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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Joint Meeting Between the Macon County Commissioners and the Macon County Board of Education 02-26-2013

County Commissioners Meet With Board of Education

The Macon County Commissioners held a joint meeting with the Macon County Board of Education last night at the Macon Bank Corporate Center.

Jack Horton, County Manager gave a brief overview of the background and history of the county's funding of education. Educational consultant Terry Bell gave a presentation on Safe Schools in Macon County regarding options and the cost (in the neighborhood of $400,000) of security updates in an attempt to make schools safer in the wake of the Sandy Hook School Shooting.

Dr Jim Duncan, Superintendent of the Macon County Schools, recapped his presentation from the Monday night budget work session [see video of that meeting].

The gist of his presentation was that, if they make no cuts to their budget, they would need $8,944,518 from the county. that is $2,033,518 more than they requested in fiscal year 2012-2013. If the Board of Education made all the cuts in their proposal [see it at this link], their request would be $6,944,518 which would be an increase of $83,125 from last year's budget.

I have posted the agenda of the meeting below the video.


Joint Meeting
Macon County Board of Commissioners
Macon County Board of Education

February 26, 2013 – 6 p.m.
Macon Bank Corporate Center


  1. Call to order and welcome – Commission Chairman Kevin Corbin

  1. Introductions and remarks – Board of Education Chairman Jim Breedlove

  1. Background/history regarding county’s funding of education – County Manager Jack Horton

  1. Update on current projects – Mr. Terry Bell

  1. Update on current and future budgets – Macon County School Superintendent Dr. Jim Duncan

  1. Question and answer session

  1. Adjourn