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Friday, September 23, 2011

Macon County Commissioners Work session Considers Pros and Cons of Property Tax Revaluation

Macon County Commissioners Work Session for Sept 22 
Photo and Graphics by Bobby Coggins

On Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 5.30pm, the Macon County Commissioners met to consider whether or not to begin the Property Revaluation process this year or hold off to see if the economy begins to recover. Chief among the commissioners concerns was that a revenue neutral revaluation now would mean increased taxes for the bulk of Macon County taxpayers, a move that would hurt those with the lowest valued property the most.

It is my opinion that the Commissioners will vote to not launch a property revaluation at this time. 

Here is the full video of that meeting, followed by a copy of the presentation that County Tax Officer Richard Lightner displayed during the meeting to illuminate what he was saying and a listing of the tweets I sent out during the meeting in reverse chronological order:

Here is the power point presentation that Macon County Tax Officer Richard Lightner displayed during his time at the podium:
Macon County Revaluation Info 2011

Here are my tweets from the meeting in reverse chronological order:

 Bobby Coggins 

 The Macon Co Commissioners have gone into closed session to disc property acquisition. No decision is expected. I'm headed home
 Bobby Coggins 

 Commissioners are taking the time to spell out where they stand on property revaluations for the press to relay to the public
 Bobby Coggins 

 The Macon County Commissioner's comment in that last tweet was Kevin Corbin.
 Bobby Coggins 

 Macon Co Commissioner said this is the 1st time in memory that they've had to deal with decreasing property values
 Bobby Coggins 

 It sounds like the Macon County Commissioners are going to put off property revaluations for a year or two.
 Bobby Coggins 

 Lightner has told the Commissioners the latest his office needs to know to go forward or wait on property revaluations is late Oct
6.40 pm 
 Bobby Coggins 

 Commissioner Ronnie Beale is describing the County's excellent record in winning cases on the Board of Equalization & Review
 Bobby Coggins 

 Richard Lightner, Macon Co Tax Officer, says that home values have dropped an average of 30%, so taxes would have to increase 30%
 Bobby Coggins 

 Macon Co Commissioner Bobby Kuppers said that a property revaluation now will hurt the lowest income brackets worst
 Bobby Coggins 

 Commissioners Kevin Corbin: Macon Co has cut their budget from $49 mln to $42 mln over the past few years
 Bobby Coggins 

 There are no members of the public at this work session. Just county employees & 5 Reporters 
 Bobby Coggins 

 Richard Lightner says a revenue neutral property revaluation would result in tax bill increases for most lower value properties
 Bobby Coggins 

 The County Tax Officer is going thru another laundry list. This one the pros & cons of a reval in 2013 vs 2015
 Bobby Coggins 

 The County Tax Officer is going through a laundry list of examples of how house value changes affect tax rates
 Bobby Coggins 

 Lightner says that beginning in 2013, residents will pay state tax on their vehicles when they get their tags.
 Bobby Coggins 

 Richard Lightner says that the tax collection rate in Macon Co is between 97.5% & 98%, one of the higher rates in the state
 Bobby Coggins 

 The County Tax Officer says that the revenue neutral target is $26 million.
 Bobby Coggins 

 County Tax Attorney says that 54% of that number are foreclosures or tax sales.
 Bobby Coggins 

 Richard Lightner says that MLS Home Sales are a third of what they were in 2006.
 Bobby Coggins 

 Richard Lightner says that the state mandated date for Macon Co property revaluation is Jan 1, 2015
 Bobby Coggins 

 County Tax Officer, Richard Lightner, is presenting a power point on the property re-evaluation process
 Bobby Coggins 

 McClellan said that the housing crisis has gotten even worse than anticipated
 Bobby Coggins 

 Chairman McClellan said that with the housing crisis, there are thoughts regarding, putting off the next re-eval until 2013.
 Bobby Coggins 

 Brian McClellan, Chairman of the Macon Co Commissioners, is giving a background on past property re-evaluations
 Bobby Coggins 

 The County Attorney, Chester Jones, & The Finance Officer, Evelyn Southards, had brief items that the Commissioners approved
 Bobby Coggins 

 The Commissioners will be having a short closed session tonight regarding property acquisition
 Bobby Coggins 

 The Macon County Commissioners are now in session.
 Bobby Coggins 

 The Macon County Commissioners are about to begin their work session on property re-evaluations. 

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