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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Another Reason Not to Vote for Ron Paul

I was going to post some video of Mike Huckabee smacking down Ron Paul...okay I lied, I'll do it anyway:

I had a thought to look at the Political Predictions Markets to see how things were going, and found that Slate has a page where the major markets are listed, with current prices.

Ron Paul is currently trading on Intrade, a spin-off of TradeSports, at $4.00 a share on a contract that would pay out $100 if Ron Paul wins the GOP nomination, and zero if anyone else wins. That is people betting with their own money on the outcome of the race.

The top five are:

1. Julie Annie 38.50

2. Romney 25.20

3. Fred-o 22.00

4. McCain 4.50

5. Ron Paul 4.00

On the Dem side, it looks like the HildaBeast is gonna take it:

1. Hillary 67.80

2. Obama 16.50

3. Breck Girl 7.20

4. Gorebot 6.80

5. Richardson 1.10

Enough said!!!


I like Tom, too. The haters from the left have really destroyed his candidacy.

I'm gonna go with Fred, and would not object if Tom was his VP.