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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Western North Carolina Candidate Filings for the North Carolina General Assembly

I'm not going to attempt to follow all the races for the North Carolina General Assembly, just the ones in the western part of the state. I'll update the list a couple of times before the deadline on Feb 26th.

You can download pdf's of these filings from the North Carolina General Assembly website.

If the candidate has a personal website, I'll be linking to it so you can find out more about their campaign.

Here are the filings as of Feb 16th, 2010...

NC Senate:

District 50

Incumbent John Snow (D)

District 49

none listed

District 48

Incumbent Tom Apodaca (R)

Chris Dixon (D)

District 47

Incumbent Joe Sam Queen (D)

Ralph E. Hise (R)

Tamara Silver Frank (R)

NC House:

District 120

Incumbent Roger West (R)

District 119

Incumbent Phil Haire (D)

Bruce (Avram) Friedman (D)

District 118

Incumbent Ray Rapp (D)

Sam Edwards (R) has announced, but has yet to file.

District 117 (the incumbent, Carolyn Justus, is not running for re-election)

Chuck McGrady (R) 

District 116

Jane Whilden (D)

District 115

Incumbent Bruce Goforth (D)

Patsy Keever (D)

District 114

Incumbent Susan Fisher (D)

John Carroll (R)