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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Observations of Phish Concert at Asheville Civic Center
Updated with link to audio of Asheville Concert

Carl Mumpower sent this out to his email list last night reference the recent Phish Concert:

June 9, 2009 -10:15 PM

From: Carl Mumpower, Asheville City Council

To: Gary Jackson, Asheville City Manager

Subject: Observations of Phish Concert at Asheville Civic Center
Mr. Jackson,

I just left the Phish Concert at the Civic Center and wanted to share my experience there.

First, I appreciate the learning opportunity and staff support for my request to observe the event firsthand.

In a nutshell, I was impressed. It was apparent that city staff, our police, event security, the promoters, and the vast majority of those most important to a successful event, the Phish fans, were on their game.

The atmosphere was fun, safe, and managed. The arena was not overwhelmed by the smoke of cigarettes or pot and it was evident that most folks were trying to do their part and respect the facility's rules.

I understand that there were a significant number of arrests - mostly outside the facility - for drug activity. I appreciate our police officer's persistency in defining Asheville's Civic Center, public spaces, and downtown as a place you can come to have fun, but not a place you can freely sell and use drugs.

In short, the difference between this event and the Ratdog and Wide Spread Panic events of several years ago was night and day. A perfected experience with such a large group was never the goal - but tonight seemed to come pretty close.

Appreciation is due for all the hands that helped Asheville hold an event that was defined by a good time versus drug activity and indifference to the rules of the house.

Tonight, Asheville's Civic Center smelled more like City Hall than an Amsterdam hash house.

Many thanks,

Carl Mumpower

Asheville City Council


I have no idea who Phish is, outside the fact that they play at the Asheville Civic Center every year , and their fans are like Trekkies on drugs, given their obsession about the band. Bear Witness for yourself.

**9.59am** Todd of Jamtopia was kind enough to let me know that the Asheville concert is available for streaming now at Jamtopia. Give it a listen. I'm listening to it right now.

**8.46am** If you're like me, and never heard this band, I found a stream at PhishTwits on Jamtopia. The player is on the right side of the page. I like the sound of the music.

**8.53am** Correction. My astute commenters have advised me that this was the first time that Phish has played in Asheville. My mistake.

**9.14am** Somebody even streamed a portion of a concert via their iPhone:

ASHEVILLE — A concert by rock band Phish at the Asheville Civic Center Tuesday night resulted in a spike in the number of drug arrests.

At least 13 people were arrested, and all or nearly all the charges were related to the concert, according to the Buncombe County Magistrate’s Office. Some also were charged with resisting arrest or assaulting a law enforcement officer.

Source: Asheville Citizen-Times (see article for particulars of each arrest)
Hat Tip: @mountainxpress

**12.04pm** Last update on this story. @
tenacioustij has a link for you to download the audio of last night's Phish concert in Asheville.


Phish does not play every year. This was their first time playing there.

My bad. I thought Mumpower raised cain about them every year.

Ditto. This was Phish's first time in Asheville.

Hey Thunder Pig -

Just wanted to say thanks for the link to PhishTwit.

Player has been updated to include last night's Asheville show...

--> Stream Phish Asheville at PhishTwit <--



Todd, thank you for putting up the stream so people can hear Phish.