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Friday, January 28, 2011

The John Batchelor Show for January 27, 2011
Monitoring and Commenting Upon World Events

The John Batchelor Show monitors the events on the earth and the universe

The John Batchelor Show is an essential tool for understanding the new order in the 21st Century. The world is now facing a dangerous and fanatical enemy determined to destroy Western civilization on both political and military fronts. In this, the first great ideological battle of the new millennium, it is imperative to know the major players and the theaters in which they operate.

The John Batchelor Show features a multitude of distinctive elements. John's themes cover every detail - from military battles, presidential campaigns, planetary exploration, and Hollywood politicos to his own international travel. John has broadcast from many corners of the world and in his program he calls out to all points, including New York, Jerusalem, Des Moines, Kazakhstan, Orlando, Manchester, Morocco, Boston, Taipei, Washington, and Baghdad.

Needless to say, The John Batchelor Show is my favorite Radio Show, and a useful tool for gaining insight on world events via the discussions and interviews conducted by John Batchelor. Below you will find the audio of last night's show for your edification...

Hour One

Hour Two

Hour Three

Hour Four

For more information on The John Batchelor Show, please visit the following websites:

Listen Live on WABC Radio from 9pm to 1am 7 nights a week

The John Batchelor Show website

The WABC Radio Podcast webpage (you can download the show yourself, as I do every morning)

Wikipedia Article on John Batchelor

Facebook Page (for fans)

Twitter Account

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