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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Daily Weather Briefing for Thursday, April 12, 2018


As many of you may know, Jackson County Schools have been plagued with a series of disruptions caused by bomb threats or other incidents that have cost the school system time and law enforcement to expend resources making sure the locations mentioned in these threats are truly safe. Macon County has also had a few similar incidents in recent months since the Parkland shooting, so Macon Media is taking the space in the daily weather briefing to relay a cogent message from the Superintendent of Jackson County Schools to students and the public.

A Message to Students From the Superintendent


Since March 15th, we have had nine bomb threats in five of our schools. Our community is concerned and upset, as I am. We have a long history of highlighting our excellent school system, and the behavior of 11 of our students is embarrassing to say the least.

I need each student to monitor their own behavior and report to an adult immediately any behavior they see that could involve writing a note or messages on any school wall. I also want you to listen to your classmates to determine if there is any talk about making a bomb threat. Please tell your teachers if you hear of any prank, joke, or threat. If you see something, please say something.

I want you to know that the adults will keep you safe. Our buildings are safe places. Please follow the directions your teachers give you always, but especially in an evacuation. These 11 students have caused the rest of you to feel unsafe and have caused many younger students to cry. We must band together to stop these pranks.

Two students have stood before a judge and been sentenced already. The others will stand before a judge soon. These students will have a felony charge on their record and have been long-term suspended from their schools. The students convicted must attend a juvenile justice program to receive their education, and they will have many hours of community service and probation. There will be mandatory counseling. Students convicted cannot be on school grounds or attend any games or special events. So, please do not think about writing anything on a note or school wall that will cause you to be in this kind of trouble.

Over the past few weeks, we have used resources that should have gone to others in need. Our law enforcement and emergency personnel should have been helping others. We have wasted money, and the parents of the 11 students may be sent a bill for the resources used. In certain situations, parents can also be legally charged for their children’s behavior.

We have lost hours of instruction, missed extracurricular activities, and scared our parents, friends, and community. We have been late to lunch, lost PE, created traffic jams, and caused havoc in our community. And, for what?

I, as your superintendent, will always keep you safe through an evacuation, but I will NOT dismiss school. We will have instruction off-site, if need be. Please help me stop your friends from causing this unnecessary situation. If you see something, say something. Report this unacceptable behavior. Students are very tired of these pranks. Do not allow another student to interrupt your schedules and learning or upset your parents and friends. We want all students to succeed and go into the world of college and work prepared.

Please help us help all students.

Thank you.

Dr. Kim Elliott

Source: Message to Students

Macon Media Policy Statement on Public School Incidents

Macon Media does not publicly publish information about incidents that occur in the local school systems unless there is a confirmed hazard to the public, the students, or there is a perceived traffic hazard that may be caused by the incident or response to the incident by public safety personnel. Exceptions to this include the school system going public with an acknowledgment an incident has occurred/is occurring, or they request that Macon Media notifies the public.

This is for privacy reasons due to juveniles being involved and to deny those who may make threats public acknowledgment. The school system has a method in place of relaying information to parents. As with all things government, it is not as fast as most of us would like.

--April 12, 2018

Bobby Coggins, Publisher
Macon Media


High pressure will dominate our weather the rest of the week, with generally dry conditions expected. Expect a gradual warming trend through Saturday, with temperatures climbing above normal on Thursday. A strong and vigorous cold front arrives on Sunday bringing showers and thunderstorms. Expect much cooler weather behind the front going into the first half of next week.


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Weather Almanac for April 12th (1872-2016)

Record weather events for this date in Macon County 2001
Lowest Temperature 22°F in Franklin 1973
Greatest Rainfall 2.73 inches in Highlands in 1997
Greatest One-Day Snowfall (no snowfall has been recorded on this date)

Record Weather Events for April (1872-2017)

Highest Temperature 91°F in Franklin on April 26, 1986
Lowest Temperature 13°F in Highlands on April 1, 1987
Greatest Rainfall 7.00 inches in Highlands on April 7, 1895
Greatest One-Day Snowfall 9.5 inches in Franklin on April 4, 1987


The images below represent the daily forecast at 8 am for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Click on any of them to enlarge.



