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Monday, June 20, 2016

Policy Notice Regarding Arrest Reports

Policy Notice

Policy Notice

Several readers have sent Macon Media messages and mugshots over the past few days, beginning on Saturday morning, regarding the arrest of a local law enforcement officer while off duty.

I appreciate the heads up, but have declined to post about the incident unless it makes it to Superior Court or if the Sheriff decides to fire the person before the case is adjudicated. This is a personnel matter, not a public matter until a trial or sentencing occurs.

Macon Media currently follows a policy of not posting about arrests of individuals unless it is for a notorious or violent crime. The only exceptions are if the arrest of public safety personnel occur while they are on duty or if the offense occurred while on duty. Any known arrest of an elected official or local county or city department head will be reported upon because these people are never off duty.

This is why there is no "Arrest Report" carried by this news outlet that names names. These people deserve their day in a court of law, not in the court of public opinion. 

This is an evolving policy and it is my belief that it is not in the public interest for media outlets to be reporting on such things. It is a thing best reserved for whispers, alleyways and tabloids like Fuzz Busted.

Bobby Coggins
Publisher and Editor
June 20, 2016