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Friday, March 22, 2013

Macon County Planning Board 03-18-2013
Flood Ordinance Discussion

Planning Board 03-21-2013

The Macon County Planning Board met yesterday and began discussions on whether or not to revise the county flood plain ordinance [county ordinances] at the request of the Macon County Commissioners.

I have included downloadable copies of the agenda and the current flood plain ordinance below the video. Also, I was late to this meeting by about thirty minutes, so I missed the introduction of the current task assigned the board by the county commissioners. The only other media present at the meeting was a reporter from The Franklin Press.

During the course of the meeting, planning board members decided they needed to seek advice from experts so they could decide, in the words of board member Lamar Sprinkle, if it "would make Macon County a better place to live." 

Chief among the concerns expressed by members was what the impact would be to other property owners if property owners (or developers) were allowed to raise their property out of the flood plain with fill dirt.


Flood Plain Ordinance: