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Friday, August 2, 2013

Gas Leak at Norton Creek Farms Sends Many to Hospital
Updated with more audio

**update** I have added 56 more minutes of public safety radio traffic.

Norton Creek Farms Aerial View 
Image Credit Bing Maps

Two men were overcome by a Freon gas leak at Norton Creek Farms tonight in a refridgeration room south of Franklin, NC. Deputies from the Macon County Sheriff Department were first on scene and CPR was initiated on one of the victims.

The gas was initially identified as CO (Carbon Monoxide) and later as Freon.

Clarks Chapel was joined by elements of the following Fire Departments: Franklin, Otto and West Macon. Multiple ambulances (including one from west Macon Fire Department were used to transport as many as 14 people to the emergency room for evaluation. One person has died and another was airlifted to Greenville, SC for specialized treatment.

I have the first twenty minutes of the radio traffic recorded below.

**update** Here is an additional 56 minutes of radio traffic from this incident. since it is unedited, there may be times when there will be no radio traffic for a few minutes.

Part 2 covering the 20 to 46 minute mark

Part 3 covering the 46 to 76 minute mark

Here are some photos taken by Bob Scott:

Gas Leak 4 photo GasLeak007_zps31e6b3b5.jpg

Gas Leak 1 photo GasLeak002_zps16dfbc00.jpg

Gas Leak 3 photo GasLeak005_zpsf8b24179.jpg

Gas Leak 2 photo GasLeak004_zps5c380c2f.jpg