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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Storm Brings Wind, Lightning and Power Outages to Macon County

Thunderstorm moves through Macon County

A line of thunderstorms moved through Macon County this evening shortly before dark. They were accompanied by lighting and a gust front that knocked out electrical service to over 200 Duke Energy customers. Power is expected to be restored by 12:30 am.

Here is more information, courtesy of Duke Energy on the outage locations and expected times of restoration as of 9:30 pm:

This image shows the outages in the Timberland Trail area (purple) and Arnold Branch (green) areas.

Timberland Trail Outage - 20 Duke Energy Customers
Time Reported - 8:17 pm
Restoration estimate - 12:30 am

Arnold Branch Outage - 139 Duke Energy Customers
Time Reported - 8:15 pm
Restoration estimate - 11:30 pm

This image shows the outage in the Lakey Creek area.

Lakey Creek Outage - 60
Time Reported - 7:47 pm
Restoration estimate - 11:00 pm

Outages in the western North Carolina counties served by Duke Energy:

Cherokee - 12 customers in 5 locations
Graham - 28 customers in 4 locations
Swain - 629 customers in 6 locations
Macon - 266 customers in 12 locations
Jackson - 47 customers in 9 locations
Haywood - 5 customers in 3 locations
Buncombe - 2,160 customers in 91 locations
Henderson - 1,435 customers in 34 locations

More rain is forecast for this evening, but no more severe weather is expected overnight at this time.

**11:27 pm** Here is a time lapse of the arrival of the storms as seen from the Holly Springs Shopping Center:

The jitter in the first clip was caused by the wind. I had to anchor the tripod to keep it from being blown over. The wind also blew my hat off my head and my magnetically mounted scanner antenna off the van.


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