Sunny, with highs in the mid-70s. Calm wind becoming south 5 to 10 mph in the afternoon.


Clear, with a low in the mid-40s. Light south southeast wind.


Sunny, with a high near 76. Light south wind increasing to 6 to 11 mph in the morning.

Friday Night

A 20 percent chance of showers after 2am. Partly cloudy, with a low around 50. South wind 6 to 8 mph.


A chance of rain, mainly between 9am and 11am, then a chance of showers after 11am. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 73. Chance of precipitation is 40%.

Saturday NightShowers likely, mainly after 2am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 56. Chance of precipitation is 60%.



Sunny, with a high near 73. Calm wind becoming south 5 to 9 mph in the afternoon.


Mostly clear, with a low around 44. Light south wind.


Sunny, with a high near 75. Light south wind increasing to 6 to 11 mph in the morning.


A 20 percent chance of showers after 2am. Partly cloudy, with a low around 50. South southeast wind 6 to 8 mph.


A chance of rain before 11am, then a chance of showers after 11am. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 72. Chance of precipitation is 40%.


Showers likely, mainly after 1am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 56. Chance of precipitation is 60%.



Sunny, with a high near 61. South southwest wind 6 to 11 mph.


Clear, with a low around 44. South southwest wind around 9 mph.


Sunny, with a high near 64. South southwest wind 10 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 23 mph.


A 20 percent chance of showers after 2am. Partly cloudy, with a low around 48. South wind 10 to 14 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph.


A chance of rain before 11am, then a chance of showers after 11am. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 64. Chance of precipitation is 40%.


Showers likely, mainly after 1am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 51. Chance of precipitation is 60%.



Sunny, with a high near 66. Light south southwest wind increasing to 5 to 10 mph in the afternoon.


Clear, with a low around 45. South wind 5 to 7 mph.


Sunny, with a high near 68. South southwest wind 7 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 23 mph.


A 20 percent chance of showers after 3am. Partly cloudy, with a low around 49. South wind 7 to 13 mph, with gusts as high as 18 mph.


A chance of rain, mainly between 9am and 11am, then a chance of showers after 11am. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 67. Chance of precipitation is 30%.


Showers likely, mainly after 2am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 52. Chance of precipitation is 60%.


GOES 16 GeoColor - True Color daytime, multispectral IR at night
12:02 am this morning to 2:57 am this morning


Hazardous weather is not expected today.

Macon Media maintains a Severe Weather Preparedness Page at for those who are interested.

As always, you can check to see what advisories, watches, and warnings are in effect for Macon County by visiting

GOES-16 ABI CONUS - 11.20 um (Precipitation)
The previous product is currently unavailable, so it was replaced with a multispectral IR image
2:52 am this morning


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The Friends of the Greenway invites the community to participate in a "Walk on the Greenway" on April 21, 2018 at 10:30 AM beginning at the Macon County Library (on Siler Rd). Sunny Himes will lead about a 2 mile walk, highlighting several natural communities including a Red Cedar-Hardwood Woodland, Montane Alluvial Forest, and Floodplain wetlands. Discussion points will be historic and current uses of the land around the Greenway, how these uses shaped today's terrain and plant community compositions, and the challenges of wildland restoration in a popular urban park. Ms. Himes is a lecturer at Western Carolina University in botany, ecology and introduction biology. She is a past FROG Board member and continues to manage restoration projects on the Greenway. A $5 donation is suggested for this benefit walk. Send email of your interest in participating on the walk to:

From Bully to Buddy, A Community Forum
Please note this forum is now taking place on the 26th of April

Bullying affects us all in different ways. Let’s work this out together.
Sincere invitations to the bully, the bullied and those in between — all ages — all genders Featuring: interaction, role playing, dialogue, discovery and direction (and some fun!)

