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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Franklin Tourism Development Authority 05-13-2013

Franklin TDA 05-13-2013

The Franklin Tourism Development Authority met last night and the video above is of that meeting. The agenda has been posted below for your convenience.


I left a camera running in the town hall so I could could catch this meeting while I was across town recording the Board of Education meeting [see video of that here]. You'll notice the beginning of the video why I feel it was necessary to leave a babysitter for the camera. I've had unattended cameras mysteriously shut down in the town hall before while I was attempting to cover other meetings at the same time and even when I take a simple trip to the restroom during a meeting.

I am grateful that Brittney Burn of the Macon County News agreed to watch the camera for me while I was filming the Board of Education meeting. She was able to make sure that the camera recorded the meeting without molestation by elected or appointed government officials.

I almost always run the camera (as well as audio recorders, which are always on when I am in a meeting room) for several minutes prior to all meetings and have never before before encountered a situation from this guy wanting me to shut down my camera and had always suspected that someone else of shutting down my cameras in the town hall. Now, I'm not so sure.

At any rate, the little piece of video will make a nice addition to a montage of public officials telling me to shut the camera off or making unkind gestures or comments about it's presence during meetings. LOL