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Monday, June 20, 2022

News and Weather Briefing for Monday, June 20, 2022

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Hazards and Tropical Weather
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High pressure will keep the area dry through the middle part of the week. Heat will build back over the region during the first half of the workweek, though humidity will remain low through Tuesday. Our next chance of rain looks to be Thursday.


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Local Weather

General Forecast Through Wednesday Night

Franklin Area


Sunny, with highs in the mid-to-upper 80s. Light winds out of the north.

Monday Night

Mostly clear, with lows in the mid-to-upper 50s. Calm winds.


Mostly sunny, with highs in the lower 90s. Calm winds in the morning increasing to come out of the northwest around 5 mph in the afternoon.

Tuesday Night

Mostly clear, with lows around 60. Light winds out of the north.


Sunny, with highs in the mid 90s.

Wednesday Night

Mostly clear, with lows in the mid 60s.

Highlands Plateau


Sunny, with highs near 80. Light winds out of the west.

Monday Night

Mostly clear, with lows in the mid 50s. Calm winds.


Mostly sunny, with highs in the mid 80s. Winds out of the northwest 3 to 5 mph.

Tuesday Night

Mostly clear, with lows around 60. Light winds out of the northwest.


Sunny, with highs in the upper 80s.

Wednesday Night

Mostly clear, with lows in the low-to-mid 60s.

Otto and South Central Macon County


Sunny, with highs in the mid 80s. Light and variable winds.

Monday Night

Mostly clear, with lows in the upper 50s. Calm winds.


Sunny, with highs near 90. Calm winds in the morning increasing to come out of the northwest around 5 mph in the afternoon.

Tuesday Night

Mostly clear, with lows in the lower 60s. Calm winds.


Sunny, with highs in the low-to-mid 90s.

Wednesday Night

Mostly clear, with lows in the mid 60s.

Nantahala Area


Sunny, with highs near 80. Light and variable winds.

Monday Night

Mostly clear, with lows around 60. Calm winds.


Mostly sunny, with highs in the mid 80s. Light winds out of the northwest.

Tuesday Night

Mostly clear, with lows in the mid 60s. Calm winds.


Sunny, with highs in the upper 80s.

Wednesday Night

Mostly clear, with lows in the upper 60s.

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Hazards and Tropical Weather

Hazardous weather is not expected today or tonight.


Tropical Weather Outlook
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL
200 AM EDT Mon Jun 20 2022

For the North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico:

Tropical cyclone formation is not expected during the next 5 days.

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24 Hour Smoke Forecast

No smoke fields will be crossing Macon County today, no map was produced.

Air quality is in thelower range of yellow for most of the county, with the ridges and other higher elevations today being in the upper range of yellow.

Fire and Smoke Map

Local Air Monitor


Pollen levels are expected to be in the low-medium range 3.93 out of 12) today with Grasses and Plantain being the main culprits. Tomorrow is expected to be in the low-medium range (4.2 out of 12).

Record Weather Events for June 20th

Record weather events for this date in Macon County

Highest Temperature 95°F in Highlands in 1933
Lowest Temperature 43°F at the Coweeta Experimental Station in 1965
Greatest Rainfall 2.93 inches in Highlands in 1955
Greatest Snowfall (no measurable snowfall has been recorded on this date since records started being kept in 1872)

Weather Extremes for Macon County for the month of June
Data available from 1873 to 2018

Highest Temperature 99°F at the Coweeta Experimental Station on 06-30-2012
Lowest Temperature 32°F at the Coweeta Experimental Station on 06-02-1966
Greatest Rainfall 7.63 inches in Highlands on 06-16-1949
Greatest Snowfall no measurable snowfall has been recorded since records started being kept in 1873

All-time record weather events for Macon County

Highest Temperature 101°F in Franklin on Jul 29, 1952
Lowest Temperature -19°F in Highlands on Jan 21, 1985
Greatest Rainfall 21.15 inches in Highlands on Jul 29, 1879
Greatest One-Day Snowfall 25.5 inches at the Coweeta Experimental Station on Mar 13, 1993

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Macon Calendar
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Local and State News

• 'You see the diversity here': Lake Junaluska holds Juneteenth Gospel celebration [WLOS-TV (Asheville, NC)]

• Nature Journal: The beauty of bird nests [Asheville Citizen Times]

