks conservative and yet walks a liberal path as illuminated by his voting record.”

The candidate Carl is referring to is me. I just completed a term as the first Republican Mayor in the 162 year history of the City of Hendersonville. For Carl to make this allegation without any facts to support it is slanderous and irresponsible. Also, Carl does not cite any source as the basis for his allegation.

I am proud of my pro business, conservative accomplishments as the first Republican Mayor of the City of Hendersonville. Because of length restrictions, I can’t list them all here, but you can go to my website, www.GregNewmanforCongress to read this Open Letter in full. The true facts are laid out.

For Carl to contend my voting record was “decidedly liberal” is not just false, it is politics as usual for Washington-type politicians, but I will not be any part of it. When I talk about Heath Shuler’s record or the performance of President Obama, my remarks will be based not on malice, but based on the facts. We cannot change the federal government and Washington politics and restore American greatness if candidates and potential candidates engage in the same tired politics of old. Win or lose, I will give the voters of Western North Carolina a choice of someone who stands for a conservative, pro-business agenda with a lifetime record as a prosecutor and elected official to back it up.

Contact Greg at: or 693-0222