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Monday, October 3, 2011

Franklin Town Board of Aldermen Meeting 10-03-2011

**10-04-2011 at 4.00pm** Here is the video of last nights meeting:

**10.00pm** Here is the audio of tonight's meeting.

Download MP3 (right click to download)

The Franklin Town Board of Aldermen will be meeting tonight at 7.00pm in the Town Hall. I will be there to tweet the meeting and record video, but will not be providing live video. You may follow my tweets at #MaconGov, using your favorite twitter client, or on the widget below. Once the meeting is over, I will replace the widget with a record of my tweets from the meeting, and I will upload video and audio from the meeting as soon as I am able to process it. Meanwhile, you can watch the last meeting.

Town of Franklin Board of Aldermen
October 3, 2011
7 p.m.

1. Call to order -Mayor Collins

2. Public hearing 7:05 p.m. for Chuck Holland ‘s special-use application

3. Public hearing 7:10 p.m. for Mildred Rice, et. al. (Windy Gap) re-zoning request

4. Set public hearing for Verizon wireless cell tower site “Wild Mint” at the end of Gaston Street

5. Approval of September 6, 2011 meeting minutes

6. Public Session

7. Board consideration on the following items:
    A.) Chuck Holland’s special-use application
    B.) Mildred Rice, (Windy Gap) re-zoning request

8. Proclamation for Mental Illness Awareness Week- Debbie Roberts

9. Informational briefing on Angel Medical Center and Mission Hospital merger- Tim Hubbs

10. Discussion on Duke re-licensing of Lake Emory- John Boaze

11. Water and Sewer
     A.) Authorizing resolution by the Town of Franklin to apply for Rural Center funds
     B.) Bib preparation approval for sewer plant renovation project

12. Fire Department
     A.) Resolution adopting Hazard Mitigation Plan for the Town of Franklin
     B.) Financing for fire equipment- Chief Warren Cabe

13. Appointment of Matt Bateman to fill vacancy on the TDA board for tourism related business- Mike Grubermann

14. Committee reports; Nikwasi Indian Mound

15. Adjourn

Monthly Reports enclosed in agenda packet (I will try to post a PDF of the agenda packet as soon as I can)

Here are my tweets from the meeting in reverse chronological order:

 Bobby Coggins 

 The Franklin Town Board of Aldermen have adjourned. I will try to get the video out as soon as possible
 Bobby Coggins 

 Mayor Collins is discussing capping the Nikwasi Indian Mound with 18 inched of dirt and "Love Grass", other groundskeeping issues
 Bobby Coggins 

 Mayor Collins limits discussion to Matt Bateman's approval or not. Passes 6-1 Scott voting against.
 Bobby Coggins 

 A motion has been made to appoint Matt Bateman to the TDA. Alderman Sissy Patillo is discussing methods of correcting the problems
 Bobby Coggins 

 There is considerable back and forth on the TDA and whether or not to table the appointment to get the TDA's attention
 Bobby Coggins 

 Alderman Bob Scott said that he wants to table all appointments to the board until concerns are met regarding the TDA conduct
 Bobby Coggins 

 Alderman Bob Scott said that the TDA has not been filing the quarterly or annual reports as required by town ordinance
 Bobby Coggins 

 Alderman Bob Scott is expressing concerns about the TDA Board...esp a vote by email, which is prohibited by law.
 Bobby Coggins 

 Town Planner Mike Gruberman has recommended the appointment of Matt Batemen to fill a vacancy on the TDA Board
 Bobby Coggins 

 The Franklin Aldermen have approved the request of Franklin Fire Dept request to lease 2 apparatus for $104,117 for 10 years
 Bobby Coggins 

 I think it is odd that "rare or endangered species" always seem to turn up when something is going to be built or re-licensed.
 Bobby Coggins 

 Boaze is listing all the rare & endangered plant & animal species that will have to be accounted for if the Dam is re-licensed
 Bobby Coggins 

 John Boaze is a consultant with Fish & Wildlife associates  who are advising th… (cont)
 Bobby Coggins 

 Hubbs says that the last three years have been financially the worst in the hospital's history. Th… (cont)
 Bobby Coggins 

 Chuck Holland gave the Town Board the hairy eyeball as he left the Town Hall.
 Bobby Coggins 

 Summer Woodard, Assistant to Sam Greenwood, is updating the Board on the specifics of the Chuck Holland special use permit
 Bobby Coggins 

 Town Planner Mike Gruberman suggests that the public hearing be set for the Nov 7th, 2011 meeting of the Town Board
 Bobby Coggins 

 Chuck Holland says that between the Town of Franklin and Macon County, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing
 Bobby Coggins 

 Two more neighbors of the Chuck Holland mobile home park have relayed problems with water runoff, with noise
 Bobby Coggins 

 Another neighbor says that runoff from the property causes damage to her property, is concerned what more would do
 Bobby Coggins 

 A resident near Chuck Holland's mobile home park is bringing a water runoff problem at the construction site to attention
 Bobby Coggins 

 Mayor Collins has opened a public hearing for Chuck Holland's special use application
 Bobby Coggins 

 The Franklin Town Board of Aldermen have passed a resolution proclaming this week, "Mental Illness awareness Week"
 Bobby Coggins 

 Debbie Roberts is relaying her struggle with mental illness and NAMI
 Bobby Coggins 

 Debbie Roberts is now before the Town Board regarding a Proclamation for Mental Awareness Week
 Bobby Coggins 

 The minutes from the Septmeber 6 & 19, 2011 meetings of the Town Board have been approved

 Bobby Coggins 

 Here is the agenda for tonight's meeting of the Franklin Town Board of Aldermen 

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