• NC sheriffs, county commissioners back Medicaid expansion bill as a crime-, poverty-fighting measure [WRAL-TV (Raleigh, NC)]

• Report highlights bungled aftermath of sexual abuse claims at teen rehab center [Smoky Mountain News]

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Special Section: Russo-Ukrainian War Updates
(sharing of a particular source is not an endorsement)
(Longer videos are in the Russo-Ukraine Videos section)

• Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, June 19 [Institute for the Study of War] [PDF for June 19th]

Two Economies at war - Russia and Ukraine after 100 days of sanctions and shelling | Perunrt

Tourists displace Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria | Focus on Europe


• Russia claims Ukrainian generals killed in missile strike [DW News]

• Ukraine prepares for intensified Russian attacks as EU weighs membership bid [DW News]

• Reporter's Notebook: Witnessing war crimes in Kharkiv [Al Jazeera]

• Ukraine Intensifies Strikes Against Russian-Controlled Areas [Wall Street Journal]

• Ukraine war could last for years, warns NATO chief [BBC News]

• Russian Forces Tighten Noose Around Important Cities in Ukraine’s East [New York Times]

News from Russian or pro-Russian outlets or Video About the Russian Perspective

• Texas Republicans declare Biden ‘not legitimately elected’ [Russia Today]

• Ukraine to introduce visa regime for Russian citizens on July 1 [Pravda ]

• Russia remains a market economy — Accounts Chamber head [TASS Russian News Agency]

The Ukraine War From Russia's Perspective

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National and World News Roundup

• 6 in 10 Americans say Trump should be charged for Jan. 6 riot: POLL [ABC News]

• Congressman Kinzinger, family receive death threat for rep's participation in Jan. 6 committee [WLS-TV (Chicago, IL)]

• Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - June 19, 2022 [NBC Newsx]

• US mulls over travel ban status for Taliban members [National Herald of India]

• Rocket man fights Russian demand to send him back [BBC News]

• Inflation taking bite out of new infrastructure projects [AP News]

• $100M Contract awarded to ship nuclear waste to repository near Carlsbad [Carlsbad Current Argus]

Roe v Wade Opinion Leak (Read the Draft Opinion for Yourself)

Read the leaked opinion on Google Drive or below:

Global National: June 19, 2022 | Examining trend of hate crimes aimed at LGTBQIA2S+ community

Full Raskin Interview: Jan. 6 Hearings And Investigating The Capitol Attack

PBS NewsHour Full Episode June 19th, 2022

• Yes, the Great Books Make Us Better People [New York Times]

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COVID-19 News and Updates

Here is a section on COVID-19. It includes local, regional, state, national, and global items.

COVID-19 Numbers for Macon County:

• WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard [World Health Organization]

Globally, as of 5:24pm CEST, 17 June 2022, there have been 535,863,950 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 6,314,972 deaths, reported to WHO. As of 16 June 2022, a total of 11,902,271,619 vaccine doses have been administered.
In United States of America, from 3 January 2020 to 5:24pm CEST, 17 June 2022, there have been 85,007,630 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 1,002,946 deaths, reported to WHO. As of 10 June 2022, a total of 582,178,649 vaccine doses have been administered.

• US opens COVID vaccine to little kids; shots begin this week [WRAL-TV (Raleigh, NC)E]

• Covid-19 vaccination BNT162b2 temporarily impairs semen concentration and total motile count among semen donors [Wiley Online Library (PDF)]

• Long COVID Could Be a ‘Mass Deterioration Event’ [The AtlanticE]

• Florida surpasses 75,000 COVID deaths; two-thirds of state in high-risk category for community spread [Seattle Times]

• Possible cause of long COVID 'brain fog' [La Trobe University]

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Science and Technology News Roundup

• Bumpy road ahead for Elon Musk as Tesla faces losing world's biggest electric car maker crown, study says [Business Insider]

• Scientists Have Invented Living Skin for Robots [IGN]

• Spitzer vs JWST in infrared [The Planetary SocietyE]

• Police linked to hacking campaign to frame Indian activists [ARS TECHNICA]

• International Space Station dodges orbital debris from Russian anti-satellite test []

• Go read this report about a Google contractor who claims he was fired for calling out cult activity [The Verge]

• How the massive ‘flow battery’ coming to an Army facility in Colorado will work [Popular Science]

