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Monday, October 4, 2021

Franklin Town Council - October 2021 Regular Meeting

The Franklin Town Council will be have their regular monthly meeting tonight at 6pm in the lower level of town hall. The public agenda and agenda packets are posted below. A live webcast will begin shortly before 6pm on Facebook and a video player will be posted below. A day or so later, the player will be replaced by an edited and indexed Youtube video.

**note** Facebook is currently down. Macon Media will try a work around to stream via Youtube. If that does not work, the video will still be posted here sometime tomorrow.

Live Webcast

Public Agenda
Franklin Town Council
October 4, 2021 • 6:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order - Mayor Bob Scott
2. Pledge of Allegiance - Vice-Mayor Jack Horton

3. Awards and Recognitions
A.) Oath of Office - Town Manager Amanda “Amie” Owens

4. Adoption of the October 4, 2021 Town Council Agenda - Town Council

5. Approval of the Consent Agenda for October 4, 2021 - Town Council
A.) Approval of September 7, 2021 and September 13, 2021 Town Council Minutes
B.) Budget Amendments
C.) Tax Bill Release
D.) Street Closures for Christmas Parade
E.) Contract for ADA Transition Plan
F.) Set Public Hearing for Rezoning to be held on November 1

6. Public Hearings
A.) Public Hearing for Rezoning 4.5 acres on Siler Road

7. Public Session

8. New Business
A.) Update on Skate Park – Anders Ike, Project Engineer, J.E. Dunn
B.) Request approval of contract for Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) – Town Manager Amie Owens and Public Works Director Nathanael Moore
C.) Request for approval of Code Enforcement Official job description – Town Manager Amie Owens and Town Attorney John Henning
D.) Update - Homeless Issues from news story – Police Chief Bill Harrell
E.) Request for Memorial Bench on Main Street – Town Manager Amie Owens

9. Closed Session
Closed Session pursuant to North Carolina General Statute § 143-318.11(a)(6) – Personnel - To consider the qualifications, competence, performance, character, fitness, conditions of appointment, or conditions of initial employment of an individual public officer or employee or prospective public officer or employee; or to hear or investigate a complaint, charge, or grievance by or against an individual public officer or employee

10. Announcements
A.) Next Town Council Meeting is Monday November 1, 2021
B.) Pumpkinfest will be held on Saturday, October 23, 2021

11. Adjourn

Agenda Packet

Budget Amendment

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Published at 4:00pm on Monday, October 04, 2021
Author: Bobby Coggins