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Monday, September 30, 2013

Macon County Board of Education 09-24-2013
Ethics Training and Legislative Update

Macon County Board of Education Sept 24th of 2013
Photo and Titles ©2013 Bobby Coggins

The Macon County Board of Education met last Tuesday in a continuation meeting from their Monday night meeting. I was the only member of the media or public present for the meeting, which lasted from 11am to a little after 2pm.

I have embedded copies of the Ethics Training slides, the Legislative Updates and Teacher Tenure information provided during the Legislative Update Portion of the meeting and a copy of the Macon Middle School Fund Redistribution motion passed by the board at the end of the meeting.

Here is the video of the meeting:

And for those who don't want to sit through almost an hour and a half of Ethics Training (I found it to be very informative), here is just the Legislative Update portion of the meeting. It lasted almost an hour and a half also.


Ethics Training

Legislative Updates

Teacher Tenure

MMS Fund Redistribution