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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Data From Day One of Early Voting

The first day of early voting has ended and here are a few numbers from the Macon County Board of Elections:

Highlands Voting Location

Democrats - 5 ballots
Republicans - 14 ballots
Total - 19 ballots

Franklin Voting Location

Democrats - 7
Republicans - 41
Republican NV - 1
Total -48 (49 if you count NV Republican ballot)

County Totals

Democrats - 12
Republicans - 55
Republican NV - 1

Total County - 67 (68 if counting the NV ballot)

There are two early voting locations, one in Highlands at the Civic Center and another in Franklin at the Board of Elections Office. Early voting ends on May 5th and election day is May 8th.

The races with primaries are as follows (names are in order in which they appear on the ballot):


NC-11 US House

• Phillip G Price
• Steve Woodsmall
• D Scott Donaldson


NC-11 US House

• Mark Meadows
• Chuck Archerd

Macon County Commissioner District I

• John A Shearl
• Jim Tate

Published at 6:09 pm on 04-19-2018