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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jeff Miller Press Release:
Shuler should immediately sign “The Keep Terrorists out of America Act”

This is a good sign, the candidates for the NC-11 GOP Primary are focused on Shuler this cycle, instead of each other...

CONTACT: Chris McClure                  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
919.332.9441                                              February 9, 2010

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. - Today, local businessman and candidate for North
Carolina's 11th District, Jeff Miller, called on Heath Shuler to support
bi-partisan legislation that will keep terrorists out of America:

"Members of Congress like Shuler who haven't signed the Keep Terrorists
Out of America Act are giving terrorists constitutional rights they sought
to destroy. Shuler should stand with his fellow 'Blue Dogs' and the
American people in denying terrorists our rights, our soil and our courts,"
said Miller, who noted that one of the first things he will do after being
elected is sign onto this legislation and draft more stringent requirements
for North Carolina.

"This isn't a partisan issue; it's a common sense issue and most
importantly an American issue. We should never tolerate acts of terrorism
on American soil," continued Miller.