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Saturday, February 27, 2010

How Conservatives Can Use Obama's Astroturf Campaign Against Talk Radio Against Itself

Yet another Obama Plan for Astroturfing is underway, this time it involves taking the seminar caller effort to another level...complete with public website and talking points to help the "fake listeners" find a conservative radio show and provide them with talking points aimed at disrupting talk radio and get a Socialist Health Care Plan passed. Read more about it at News Busters. Also, read more about it at Tech President, a lefty site that describes the program, called Groundswell, thusly:
"So OFA built a program, called Groundswell, that slices up certain organizational tasks into discrete bits that can be accomplished by individuals but add up to a substantial effort, a la the crowdsourcing efforts of Pro Publica's distributed Reporting Network.

The benefit for volunteers is that it gives them achievable, tangible tasks to do that fit into the nooks and crannies of their day to day lives. The benefit for OFA is that they get buy in to the organization's missing that also has the effect of multiplying the organizing efforts that those on the Democratic National Committee's payroll might hope to achieve.

Organizing for America's new media director Natalie Foster says that both On the Air and Groundswell are part of a drive within Organizing for America to encourage experimentation and creativity amongst staff, particularly those staff with the programming chops to pull something like this off.

The projects, says Foster, "demonstrate what’s great about the 'labs' concept, and having software engineers embedded with our New Media team. Building out the DNC/OFA Innovation Labs was an early decision last year, and Nathan Woodhull does a great job leading that team.""
I have an idea, why don't conservatives use the website to get our message out as well? What you do is call in to the radio show currently being targeted by progressives, and tell the call screener that you are calling the show via a link from Obama's Organizing for America, and that you are a conservative wishing to expose the astroturf effort. Give out the URL of the website ( and read a little from it for the call screener or host. Tell them that they have been targeted by Barack Obama's campaign arm in an effort to interfere with the show and that you're not happy about it. Perhaps you should suggest that the listeners of the show call the White House Switchboard and complain about these tactics. Be nice to the operators when you call. (202-456-1414)

Lefties (Progressives, Socialists and Communists) have always made it their bailiwick to interfere with or deny Free Speech. I think it is time we gave them a taste of their own medicine.