• Pentagon Explores Using SpaceX for Rocket-Deployed Quick Reaction Force [The Intercept]

• Free, legally available series/movies on YouTube in a Netlflix-like interface [Lamplight TV]

Podcasts and Long Form Videos
Anything from educational, entertainment, history, current events and technology

10 Mind Blowing Gravitational Lensing Events in Space | Event Horizon

Real Reason Ancient Egyptians Went Extinct | Infographics Show

Small and Quiet: Elitemini B550 Review | Level1Techs

The Rise of a Global Company - From the microscope to the moon landing | DW Documentary

Humble Beginnings | LINUX Unplugged 463

Larry's Pantaloons - Crypto bust, Musk talks to Twitter, China gets TikTok data, ADAS crash data | This Week in Tech

SpaceX Clears Major FAA Assessment to Launch Starship in Texas | WSJ

Armstrong | Gravitas Documentaries

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Russo-Ukrainian War Videos (mostly long form)

--> Can diplomacy bring an end to the war in Ukraine? | Inside Story

War in Ukraine could last years warns Nato chief | BBC News

New information on 3 missing Americans amid war in Ukraine | ABC News

As Kyiv awaits the EU's membership decision, Zelensky says Russia to intensify attacks on Ukraine | WION


War in Ukraine: is Putin ill? | The Economist

Ukraine is losing this war ‘slowly, bitterly, grindingly’: McFarland | Fox News

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On This Day

June 20 is the 171st day of the year (172nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; 194 days remain until the end of the year.

Historical Events

Historical Events

(Please note that the Wikipedia articles often contain a bibliography and links to where you can learn more about a historical event)

