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Monday, January 7, 2013

Music Monday:
The Vienna Philharmonic 2013 New Year's Concert

Here is the traditional concert celebrating the new year by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Conductor: Franz Welser-Möst
Part 1
- Josef Strauss: The Soubrette, Fast Polka, op. 109
- Johann Strauss, Jr.: Kiss Waltz, op. 400
- Josef Strauss: Theater Quadrille, op. 213
- Johann Strauss, Jr.: From the Mountains, Waltz, op. 292
- Franz von Suppé: Overture to the Operetta "Light Cavalry"

Intermission: Honeymoon

Part 2
- Josef Strauss: Music of the Spheres, Waltz, op. 235
- Josef Strauss: The Spinstress, Polka française, op. 192
- Richard Wagner: Prelude to Act III of the Romantic Opera "Lohengrin", WWV 75
- Joseph Hellmesberger, Jr.: In Confidence, Polka mazur, op. 15
- Josef Strauss: Hesperus' Paths, Waltz, op. 279 Josef Strauss: The Runners, Fast Polka, op. 237
- Joseph Lanner: Styrian Dances, op. 165
- Johann Strauss, Jr.: Melodies Quadrille, op.112
- Giuseppe Verdi: Prestissimo from the Ballet Music in Act III of the Opera "Don Carlo"
- Johann Strauss, Jr.: Where the Lemon Trees Bloom, Waltz, op. 364
- Johann Strauss, Sr.: Memories of Ernst or The Carnival of Venice, Fantasy, op. 126
- Johann Strauss Jr.: Beautiful Blue Danube, Waltz op.314
- Johann Strauss Father: Radetzky-March, op.228