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Monday, January 16, 2017

Daily Weather Briefing for Monday, January 16, 2017

Map showing weather advisories across the nation
Active weather advisories across the nation for today


A winter storm system is impacting much of the central U.S. this weekend. Widespread freezing rain will persist for much of western Oklahoma, Kansas, northern Missouri and western Iowa tonight as warm advection aloft overrides sub-freezing temperatures at the surface.  Ice storm warnings, freezing rain advisories, winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories in effect from northern New Mexico to southern Minnesota/western Wisconsin.  The northern edge of the precipitation shield, spanning from eastern Colorado to southern Minnesota, will likely have significant accumulations of snow and sleet with this system. Portions of the Southern Plains and Lower Mississippi valley will have periods of heavy rain, which may increase the threat for rapid runoff. Flash flooding will be possible for Texas, Arkansas and northwest Louisiana through Tuesday.

Rain and mountain snow is forecast for portions of the Pacific Northwest by Monday night as strong onshore flow from the next approaching storm system. Strong high pressure over the Great Basin/Interior West will keep conditions mainly dry and mild. Once the current system over the central U.S. moves eastward, rain and possibly a few thunderstorms will arrive to the eastern states by Tuesday morning.


Temperatures will remain above normal for this week, with highs near the lower 60s and lows near 50. A cold front will bring increased rain chances on Wednesday and a warm front will bring increased chances of rain on Friday with a more significant storm system expected to move through over the weekend.


Carrion Tree Service is underwriting the daily weather briefing and public safety updates for today. they are a fully licensed and insured tree service, specializing in dangerous tree removal, view clearing, pruning, and crane services with a 24 Hour emergency response. 

Their phone number is 371-4718. They are located at 120 Depot Street.

They can handle all your tree removal needs in good or bad weather.


National surface map for 7 am on Monday

Martin Luther King Day

Patchy dense fog in the morning. Mostly cloudy, with a period of partly cloudy skies in the afternoon before cloud cover increases again in the late afternoon. Highs near the lower 60s and calm winds rising to come from the southeast in the afternoon. 20% chance of rain, mainly after noon. 

Monday Night

Patchy fog is expected to develop overnight. Mostly cloudy with lows near 50 and variable light winds shifting to come from the southeast after midnight. 40% chance of rain with rainfall amounts of less than a tenth of an inch expected.

National surface map for 7 am on Tuesday


Mostly cloudy with highs near 60 and winds 5 to 10 mph from the southwest. 50% chance of rain with rainfall amounts not expected to exceed a tenth of an inch.

Tuesday Night

Cloudy with lows near 50 wind 5 to 10 mpg from the south until midnight, when it is expected to shift to come out of the west. 60% chance of rain.

National surface map for 7 am on Wednesday


Mostly cloudy with highs near 60. 60% chance of rain.

Wednesday Night

Mostly cloudy with lows near the lower 40s.



No hazardous weather is expected.


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The LT Plunge on January 21st at Tassee Shelter (10am )

Entry fee is $15 (includes a bowl of hot chilli, hot chocolate/coffee and completion certificate)
100% of the proceeds raised from the plunge will be donated to Franklin's Fire Department Chief Rohrer to assist him and his family with medical bills as he battles cancer. For more information, please visit the event page at

Weather Almanac for January 16, 2017

North Carolina 

High Temperature 85ºF in Chapel Hill, Orange County in 1937
Low Temperature -18ºF on Grandfather Mountain in Avery County in 1972
Greatest One-Day Rainfall 5.10 inches in Oconaluftee in Swain COunty in 2013
Greatest One-Day Snowfall 13.0 inches in Blowing Rock in Watauga County in 1966

Macon County

High Temperature 71ºF in Franklin in 1952
Low Temperature -8ºF in Franklin in 1994
Greatest One-Day Rainfall 4.15 inches in Nantahala in 1954
Greatest One-Day Snowfall 5.0 inches in Highlands in 1896


Twilight Begins: 7:14 am
Sunrise: 7:41 am
Sunset 5:46 pm
Twilight Ends: 6:14 pm
Day Length: 10  hours 59 minutes

Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous with 80% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated.
Moonset 10:26 am
Moonrise: 10:24 pm

Evening Events and Planets

Venus and Mars are the bright evening planets, but both are close to the western horizon, so don't dally too long before you get out to see them.

Venus -4.38 Magnitude Distance 0.657 AU COnstellation: Aquarius  
Mars 0.99 Magnitude Distance: 1.748 AU Constellation: Aquarius

Morning Events and Planets

Jupiter -1.88 Magnitude Distance: 5.3 AU Constellation: Virgo

Sky chart for 8:30 pm 
Courtesy Heavens Above

The chart shows the whole sky at approximately 8:30 pm tonight. The clouds are expected to cover about 80% of the sky tonight, so observing the whole sky at once will not be possible. Cloudy conditions are expected to continue for the next several days.

Source: The State Climate Office of North Carolina, U.S. Naval Observatory,


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