451 – Battle of Chalons: Flavius Aetius' battles Attila the Hun. After the battle, which was inconclusive, Attila retreats, causing the Romans to interpret it as a victory.
1180 – First Battle of Uji, starting the Genpei War in Japan.
1620 – The Battle of Höchst takes place during the Thirty Years' War.
1631 – The Sack of Baltimore: The Irish village of Baltimore is attacked by Algerian pirates.
1652 – Tarhoncu Ahmed Pasha is appointed Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire.
1685 – Monmouth Rebellion: James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth declares himself King of England at Bridgwater.
1756 – A British garrison is imprisoned in the Black Hole of Calcutta.
1782 – The U.S. Congress adopts the Great Seal of the United States.
1787 – Oliver Ellsworth moves at the Federal Convention to call the government the 'United States'.
1789 – Deputies of the French Third Estate take the Tennis Court Oath.
1791 – King Louis XVI, disguised as a valet, and the French royal family attempt to flee Paris during the French Revolution.
1819 – The U.S. vessel SS Savannah arrives at Liverpool, United Kingdom. It is the first steam-propelled vessel to cross the Atlantic, although most of the journey is made under sail.
1837 – Queen Victoria succeeds to the British throne.
1840 – Samuel Morse receives the patent for the telegraph.
1862 – Barbu Catargiu, the Prime Minister of Romania, is assassinated.
1863 – American Civil War: West Virginia is admitted as the 35th U.S. state.
1877 – Alexander Graham Bell installs the world's first commercial telephone service in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
1893 – Lizzie Borden is acquitted of the murders of her father and stepmother.
1895 – The Kiel Canal, crossing the base of the Jutland peninsula and the busiest artificial waterway in the world, is officially opened.
1900 – Boxer Rebellion: The Imperial Chinese Army begins a 55-day siege of the Legation Quarter in Beijing, China.
1900 – Baron Eduard Toll, leader of the Russian Polar Expedition of 1900, departs Saint Petersburg in Russia on the explorer ship Zarya, never to return.
1921 – Workers of Buckingham and Carnatic Mills in the city of Chennai, India, begin a four-month strike.
1926 – The 28th International Eucharistic Congress begins in Chicago, with over 250,000 spectators attending the opening procession.
1940 – World War II: The Soviet Union occupies the Romanian territories of Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina under the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.
1942 – The Holocaust: Kazimierz Piechowski and three others, dressed as members of the SS-Totenkopfverbände, steal an SS staff car and escape from the Auschwitz concentration camp.
1943 – The Detroit race riot breaks out and continues for three more days.
1943 – World War II: The Royal Air Force launches Operation Bellicose, the first shuttle bombing raid of the war. Avro Lancaster bombers damage the V-2 rocket production facilities at the Zeppelin Works while en route to an air base in Algeria.
1944 – World War II: The Battle of the Philippine Sea concludes with a decisive U.S. naval victory. The lopsided naval air battle is also known as the "Great Marianas Turkey Shoot".
1944 – Continuation War: The Soviet Union demands an unconditional surrender from Finland during the beginning of partially successful Vyborg–Petrozavodsk Offensive. The Finnish government refuses.
1944 – The experimental MW 18014 V-2 rocket reaches an altitude of 176 km, becoming the first man-made object to reach outer space.
1945 – The United States Secretary of State approves the transfer of Wernher von Braun and his team of Nazi rocket scientists to the U.S. under Operation Paperclip.
1948 – The Deutsche Mark is introduced in Western Allied-occupied Germany. The Soviet Military Administration in Germany responded by imposing the Berlin Blockade four days later.
1956 – A Venezuelan Super-Constellation crashes in the Atlantic Ocean off Asbury Park, New Jersey, killing 74 people.
1959 – A rare June hurricane strikes Canada's Gulf of St. Lawrence killing 35.
1960 – The Mali Federation gains independence from France (it later splits into Mali and Senegal).
1963 – Following the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Soviet Union and the United States sign an agreement to establish the so-called "red telephone" link between Washington, D.C. and Moscow.
1964 – A Curtiss C-46 Commando crashes in the Shengang District of Taiwan, killing 57 people.
1972 – Watergate scandal: An 18½-minute gap appears in the tape recording of the conversations between U.S. President Richard Nixon and his advisers regarding the recent arrests of his operatives while breaking into the Watergate complex.
1973 – Snipers fire upon left-wing Peronists in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in what is known as the Ezeiza massacre. At least 13 are killed and more than 300 are injured.
1973 – Aeroméxico Flight 229 crashes on approach to Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport, killing all 27 people on board.
1975 – The film Jaws is released in the United States, becoming the highest-grossing film of that time and starting the trend of films known as "summer blockbusters".
1979 – ABC News correspondent Bill Stewart is shot dead by a Nicaraguan National Guard soldier under the regime of Anastasio Somoza Debayle during the Nicaraguan Revolution. The murder is caught on tape and sparks an international outcry against the regime.
1982 – The International Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide opens in Tel Aviv, despite attempts by the Turkish government to cancel it, as it included presentations on the Armenian genocide.
1982 – The Argentine Corbeta Uruguay base on Southern Thule surrenders to Royal Marine commandos in the final action of the Falklands War.
1990 – Asteroid Eureka is discovered.
1990 – The 7.4 Mw  Manjil–Rudbar earthquake affects northern Iran with a maximum Mercalli intensity of X (Extreme), killing 35,000–50,000, and injuring 60,000–105,000.
1991 – The German Bundestag votes to move seat of government from the former West German capital of Bonn to the present capital of Berlin.
1994 – The 1994 Imam Reza shrine bomb explosion in Iran leaves at least 25 dead and 70 to 300 injured.
2003 – The Wikimedia Foundation is founded in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Published at 4:0:10am on Monday, June 20, 2022
Author: Bobby Coggins

Resources used to compile the information in this article include, but are not limited to the following websites or books:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, This Day in North Carolina History, World War II Day By Day, The Holocaust Encyclopedia, The Timetables of History, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The World History and Book of Facts (multiple years), On This Day In History: Over 4,000 facts, The NASA Archives. 60 Years in Space, This Day in North Carolina History, The Smithsonian History of Space Exploration: From the Ancient World to the Extraterrestrial Future, Spaceflight, 2nd Edition: The Complete Story from Sputnik to Curiousity, The Story of Civilization (11 volumes), The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, American History, Volume 1: 1492-1877, American History, Volume 2: 1877 - Present, A Complete Chronolgy of the Second World War. Weather and Almanac data and information sources: Sources (except where otherwise credited):, Ian Webster's Github, National Centers for Environmental Prediction, The National Weather Service, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, National Hurricane Center, Penn State University Electronic Wall Map, The State Climate Office of North Carolina, Storm Prediction Center, U.S. Naval Observatory, University of Utah Department of Atmospheric Sciences, and the Weather Prediction Center. Back to Top