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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Macon County Board of Education
May 2017 Regular Meeting
Updated with Video of Meeting

The Macon County Board of Education will be meeting tonight at Nantahala School. A copy of the Mini Agenda that is shared with the news media has been embedded here for public information and to promote transparency. If a good enough internet connection can be established, a live video player will be posted. If that is not possible, a recorded version of the meeting will be published in the article in the next day or so.

6:06 pm A live blog is being posted below the Mini Agenda in reverse chronological order.


(media outlets with reporters/photographers present)

Macon Media
The Franklin Press 
The Macon County News and Shopping Guide

(other than those serving on the board)

Gary Shields (County Commissioner and one of two liaisons to the board)


3:03 am The video has been added.

7.42 pm They've changed the June meeting to the 27th of June. Tuesday at 6 pm.

7.40 pm They're wrapping the meeting up and will be adjourning in a few minutes. Shutting down. I will try to have a video online in the next couple of days.

7.21 pm They're on Section IX, Business and Finance. Angie Cook is presenting this information and budget amendments. 

7.10 pm They're discussing Building and Grounds, Section VIII of the agenda.
they've allowed Highlands Recreation to use school buses and for the Chamber of Chamber to use buses for the Fourth of July and a BBQ Festival. Tim Burrell is providing an update on the SIPS Phone Systems.

6:52 pm They're now on Section VII - Curriculum and Instruction.

6.47 pm They're now discussing policy. (These items are in section VI of the agenda above.

6.46 pm The board has approved the personnel report 5-0.

6.45 pm The bioard has approved the fihing tournament 5-0.

6.42 pm Nantahala School is requesting to do a Fishing Tournament.

6.41 pm The board is reviewing overnight and out of district trip requests from the various schools. The items are approved by a unanimous vote.

6.39 pm The board has come back into open session.

6:36 pm They're coming back into the room.

6:08 pm The Board has gone into a closed session.

The reporters for The Franklin Press, Macon County News and Shopping Guide and WNCC-FM/WFSC-AM arrive.
6.07 pm The Support Person of the Year for Nantahala is Kim Bateman, Guidance Counselor.

The Teacher of the Year is Diane Raxter, 2nd and 3rd grade teacher.


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Published at 1:01 Pm on May 23, 2017