This forum will be taking place on Wednesday, April 26 at 6 PM - 8 PM
pin in Tartan Hall at First Presbyterian Church, 26 Church Street, Franklin, NC

Join the event page on Facebook to find out more and to receive updates. [LINK]

Series of Dementia Workshops Coming in March and April

A campaign to tackle the stigma and lack of understanding around dementia is underway in Macon County with the support of area churches, the Southwestern Commission Area Agency on Aging, Macon County Public Library, Angel Medical, Macon County Senior Services, and Macon County DSS.

Hickory Knoll United Methodist Church has partnered with a growing list of area churches throughout Macon County to host a workshop series, ‘Dementia Friends NC’ beginning on Tuesdays, March 20, 2018. Designed to help build awareness about dementia and identify ways local citizens can help people who are living with it in our community, the four-session workshop series is being made possible through a Missional Engagement Team Grant of the Smoky Mountain District of The United Methodist Church.

The 90-minute sessions will take place on four consecutive Tuesdays, beginning March 20, 2018, with both afternoon and evening sessions offered, as well as choice of venue.  All 2:00 p.m. sessions will be offered at the John & Dorothy Crawford Senior Center.   All 7:00 p.m. sessions will be offered at the Macon County Public Library.


More information, including a schedule of meeting locations and times, are on the blog. [LINK]

Uptown Gallery classes
(These are on-going classes – repeat weekly)

Free classes and open studio times are being offered at the The Uptown Gallery in Franklin. Join others at a painting open studio session every Tuesday from 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm or on Thursday from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Bring your own materials and join an on-going drawing course led by gallery artists on Fridays, from 11am – 2 pm. For information on days open, hours and additional art classes and workshops, contact the gallery on 30 East Main Street at (828) 349 – 4607.

National Alliance on Mental Illness
Appalachian South

Meets each Thursday at 7pm
The First Methodist Church Outreach Center
at the intersection of Harrison Ave. and West Main Street
(directly across from Lazy Hiker Brewery)

Come join our weekly support group for anyone suffering from mental illness and their family or friends. This includes Depression, Bipolar,8chizophrenia, PTSD, Substance Abuse, Etc.

Here you will find:
— others living with mental health challenges YOU ARE NOT ALONE
- learn coping skills and ?find hope in shared experience
- help learning how to break down stigma and guilt surrounding mental health
- how to live life with the expectation of a better a better future

Kay (706)970-9987 Denise (828)347-5000)


On January 1, 2017, the Syringe Exchange Program of Franklin began operating a comprehensive harm reduction program to address the opioid epidemic that is impacting western NC. Opioid overdose reversal kits including naloxone are available free of charge. If you have any questions about our services or if you know someone interested in volunteering, please contact Stephanie Almeida at 828-475-1920.

Sun and Moon


Begin civil twilight 6:39 a.m.
Sunrise 7:05 a.m.
Sun transit 1:34 p.m.
Sunset 8:04 p.m.
End civil twilight 8:30 p.m.


Moonrise 5:23 a.m.
Moon transit 11:02 a.m.
Moonset 4:47 p.m.

Phase of the Moon on April 12, 2018: Waning Crescent with 13% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated.
Closest Primary Moon Phase: New Moon on April 15, 2018 at 9:57 p.m. (local daylight time)

Sky Guides for this week

Sky and Telescope Magazine 
Astronomy Magazine

There will be three solar and two lunar eclipses in 2018. [LINK]

Heavens Above has an Android App that will assist you in observing the sky and even has a satellite tracker that will let you know when the International Space Station and dozens of other satellites are overhead. [LINK]

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Data and information sources: Sources (except where otherwise credited):, Ian Webster's Github, National Centers for Environmental Prediction, The National Weather Service, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, Penn State University Electronic Wall Map, The State Climate Office of North Carolina, Storm Prediction Center, U.S. Naval Observatory, and the Weather Prediction Center.