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2018 Live Election Coverage

**7:56pm** The Board of Elections have changed the way they give us results. Instead of giving us numbers by precinct, they're giving us new totals each time, so my handy-dandy spreadsheets is worthless for live coverage. Go to the Facebook page at for live results.

This is the page for live coverage of the results of the 2018 General Election in Macon County. The spreadsheet below will be updated automatically when changes are made to it. You may have to refresh your browser to see the new numbers. For desktop users, you can use the CTRL and F5 keys pressed at the same time.

Live coverage will also be posted on the News and Weather Page. [LINK]

As each precinct reports in the numbers will be added to the spreadsheet and the totals should be automatically generated at the end of each column. If there is enough bandwidth in the Board of Elections Office, a live video player will be added so you can experience what it is like to be in the press room while results come in. Be warned that it will be a live video feed so inappropriate language and behavior may occur.


Hey, Bryan Carpenter here!!
I encourage you to pray before you vote.

A vote for Carpenter is going to help MAKE MACON SAFE AGAIN for all families and individuals old and young. We need to stop playing checkers and start playing chess with the issues that we are facing. We need to better educate ALL Macon County citizens about the dangers and consequences of Drugs, Bullying, and crimes in general.
I am determined to lower crime rates and am dedicated to bringing down the number of overdoses that are becoming more common. We have become complacent with the issues we are facing in Macon County.
I would also like to expand the K-9 unit in an effort to better utilize the potential that in my own experience know is there.
I wish to MAKE MACON SAFE AGAIN, and I would be grateful for the opportunity.

Your voice matters.
Your Vote is Your Voice.

Thank you and God Bless!!


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Published at 11:00 am on November 5, 2018

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