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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Sheriffs Race Recount: A Live Blog - June 2, 2022

A live blog of the recount in the Republican Primary for Sheriff of Macon County. New entires will be posted in reverse chronological order in order to inimize scrolling. FInal results will be posted here. The final results may take until after 4pm this afternoon until they are known. In past recounts, ballots were able to fed through the tabulators at a rate of about 400 ballots per hour. The largest precinct is the One Stop Early Voting, which has over 4,000 ballots in it.

2.32pm final -1 Holbrooks in Burningtown and -1 Jones in One Stop. Holbrooks wins by 52.

11.11am All precincts in except for Early Voting. -1 for Holbrooks in Burningtown

10:42am None of the numbers posted so far are official, they will only become official after the numbers are run through a machine at the Board of Elections office. In respect of that, no more numbers will be announced until that occurs. --Bobby change

10.10am Ellijay and change

10.07am North change

9.55am 9.55am Transfers and East change

9.50am change

9.40 am South change

9.38am Flats and change


The recount has started.


Melanie Thibault,, the elections director, has informed poll workers of the setup for today. There will be one Democrat and one Republican feeding ballots into each machine and there will be 20 precinsts to count. This includes both the 15 geographical precincts and the 5 admninistrative precincts.


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