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Monday, March 21, 2016

North Carolina Republican Party Censures Chairman of Party

The civil war in the state Republican Party continues. Here is a press release received from the party:

From: North Carolina Republican Party
To: Interested Parties
Date: 3/20/16
RE: No Confidence, Censure and Restriction of NCGOP Chairman

The North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) Central Committee, in its duties to oversee the day to day management of the Party and to protect the Party’s integrity, passed a formal resolution of no confidence in NCGOP Chairman Hasan Harnett. Further, the Central Committee censured him for recent actions and placed severe emergency restrictions on his duties, pending a full review of charges of gross inefficiency by the NCGOP Executive Committee.

The Central Committee expressed extreme concerns about Mr. Harnett’s actions to change prices to the upcoming convention without regard to the financial health of the party, which according to the Central Committee, has suffered greatly under Mr. Harnett’s tenure because he has fallen well short of his own fundraising goals and promises.

Harnett was censured for actions deemed harmful to the North Carolina Republican Party including making false and malicious statements about other Republicans and staff.

In adopting A Resolution of No Confidence, Censure and Restriction, the committee reviewed what it believes to be gross violations of the Party’s rules (Plan of Organization), including the following:

  1. The refusal to timely authorize the staff to send an official Call to the NCGOP Convention even after assuring NCGOP General Counsel he would do so, thereby requiring a duplication of the notice, a "gross inefficiency."
  2. The usurpation of the power vested in the Central Committee of the NCGOP by unilaterally announcing an unapproved fee structure for the 2016 NCGOP Convention causing great confusion and consternation among delegates concerning the price of the convention.
  3. The sending of a Call to Convention to various Republicans, including to some members of the NCGOP Executive Committee, that stated fees at variance with the action of the Central and Executive Committees of the NCGOP, which undermined the authority of these Committees and created confusion among delegates to the 2016 NCGOP Convention.
  4. The wasting of staff and volunteer time by prolonged inaction and unilateral action at variance with the Plan of Organization of the NCGOP and in opposition to the decisions of the Executive and Central Committees of the NCGOP.
  5. The posting or allowing to be posted on public blogs articles regarding the internal affairs of the NCGOP in a way that discredits the NCGOP and misrepresents facts and the NCGOP Plan of Organization.
  6. The scheduling for hearing of Petitions before the Executive Committee to remove the Party leaders without following the clear process outlined in the NCGOP Plan or Organization.  The Petitions were never properly vetted to determine that they could be placed on an agenda.
  7. The taking of action which caused concern and expense regarding the security of the NCGOP computer systems and fundraising apparatus. These actions are not only “gross inefficiency,” but also have very serious implications.
  8. The unilateral taking of personnel actions not delegated to the Chairman under the Plan of Organization.  The creation of an uncertain and disrespectful environment which resulted in the loss of staff and morale.
The Central Committee passed this resolution with overwhelming support with only two members in opposition.

The Central Committee also censured member, Daniel Rufty, for false and malicious statements about other Republicans.