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Friday, February 26, 2010

Macon County Candidate Filings Update
(New Candidates File)

The deadline for candidate filing is at noon today...

The newest additions to the list from my previous update are in red:

State Level Races 

NC Senate District 50 (Rep)

Jimmy Goodman of Franklin, NC Date Filed (02/25/2010)

County Commissioner Races

District 1 (Dem) 

Michael David Rogers of Highlands, NC  Date Filed (02/23/2010)

Allan (Ricky) Bryson of Highlands, NC  Date Filed (02/16/2010)

District 1 (Rep)

Brian McClellan (Incumbent) of Highlands, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

District 2 (Dem) [2 Commissioners represent this district]

Bob Simpson (Incumbent) of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Carroll Poindexter of Franklin NC  Date Filed (02/15/2010)

Ronnie Beale (Incumbent) of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

District 2 (Rep)

Ron Haven of Franklin, NC Date Filed (02/25/2010)

Charlie Leatherman of Franklin, NC Date Filed (02/25/2010)

Sheriff (Dem)

George Lynch of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Richard Davis of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Sheriff (Rep)

Robert L. (Robby) Holland (Incumbent) of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Clerk of Superior Court (Dem)

Vic Perry (Incumbent) of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)

Register of Deeds (Dem)

Todd Raby (Incumbent) of Franklin, NC  Date Filed (02/08/2010)