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Friday, September 16, 2011

Buncombe Commissioners 09-13-2011

Here is material, all available on the Internet, regarding the September 13, 2011 meeting of the Buncombe County Commissioners, beginning with video of the meeting and followed by the agenda. The links will open in a new window or tab and will have an option (if available) to download the PDF at the bottom of the page. This will be a new feature on this blog and my social network. My intent is to eventually hand this project off to someone else in Buncombe County, and they will have posting privileges on this blog and the social network to continue the work...and expand to covering other news in Asheville and Buncombe County as well.

Meeting Agenda

Call To Order

Pledge of Allegiance


Discussion / Adjustment / Approval To Follow Agenda


Minority Enterprise Development Week [PDF]

Public Hearing

Proposed Use of FY 2012 Rural Operation Assistance Program Funds [PDF]
Notice of Hearing [PDF]
Proposed Uses of ROAP Funds [PDF]
Resolution [PDF]

County Manager's Report

New Business

Buncombe Green Update
Environmental Stewardship [PDF]
Carbon Footprint & Energy Use [PDF]
Energy Use Report [PDF]

Board Appointments

Parks, Recreation and Greenways Advisory Board (3 vacancies -- Owen, N. Buncombe, at large)
David Begley -- Owen
Chuck Robinson -- N. Buncombe
Bruce Youngberg -- N. Buncombe
Jennifer Cable -- N. Buncombe
Catherine Claussen -- At Large
Mike Dale -- At Large
Keith Webb -- At Large

Consent Agenda

Approval of Minutes of August 16, 2011 Regular Meeting [PDF]

Resolution Requesting the North Carolina Department of Transportation to Abandon SR 2768 [PDF]
Letter of Request [PDF]

Resolution Approving Pyrotechnic Experts for Firework Displays [PDF]
Letter of Request [PDF]
Insurance [PDF]

Resolution Authorizing the Chairman to Execute Grant Agreement 3-37-0005-040-2011 for the Asheville Regional Airport [PDF]
Grant Agreement [PDF]

Resolution Restricting Certain Animals from County Buildings [PDF]

Approval of Amended County Information Technology Policy [PDF]

Approval of Solid Waste Fee Schedule (No changes) [PDF]

Resolution Adopting the Amended Hazard Mitigation Plan for Buncombe County [PDF]
Hazard Mitigation Plan [PDF]
Pages from Plan [PDF]

Resolution Awarding A Service Firearm to a Retiring Deputy of the Buncombe County Sheriff's Department

John Ogle [PDF]
Wayne Fisher [PDF]
Tom Vernon [PDF]
Chris Gant [PDF]
Christi Gallion [PDF]
Jon Dies [PDF]
Kathy McBride [PDF]
Kim Martin [PDF]
Steve Oxner [PDF]
Chuck Long [PDF]

Grant Projects Ordinance [PDF]
Capital Projects Ordinance [PDF]
Budget Amendment: Fund 10 --Carry forward encumbrance reserve ($112,576); Transfer funds to Detention Center Capital ($18,500); DSS--Funding for Adult Day Care ($33,621); FosterCare ($10,020); Energy Assistance ($2,214); Linamar Incentive from COA ($1,500,000); Governing Body -Prescription Drug Card Revenues ($5,500) [PDF]
Release Report [PDF]


The next meeting of the Board will be October 4, 2011

Public Comment

Closed Session /Open Session


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