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Thursday, February 18, 2010

NC General Assembly
02-18-2010 Legislative Calender

**2.11pm** updated with audio at end of the post...

Here is the schedule for various committees and "study commissions" of the North Carolina General Assembly that are meeting today as they set the agenda for the next session of the state legislature...

10:00 AM
Child Fatality Task Force - Domestic Violence Subcommittee of the Intentional Death Committee

1425 LB
10:00 AM

544 LOB
10:00 AM

643 LOB
11:00 AM
Joint Legislative Task Force on the Consolidation of Early Childhood Education and Care

421 LOB

You can listen to the Environmental Review Commission online [Room 544] and review the Final Agenda (PDF Dopwnload), see the Reports Memo (PDF Download) that includes links to many of the reports that will be given today.

The Joint Legislative Commission on Dropout Prevention and High School Graduation can also be heard online as it happens [Room 643], this commission, however, has failed to do it's homework and make it's reports available to the general public by uploading them to the Internet in a timely fashion. 

Here is the audio for the Environmental Review Commission: